Town of Dachangshandao Prepares for Coming Rainstorm
2016-07-27 06:03

As required by the notification issued by the government of Changhai county to take precautions against the potential consequences brought about by the coming rainstorm, the local government of the town of Dachangxingdao takes the following measures to ensure safety of tourists:

·specifying responsibility for related personnel and departments

According to the weather report provided by the meteorological department, the local government successively dispatched  inspection groups to the scenic spots, star-rated hotels, hotels or rural inns run by fishing families, bathing places and other places, guiding or urginge the operators to prepare enough materials for the coming  rainstorm or possible flood.

·getting rid of any potential safety hazard

The local government urges management commissions of the scenic spots to strengthen safety assessment and take effective safety measures against the coming rainstorm or flood. It urges the developers to ensure safety of the tourist facilities being under construction, especially those facilities which are most likely to bear the brunt of the rainstorm.

·activating early warning system

The local government orders all scenic spots, especially the seaside resorts as well as water entertainment facilities to shut down temporarily. It issues orders forbidding tourists to go to the seashore or play in the sea. Meanwhile, the local government requires persons operating fishermen’s inns or hotels to persuade tourists not to go to the seashore.

·increasing personnel on emergency duty

The local government increases personnel on emergency duty in major scenic spots such as Yang’s village, Haxian village, etc., requiring them to take their due responsibility, acquire information on tourism safety in the first time during the rainstorm which is expected to come soon, and inform related departments of any safety accident timely according to relevant procedure.

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