“Hand in Hand against AIDS, Focusing on Prevention”-- The Health And Family Planning System of Changhai County Carried out Publicity Activities
2016-12-08 05:28

December 1st this year is the 29th “World AIDS Day”. The theme of this year’s campaign is “hand in hand against AIDS, focusing on prevention”. On that day, the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Changhai County led a series of campaigns around the county. In the main venue of commercial street and sub-venues of the township, the medical and health units and the family planning association organized medical workers and volunteers to actively participate in various publicity activities, with practical action fighting against AIDS together.


On the same day, in the main venue of commercial street, the publicity activities was led by the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Changhai County, jointly with the Centers for Disease Control, Maternal and Child Health Center and the Red Cross of Changhai County and other units. Through the rainbow door, banner and publicity car LED screen, the prevention and control knowledge of AIDS was illustrated to render the atmosphere, accompanied with volunteers’ yangko performance, with a large number of passing by people being attracted. All the working staff and volunteers of Dachangshan Island distributed publicity materials, first aid kits, condoms and other supplies to pedestrians in order to let more people know knowledge related to the AIDS, stay away from drugs, preserve their moral integrity and enhance their self-protection awareness.


Township hospitals and Family Planning Associations carried out a variety of publicity activities. The Family Planning Association of Xiaochangshan together with the central public health center and center primary school launched publicity activities of AIDS prevention and control and gave health lectures on November 30th; the Family Planning Association of Guanglu Island town together with the central public health center carried out face-to-face consulting activities in the commercial street; the Family Planning Association of Zhangzi Island carried out publicity and education activities in schools and military camps on November 28th; the ocean center hospital established consulting stall in front of the hospital to conduct publicity activities.


The activities have further strengthened county citizens’ ability to prevent AIDS, and created a favorable social atmosphere of common social concern, support, prevention and containment of AIDS.

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