The Dashang Group
2015-07-01 12:00

The Dashang Group is a large comprehensive commercial enterprise group and a holding company, with the functions of state-owned asset management granted by the government. Its full name is Dalian Commerce Group Co., Ltd. It is located in No. 1, Qingsan Street, Zhongshan District. It was established on Dec. 18, 1994 and consists of six companies, such as: Dalian Shopping  Co., Ltd., Dalian Second Department Store Co., Ltd., Dalian AC Power Company and Dalian Commercial Transportation Corporation, etc. Dashang’s businesses include retail, international trade, technological development, storage and transportation, textiles, catering hotels, and real estate development. The Group has restructured 26 decentralized business units, organized 9 professional management companies, a shoes and clothing distribution corporation, a food distribution company, an import and export commodity distribution and delivery corporation, a household appliance repair service company, network companies, and an exhibition company.

In November 1996, Dalian Tyurin Company joined with the Dashang Group and in July, 1997, the Dalian Shirt Factory joined, too. In Jul7, 1998, the Group successfully acquired Fushun Department stores, Jinzhou Department Stores and Yingkou Department Stores. As of 1996, the Dashang Group started renovation projects: upgrading the base for the distribution and delivery, improving facilities in the food malls, expanding the World Trade Centre, renovating Tyurin Company, and adjusting its operations as well. From 1994 to 1998, together with foreign investors from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and so on, the Group went on to build Dalian International Trade Building, Dalian Tianhe Parkson Shopping Center, Dalian Men’s Store, and Dalian Mykal Livestock Management Company.
‘Dalianshang Group’ was the first store to generate profit and the first listed company in the Northeast. It was built in 1937, with Dalian Market as its original name, and was renamed Tokiwa Bridge Market the following year. In 1952, it was renamed again as Dalian Market Store. During the Cultural Revolution, it was called the Sunrise Store, and in 1981 it was renamed as Dalian Shopping Store, with a construction area of 28,600 m². In 1988, A new 17-storey south tower was built, with a construction area of 24,700 m² and a business area of 18,000 m².  In 1992, it was renamed Dalian Shopping Co., Ltd., and granted the foreign trade right of import and export by 1993. It became the first listed company in the Northeast, issuing its stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993. In 1988, it had established the Dalian International Trade Building (including Mykal and Swiss Hotel) -- the only joint-venture retail enterprise in the Northeast approved by the State Council, with a total construction investment of 1.2 billion yuan. In 1995, a 3-story central lobby connecting two shopping centers at the north and south entrances was completed, with a construction area of 3000 m² and the use area of 2700 m²; it has a mix of shopping, recreation, tours and sightseeing, conference areas, entertainment, and other functions, making it the largest shopping hall in the country. Dashang Group has won the title of national “100 integrity unit” and a demonstration unit of national “100 cities and shops with no imitation brands”.

Mykal is the only joint-venture retailer in the Northeast, and is a component of the Dalian International Trade Building that was co-invested by Dashang Group and Mykal of Japan. It is a comprehensive and contemporary shopping mall complex with dining, entertainment, shopping and leisure areas. It is located at No.57, Qingsan Street, Zhongshan District, inside Qingniwaqiao commercial city. It opened on Sep. 19, 1998, with a business area of 50,000 m², consisting of foods, clothing, apparel, home life supplies, sporting goods, household appliances, a food court, amusement facilities, and more.


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