Xigang District Organized Themed Educational Activities of “Saluting to the National Flag”.
2015-10-12 01:03

In recent days, the Education Bureau and the Civilization Office of Xigang District invited the soldiers from the Municipal Government Flag-raising Squad to enter campus for the themed educational activities of “Saluting the National Flag”.


All the primary and secondary schools in Xigang District, combined online and offline activities, such as online signature wishes, the forum of “knowledge school”, themed flag-raising ceremonies, themed class meetings, visit and practice, special activities and so on, to intensify the publicity and educational effects. During the themed flag-raising ceremony of “Saluting the National Flag and being the most beautiful teenager”, soldiers from the flag-raising squad were invited to be the instructors of moral education outside school to instruct and standardize the flag-raising ceremony. The soldiers together with the students raised the Five-Star Red Flag and delivered special speeches on cherishing the national flag. Student representatives, under the national flag, recited the poem of “Loving our country from us” with musical background to express the sincere aspirations of loving our country and people as well as being the most beautiful teenager. Both teachers and students expressed that at the moment when the flag was raised, they strongly felt that individual growth was in close links to the motherland development as well as the national rejuvenation, with the strong desire of realizing “China Dream” surging in the inner heart. 


This activity will further deepen the patriotic education, raise the students’ awareness of maintaining the dignity of the national flag and enhance the students’ sense of national self-respect and pride. On the basis of this activity, the Education Bureau of Xigang District will continue to press ahead with the themed educational practice activity of “Lighting the Children’s Heart with Morality” to cultivate and practice socialist core values and inspire the love of students for our country, our people and the Communist Party in primary and secondary schools throughout Xigang District.

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