The Market Supervision Administration of Changxing Island took Five Measures Simultaneously to Press ahead with the Reform of “One License with One Ba
2015-10-12 06:02

Firstly, unify the ideological understanding and strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. In accordance with the “Suggestions on Speeding up the Registration System Reform of Integrating Three Certificates” by the State Council as well as the requirements of provincial and municipal notifications, organize timely working meetings to convey the significance and requirements of the registration system reform of “integrating three certificates and one license with one barcode”, specify the current work priorities of “integrating three certificates” to improve ideological understanding and the window-service workers’ sense of responsibility and mission for promoting the reform. 

Secondly, strengthen the cooperation among different departments and promote the connections among business information systems. Communicate and cooperate in a positive manner with the service windows of departments of national tax and land tax that reform involves, jointly make clear the exchange systems of data connection of “integrating three certificates and one license with one barcode”, realize that “information at service windows can be shared by all relevant departments by means of network connection” to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of information after implementing the registration system of “integrating three certificates”.

Thirdly, strengthen business training and improve business level. Focusing on the laws and regulations, business procedures, documents standards, information transmission that the registration system reform concerns, conduct special training on workers at service windows, specify reform policies and specific requirements, require them to jointly study the operating specifications of “integrating three certificates” and conduct simulation operating practice according to the standards in order to have a good command of the new model and finally enable everyone to be familiar with the reform policies and operating procedures and practically improve business level. 



Fourthly, enhance the publicity of reform policy to ensure the smooth going of the reform. Intensify the publicity of the registration system reform of “integrating three certificates and one license with one barcode” to the general public by means of news media, websites, wetchat and other channels to enable enterprises and the masses to have a better understanding of and support for the reform and guarantee the smooth going of the reform measures. 



Fifthly, unify business procedures and work well on the transition from the old documents to the new ones. On the basis of the trial registration model of “acceptance at the window, connected approval, one certificate with three numbers”, rearrange the business procedures according to the reform requirements of “integrating three certificates” and “acceptance at the window, one registration form and one set of material documents” and strictly implement the standards for submitted materials jointly issued by six state departments. So far, over ten thousand copies of new-edition registration forms and standards for submitted materials have been printed and will be handed out at the windows this week. Work in practical terms on the transition from the old documents to the new ones to guarantee the smooth going of the reform. 

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