The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Works in Practical Term on Random Inspections on the Annual Report of Foreign-Funded Enterprise
2015-10-12 05:58

By September 30th, a total of 178 foreign-funded enterprises throughout the city on the random inspection list of the annual report have all been inspected, with 100% inspection rate, among which, 26 enterprises have been on the list of abnormal business, accounting for 14.6% of the inspected enterprises. This random inspection featured three aspects: firstly, comprehensive and meticulous preparation: the inspection on the annual report involved a large number of enterprises and a wide range of content, including both the annual report information of enterprises in two years and the enterprises’ publicity of instant information. Therefore, the Foreign Investment Office in earnest organized study activities to better understand relevant policies and selected business backbones to attend business training at different levels for a further command of the working procedures and specific operation requirements, thus guaranteeing the smooth going of the random inspection. Before the inspection, inspectors made meticulous preliminary preparation, including searching the enterprises’ publicity information, registration information, information about the latest articles on filing, informing the enterprises of the items to be inspected as well as materials to be prepared and finally making appointments for inspection time; secondly, fast speed and high efficiency: the whole process from the deployment of random inspections on the annual report to the required deadline by the Provincial Administration lasted only a little more than one month. Under the circumstances of tight schedule and heavy tasks, the Foreign Investment Office gave full play to their initiative and maximized the inspection efficiency. The office divided its staff into two groups to the enterprises for meticulous inspections on spot in combination with written inspections and completed the inspection work within the time limit. Thirdly, strict and lawful inspection: in strict accordance with relevant document requirements by the General and Provincial Administrations, comprehensive and meticulous inspections were conducted on the authenticity of the enterprises’ publicized information. For one thing, the Office made responsibilities clear for head of the working group, the leading inspector and the assistant inspector, required the enterprises to hand in financial statements to check the authenticity of the publicized information and put the enterprises whose publicized information was not true to the real situation into the list of abnormal business. For another, the Office standardized the use of all kinds of documents, input in the inspection results timely and accurately and established a complete inspection file, thus guaranteeing both quality and quantity of the random inspection within the time limit. 

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