The Bus Group has successfully completed the task of “Donggang Fountain Through Train”
2016-10-18 02:18

Dalian Donggang music fountain show has attracted numerous citizens and tourists, therefore, after several inspections, the Bus Group opened the “Donggang Fountain Through Train” from “Conference Center” to “Dalian Railway Station” for the convenience of visitors, with two stops “Zhongshan Square” and “Youhao Square” in the middle way. The Bus Group arranged administrators to stand guard and maintain orders by guiding traffic to make sure vehicles passing through in a good sequence. From May 24th to Oct.8th, 8 buses are distributed for “Donggang Fountain through train” each day, with more than 1100 passengers evacuated a day.


     During that time, the Bus Group took full advantages of this 8 fountain music through trains to resolve the transport fatigue caused by the people in the Qingniwa bridge commercial outlet who get off work from 8:40 to 9:30. After transporting the tourists from Donggang to Dalian Railway station, these 8 buses will be distributed into the operation of No.2 Bus and No.5 Bus, cutting down the departure interval of No.2 Bus from 6 minutes to 4 minutes and No.5 Bus from 9 minutes to 6 minutes, with the evocation of 500 passengers each day on average. These methods have effectively improved transportation, increased the transport income and made passengers much more convenient.

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