Employment Permit
What foreigners are exempt from the Employment Permit?

In accordance with the Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, foreigners may be exempted from the Employment License and may directly apply for the Employment Permit by presenting their Employment Visas and relevant papers after their entry, if and when they meet any of the following conditions:

• Foreigners employed in China under agreements accords entered into by the Chinese government with foreign governments’  international organizations  for the implementation of Sino-foreign projects of cooperation and exchange;
• Chief representatives and representatives of the permanent offices of foreign enterprises in China;
What conditions shall be met by foreigners seeking employment in China?

Any foreigners seeking employment in China shall meet the following conditions;

• 18 years of age or older and in good health;
• With professional skills and job experience required for the work of intended employment;
• With no criminal record;
• With a clearly-defined employer;
• With valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of the passport (hereinafter referred to as the "Travel Document");

The Chinese government implements the licensing system for foreigners' employment within China territory. The employer shall apply for the employment permission if it intends to employ foreigners and may do so after obtaining approval. Employment licensing system for foreigners within China contains three aspects: applying for the People's Republic of China Employment License for Foreigners, applying for Employment Visa and the People's Republic of China Employment Permit for Foreigners, as well as applying for foreigners' residence cards. Foreigners seeking employment in China shall hold the Employment Visas for entry (In case of agreement for mutual exemption of visas, the agreement shall prevail.), and may work within Chinese territory only after they obtain the Employment Permit and an foreigners' residence certificate.