Traffic Police Launch “Safety Campaign” to Crack down against Traffic Violations in Jinpu New District

From today to 21th of this month, police will launch a “safety campaign” to crack down on traffic violations in the Jinpu New District. During this period, the traffic police will be on duty 7/24 on shifts to rectify illegal traffic acts in the district.

The traffic police detained some vehicles bearing fake license plates after setting up a check point in Hongmei Community.

On the morning of May 16 near Wanli Post and Telecommunications Building, police spotted a car which was not marked with the standard label of qualified inspection. After further investigation, the police found that it had failed annual inspection years ago.

While on duty, the police came across an old man who  badly needed medical treatment. They immediately drove him to the hospital in the police car. Illegal acts including over-speeding, overloading of cargo or passengers, drunk driving, drug driving, traffic violations around school campus, etc. are the main targets of the crackdown campaign launched by police.

According to statistics, by the end of noon of the 16th, police punished 19 cases of drunk driving, 65 cases of overloading of passengers, 3 cases of non-licensed driving, 7 cases of fake driving license or fake license plate and 936 cases of illegal parking; 52 motor vehicles were temporarily detained.