The Exhibition of International Friends In The Anti-Japanese War was Held in Exhibition Hall of The Site of Lushun Prison
2015-05-18 06:00


The large-scale war-theme exhibition of International Friends In The Anti-Japanese War was held in Exhibition Hall of the Site of Lushun Prison, which is to commemorate the world anti-fascist war and the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War.


The exhibition was organized by Dalian Bureau of cultural affairs and hosted by 9•18 History Museum and Exhibition Hall of the Site of Lüshun Prison. It was aimed at remembering the history, cherishing the revolutionary martyrs and peace, and working together for a better future.


The exhibition focused on the glorious deeds of 20 international friends who had made outstanding contributions in the Chinese Anti-Japanese War. They came from a wide selection of countries such as the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, Canada, India, German, Poland, North Korea, Japan and so on. Most of the international friends had sacrificed their precious lives in the war. Some of them once as news reporters stood right in the frontier line to interview and report the war. Some joined the medical teams to heal the wounded and save the dying on the battlefield. Some of them participated in various constructions for sack of the victory of the war, while others directly participated in the Anti-Japanese War.


The exhibition totally displayed substantial exhibits, especially 155 cherishing historical pictures.


It represented the reality of the international friends’ helping Chinese in the war and complimented great spirits of internationalism and the justice to resist aggression for peace.


The exhibition will last for 47 days and end on June 30th.

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