Metro Line No.1 (2nd Phase), Metro Line No. 2 (Eastern Section) and Metro Line No. 12 (Partial Section) Offer Service in Dalian

On June 7, a ceremony being held in Xinghai Square marks the begining of Metro service between Hekou and Caidaling offered by Metro Line No.1 (2nd Phase), Metro Line No. 2 (eastern section) and Metro Line No. 12 (partial section). Tan Zuojun (the secretary-general of Dalian CPC Committee), Xiao Shengfeng (the mayor), Li Jingrui (the chairman of Dalian National People's Congress Standing Committee), Li Wancai (Chairman of Dalian Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and other officials attended the ceremony. Accompanied by some officials including Xiong Boli (the member and the chief secretary of Dalian CPC standing committee) and Luo Dongsheng (the chief secretary of Dalian People’s Government), Tan Zuojun, Xiao Shengfeng, Li Jingrui and Li Wancai met with the representatives of workers who were at the front of construction of the subway system.

Tan Zuojun and others were briefed by related officials on the overall planning of the subway system in Dalian. At the control room, they were briefed on management of operations of the subway network involving traffic control, environment control, information transmission, etc. Tan Zuojun emphasized the importance of ensuring safety in operations of the subway system. It was important to continually optimize the emergency response plan, improve the ability to prevent occurrence of risks as well as the ability to deal with the situation in case of an accident, he said. Tan Zuojun and other officials later embarked on a subway train. They talked kindly with passengers, inquiring them about the experience in taking the Metro ride. They listened to suggestions put forward by the passengers. Planning and construction of the subway network should firstly be based on combination of the overall traffic layout with urban planning, secondly on harmonious development both above and under the ground, and thirdly on interconnection of space under the ground, he said. It was the duty of related departments to constantly improve the environment of urban traffic, make it easier for people to move around and upgrade the urban functions and urban quality, he pointed out.

Metro Line No. 1 (2nd phase) is 10.6 km long. It has 7 stations including Conference Center, Xinghai Square Station, Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Heishijiao, Xueyuan, Maritime University, Qixianling and Hekou where passengers transfer to Metro Line No. 12. Metro Line No. 2 (eastern section) is 3.9 km long. It has 3 stations including Donggang, Donghai and Haizhiyun. After putting into service, the two Metro lines will play an important role in improving people’s travel structure, optimizing the urban functions and promoting the development of Xinghai area, the High-tech Zone, the Lushun Development Zone and Donggang Business District.

At present Dalian’s subway system has a total mileage of  160 km, costing a total investment of 27 billion Yuan. The construction of Metro Line 5 started earlier. The construction of Line No. 4 is to be started by the end of this year. The construction of Line No. 5, Line No. 4 and Line No.7, the northern section of Line No.1, the extension of intercity railway, etc. are expected to start successively at the later time. According to the 13th Five-Year-Plan, Dalian is expected to build an urban rail network made up 4 vertical and 2 horizontal transit arteries.