Japanese Dishes
2006-11-02 12:00

Grand Jiang Hu Japanese Dishes

The main food of this restaurant is living fish dishes, Sushi and roast food. It provides excellent dishes and Japanese style service under the guidance of a famous Japanese chef and wins praise from the guests home and abroad. It is a good place to entertain friends and guests in an elegant environment.

Telephone: 0411-87619538
Address: 48, Cuizhu South Street , Dalian Development Zone

Da Zheng Japanese Dishes

It provides excellent Japanese food and also wine and drinks. Guests here can experience Japanese style service. It also provides entertainment service such as karaoke.

Telephone: 0411-82641332
Address: 73-83-17 Hongxing Street

Dalian "Momiji" Restaurant Co., Ltd.

It is the only restaurant in Dalian that is approved by the National Ministry of Sanitary to sell globe fish and is one of the 21 receiving institutions designated by Dalian Tourism Bureau. The decoration of this restaurant is authentic Japanese and it provides authentic Japanese style service. It has a dinning hall, swimming pool, chess and card room, billiard ball room, ping-pong room and gymnasium.

Telephone: 0411-82737136
Address: 30, Mingze Park , Zhongshan District

Dalian Li Shi Men Catering Co., Ltd.

According to the requirements of its Japanese counterpart, each dish is cooked carefully. The concept of this restaurant is that every guest here can try the authentic BAR-BQ.

Telephone: 13941108080
Address: Zhongshan District Qiqi Street 31-3-1

Dalian Yuan Fu Food Co., Ltd.

Not only the dishes, but also the decoration of this restaurant is in Japan style. It also provides convenient and quick service and the prices here are moderate.

Telephone: 0411-82193737
Address: in the underground shopping center of Olympic Square

Hometown Petrel

The main foods are Japanese dishes, Korean dishes and some special snack food.

Telephone: 0411-82815775
Address: 5, Yimin Street, Zhongshan District

Huahua Japanese dishes Restaurant

There are many kinds of Sushi for you to select from, which are all authentic Japanese Sushi.

Telephone: 0411-83677299
Address: 69, Gao Erji Road, Xigang District

Xuan Hai

The area of this restaurant is 300 square meters. It has 9 private rooms and can accommodate more than 30 guests. The special foods of this restaurant are roast meat, Japanese dishes and seafood.

Telephone: 0411-82800655
Address: 26-3, Duli Street , Zhongshan District

Ying Ying Japanese Dishes Restaurant

1F the taste of spring: coffee, alcohol and fast food
2F the enthusiasm of summer: different kinds of roast food
3F the beauty of autumn: Japanese food
4F the cosiness of winter
5F: modern kitchen

Telephone: 0411-84801620
Address: 23, E district , Xinghai Square , Shahekou District

Zhu Ma Japanese Dishes

It provides different dishes in good quality and good service too, therefore it is warmly welcomed by the citizens in Dalian as well as the Japanese guests.

Telephone: 0411-82100867
Address: 2, Tongxing Street , Zhongshan District

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