Korean Dishes
2006-11-01 12:00
Hometown Petrel

It is a restaurant that embodies both Japanese style and Korean style. The main foods are Japanese dishes and Korean dishes together with different brands of wines and drinks and snack food as well.

Telephone: 0411-82815775
Address:5, Yinmin Street , Zhongshan District
Han Lao Zhao Ming

Han Lao Zhao barbecue is authentic Korean flavor. After many generations of practice and improvement, the restaurant is warmly welcomed by guests.

Telephone: 0411-82789778
Address: Dandong Street , Zhongshan District
Han Wei Yuan Catering Co., Ltd.

It is famous for its roast meat. All the materials are transported from Korea by air, and all the dishes are prepared by its Korean chef.

Telephone: 0411-84543795
Address: 37, Changxing Street , Shahekou District
Hua Lang Korean Folk Culture Village 

It is open 24 hours a day with delicious food and good wines. There are 39 kinds of dishes from different countries like China, Japan, Korea, Italy, etc. The guests can also enjoy the performances such as Korean kickboxing, Chinese Shaolin Kongfu, Japanese dancing, as well as performances from Thai, France, Italy, and Russia, free of charge.

Address: East of Underground of Railway Station

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