Sea Food
2015-07-03 12:00

Century Fish Port Restaurant

The area of this restaurant is 1,300 square meters and can accommodate 360 guests. It has 15 private rooms, all of which are named after famous world ports. The decoration and the environment embody the mystery of the sea and calmness of the ports.

Telephone: 0411-84720555
Address: 46-1, Lianshan Street , Shahekou District

Sun City

It is a catering company that provides different dishes and amusement. The main foods of it are Cantonese dishes and seafood of Dalian. They invite chefs from Hong Kong to provide various shark s fin dishes.

Telephone: 0411-82643318
Address: 109, Youhao Road, Zhongshan District

New Oriental Deli City

They provide Cantonese dishes, seafood, and different snack food, therefore it is chosen as one of the ten excellent restaurants throughout the country.

Telephone: 0411-82713999
Address: 3, Gangwan Square , Zhongshan District

Dalian A Yi Abalone Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-82822818
Address: 55, Yan¡¯an Road, Zhongshan District

Dalian Little Southern Country Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-84390123
Address: 100, Shengli Road , Xigang District

Er Qi Fish Village

Telephone: 0411-83623598
Address: 27, Fengguang Street , Xigang District

Sea Palace Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-87622900
Address: Jinma Street
Hong¡¯s Seafood and Dumpling Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-83703689
Address: 28, Tangshan Street , Xigang District

Hui Ren Seafood Port

Telephone: 0411-84581117
Address: Lingshui , Lingshui town , Ganjingzi District

Jia Yuan Little Fish Port Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-82648908
Address: 152, Xinhua Street, Xigang District

Ya Xiang Yuan

Telephone: 0411-82029636
Address: 335, Changchun Road, Xigang District

Pu Jiang Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-84312018
Address: 122, Wusi Road, Shahekou District

Qian Sheng Yuan Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-84339985
Address: 31, Yongzheng Street , Shahekou District

Qing Wa Yuan Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-82643468
Address: 24, Yimin Street , Zhongshan District

Run Chang Ge Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-84358358
Address: 187-5, Xindong Road, She Hekou District

Tian Tian Yu Gang

Telephone: 0411-8282248
Address: 26 Huangchang Street

Wang Fang Seafood Restaurant

Telephone: 0411-82648908
Address: 606 Zhongshan Road

Wei Ge Abalone

Telephone: 0411-82822818
Address: 55, Yan¡¯an Road , Zhongshan District

Xiao Ping Island Holiday Hotel

Telephone: 0411-82648908


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