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Trial operation of the Phase II of Metro Line 1, east part of Metro Line 2, and some part of Metro Line 12

On June 7, the opening ceremony  for the trial operation of the Phase II of Metro Line 1, east part of Metro Line 2, and some part of Metro Line 12 from Hekou Station to Caidaling Station was held at Xinghai Square Station of Metro Line 1. Party secretary Tan Zuojun, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Li Jingrui, Chairman of the municipal CPPCC Li Wancai conducted a research on the operation of the subway.  Secretary-General Xiong Boli and Secretary-general Luo Dongsheng participated in the research.

Tan Zuojun, Xiao Shengfeng, Li Jingrui and Li Wancai listened to the introduction on rail traffic operation and rail traffic network planning and learned about the operation and management of subway, driving command, environmental control, information transceiver, etc., and required relevant departments to give top priority to safety production and constantly improve the ability to prevent risks and deal with emergencies. During the test ride, Tan Zuokun and other leaders talked kindly with citizens, asked them about experience in test ride, listened to the views and suggestions, and required that the  planning and construction of subway should combine with urban planning and traffic layout, and harmonious development above and under ground should be interacted with underground space so as to constantly improve the urban transport environment and the public travel situation.

The Phase II of the Metro Line 1 includes Xinghai Square Station, the Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University Station, Heishijiao Station, Xueyuan Square Station, Maritime University Station, Qixianling Station and Hekou Station which is a transfer station for Line 12. The east part of subway Line 2 starting from Haizhiyun Station and ending at Conference Center Station with a total length of 3.9 km consists of Donggang Station, Donghai Station and Haizhiyun Station. The opening of these two lines will help to alleviate the traffic pressure, improve the residents' travel structure and optimize the urban function while promoting the development of Xinghai area, High-tech Zone, Lushun Development Zone and Donggang Business District.

At present, the total length of Dalian’s rail transport has reached 160 km with a total investment of 27 billion yuan. The construction of Metro Line 5 has been fully started and the line 4 is to be started by the end of this year. Subsequently, line 5, 4 and 7, the north part of line 1, intercity railway extension line, etc. are expected to be started. a 4-vertical and 2-horizontal rail transit skeleton is expected to be built by the end of the 13th Five-Year-Plan.