Applying for Long-Term Residence

Materials Required:

1. A valid passport and visa or residence permit;

2. Certificate of health (exempted for those foreigners with residence permit)

3. Two recent 2-inch carnet color photos of bare-headed full-face image;

4. Attestation of the ID Card in Dalian and Work Experience of the Foreigner produced by his/her employer;

5. Certificate of honor or commendation certificate (photocopy);

6. Depending on the different conditions of applicants, the following materials are also required:
a. Applicant who has invested and established an enterprise in Dalian shall submit a photocopy of the enterprise's business license (counterpart);
b. The applicant, an urgently-needed technician or main contributor to the enterprise, shall submit the Letter of Recommendation for Long-term Residential Qualification of Foreigners produced by competent municipal authorities or the photocopy of individual commendation certificate issued by the municipal government.

A person who is accompanied by spouse and child shall present a certificate of kinship.