Recruitment situation of enterprises in Lushunkou District keeps well after the Spring Festival

According to the investigation of some enterprise’ recruitment by Lushunkou District Employment Service Center, up to February 18, enterprises in Lushunkou District have generally gone back to work and the overall situation keeps well and stable.

Labor demand condition after the Spring Festival
With the launch of "employment assistance month" and "spring breeze action" in 2016, the district makes detailed implementation plan to provide workers, graduates and unemployed people who desire to work with job hunting platforms and employment service. The direct carried out employment assistance activities with the theme of" help to get a job, with sincerity" ,187 people having difficulty in job hunting received employment aid and 12 of them get employment.  

On February 18, 11th day of lunar new year, the job recruitment of Lushunkou District was held on the second and third floor of Employment Plaza. With 101 enterprises providing 1890 jobs. 1200 persons consulted at the job fair and 230 persons reached employment intentions successfully. Such job fairs launched by the district employment service center as the “Employment Assistant Month” job fair on January 18, the comprehensive job fair on February 18(11th day of lunar new year), and the “Spring Breeze Action”, a large-scale special recruitment fair on March 18(Friday) have alleviated enterprises’ demand for employment.  

New characteristic of enterprises’ employment
According to the investigation of 42 industrial, commercial and marine enterprises, the time of going back to work in the whole city after the Spring Festival comes earlier than before. Most medium-scale businesses return to work before the tenth day of lunar new year with their capacity generally reaching normal level. During the Spring Festival, some production and processing enterprises with tense orders like Yaming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. did not stop producing; commercial enterprises hardly shut down; over 95 percent enterprises return to work after the eighth day of lunar new year with their employees going back to work as usual. Construction enterprises have not returned to work due to the coldness of winter. What’s more, some enterprises still do not return to work or keep looking on for reasons like excess capacity, poor sales, lack of profit or fund for operation, lack of workers, low desire of increasing investment and other reasons
Enterprises’ employment steadily increases comparing with that before the Spring Festival.
Employees of 90 percent enterprises in the whole district can almost meet the demand for production. For example, Dalian Shengtai Ship Equipment Co., Ltd. has no need for recruiting new members because all 1079 employees working there before the Spring Festival have gone back to work. Dalian Yiside Refrigeration Co. Ltd. needs 19 more than the number of 378 before the Spring Festival because of production requirements. Tongrentang Healthy Sea Food Co., Ltd. needs 20 more than the number of 429, which requirements can be met through job fair or its own temporary recruitment.
Reasons for the new characteristic: reasonable salary
From the survey of enterprises’ need for employments last year, we can see that new employees’ salary increases by 100 to 200 yuan compared with the same period of last year with non-technical workers 2300 yuan per month and technical workers at the production line over 3000 yuan per month. As a result, the reasonable and fair salary system makes it easy for enterprises to attract job seekers and accomplish their plan for recruitment.

Establish and improve employment system and staff development plan. Key factors for job seekers are their salary, welfare, development prosperity and chance of promotion in searching for a job and choose an enterprise. Most enterprises in the district have talent training plan, thus laying a foundation for enhancing enterprises’ credibility and popularity.  

Requirements for recruitment become more relaxed than before. Enterprises relax requirements in the aspects of gender, age, and educational degree to cope with difficulty in recruitment after the Spring Festival, and the proportion of staff without restrictions becomes larger.

The recruitment comes earlier than before.
Due to the recovery of domestic economy and short Spring Festival holiday, enterprises return to work earlier than before. Most enterprises recruit new members through job fair to meet the urgent and intensive need for employment, which has achieved good results.