Zhuanghe Xingda Subdistrict Advance “City Building” Work with All Strength.


With accomplishment of various preparatory work such as foundation of the leading organizations, clarification and decomposition of the working tasks and confirmation of safeguard measures, Zhuanghe Xingda Subdistrict has formally began the work of building the national civilized city.


According to requirements of the overall arrangements and implement opinions about the “city building”, keeping to the aim at “making city better and letting citizens gain tangible benefits”, Zhuuanghe Xingda Subdistrict clarifies toyear’s working procedures. Before June 16th, to create an atmosphere of “city building”, subdistricts and communities held pep rally to mobilize citizens, carry out various forms of publicity, and omnibearing and high-density thematic promotion.From June 17th to September 30th, every relevant sector will be responsible for its building tasks and requirements, which should be strictly checked to be practicable During the last three months of this year, the inspection phase will be organized. Each department and community should check and fill the weakness to make sure the building tasks finished in time and in quality according to each term of requirements of the testing systems. During the process of city building, Substrict requires recognition be deepened, working initiative be raised, tasks be cleared, building details be pushed on thoroughly, evaluation be strengthened, sound and longlasting systems be founded.