New-Mart Shopping Mall of Dashang Group
2015-07-01 12:00

New-Mart Shopping Mall (Development Zone Branch) is affiliated with the Dashang Group. It is located at No. 8, Benxi Street, Dalian Development Zone-- the commercial centre of the zone. The construction area of the mall is 68,000 m² with about 3000 employers, and an annual turnover of approximately one billion yuan. There are 7 floors in all. New-Mart Supermarket is on the lower level, and  the other six floors include:

First floor:  Jewelry, stationery, communication equipment, books and audio-visual products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals;

Second floor: Hats and bags, watches and glasses, daily necessities, bedding;

Third floor: Men and women’s clothing, children's clothing, knitting supplies;

Forth floor: Household appliances, electrical tools, hardware and groceries;

Fifth floor: Chinese and foreign furniture, kitchen utensils, office furniture;

Sixth floor: Dining, entertainment, fitness salon, billiards and Internet cafés.

The precursor of the New-Mart Shopping Mall (Development Zone Branch) was Changlin Commercial Building, which was built in 1993 and taken over by the Dashang Group in July, 2002. In May, 2003, the shopping mall was renovated with an investment of 2,000 million yuan by the Dashang Group. They renovated both inner and outer facilities and equipment, updated the aging power distribution system, improved fire control facilities, installed indoor smoke and exhaust systems, transformed the electric power substation to increase its capacity to 4000KVA, and renovated the facade of the building.

The fresh facade is either like a gigantic vessel fighting against wind and waves in the business sea, or a roc opening its wings for the customers home and abroad, representing the Dashang Group’s slogan “Better consideration and better development”.

At the same time as the renovation was going on, the New-Mart Shopping Mall (Development Zone Branch) further improved its grade of commodities and services to turn the shopping mall -- through adjustment and upgrading to the operational structures, layout, categories and objectives – into a contemporary shopping paradise that people in the development zone will favor most.

Contact person: Zhu He
Tel: 0411-87624644
Add: No. 8, Benxi Street