Work of Preventing and Controlling Zoonotic Disease Achieved Results in Lushunkou District


Lushunkou District proactively handled well the work of preventing animal epidemic with its focus on preventing zoonotic diseases, aiming at 100% animal immunity rate and epidemic prevention rate in spring.


In the work of preventing and controlling major animal diseases in spring, Lushunkou District Animal Husbandry Center mainly insisted on doing a good job of immunization among all kinds of animal diseases in the district by taking prevention as the top priority and emphasizing on preventing and controlling zoonotic diseases such as bird flu and foot-and-mouth disease, making sure that epidemic prevention involves each animal, each house and each village and the immunization work in the first half year successfully comes to an end. A variety of technical training courses as animal husbandry and veterinary medicine have been hosted 6 times by the district, through which more than 400 people got trained. The district has also launched the activity of ‘Animal epidemic prevention services to the rural areas’. The staff went into 13 villages in 7 agricultural streets, covering 4 regions within the district, completing the task of detection and monitoring of spring ‘two diseases’ and major animal diseases. 27 thousand pigs, nearly 7,000 castle and hundreds of thousand poultry have already been immunized.


Animal Health Supervision Bureau of Lushunkou District has intensified the efforts to supervise and inspect the livestock breeding enterprises on their work of epidemic prevention, and also strengthened the quality and security inspection work on enterprises running business of animal feed and veterinary drug. In the first half year, the government has supervised and inspected over 10 large-scale farming enterprises and 10 veterinary drug stores according to the law, punished the ones which were against the law,making sure the epidemic prevention work went well.