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Dalian carries out a specific rectification on taxi market

From today to June 30, Dalian carries out a specific rectification on taxi market, which will last for more than 50 days. In order to welcome the convening of the 18th CPC National Congress, some important activities, including the summer Davos Forum, are held in Dalian successively. On May 12, Dalian Municipal Transportation Agency organized mobilization meeting on taxi industry, calling on the drivers to serve citizens and guests with a new industry civilized image.

Dalian aims to promote the quality of taxi industry services this year. Since the beginning of the year, Dalian Municipal Transportation Agency actively has strived for the support of the public security department and has carried out one-hundred-day specific rectification. More than 200 law enforcement officials have participated in the activities with 20 times of joint law enforcement. 82 illegal vehicles have been investigated and treated, which act as a deterrent to illegalities. Preliminary achievements have been made. As for the new emerged illegal operating behaviors in some regions, a new round of rectification will be carried out to deal with the problems in standardized services of taxis and online hailed cars. The rectification will be strengthened to further optimize transportation business environment and protect the legitimate rights of operators and consumers.

The main content of this rectification is to troubleshoot current problems based on the previous work. Illegal activities, including conducting taxi business arbitrarily without permission and illegal business with car-hailing APPs, will be rectified. Supervision of taxi-hailing platform will be enhanced to eliminate illegal activities at source. A leading group of special rectification work has been set up by Dalian Municipal Transportation Agency.

During the rectification, 25 key areas of central city will be checked and renovated, including airports, docks, railway stations, bus stations, rapid rail stations, commercial districts, scenic spots, and surrounding areas of colleges and universities. All transport agencies should implement local responsibility of the taxi industry management. According to the requirements of protecting the security of transportation service environment for the summer Davos Forum, Ganjingzi District Transportation Agency focuses on the rectification of commercial districts, passenger stations, scenic spots, and especially the light rail station of Dalianwan.

Starting with the weakest link of industry supervision, the transport agencies focus on the rectification of unlicensed taxis at Dalianwan jointly with other organizations, including public security and law enforcement departments. Reporting channels will be further unimpeded. The whistleblowers will be rewarded for reporting fake-licensed cars and cooperating with law enforcement officials, aiming to call on the masses to provide clues actively and eliminate unlicensed taxis.

The public transportation network in weak traffic areas of Ganjingzi District will be improved by opening new lines, assigning extra buses and increasing running time. The industry situation and market supply-and-demand situation will be studied and determined. The scientific and reasonable transport capacity and the adjustment mechanism of freight rates will be established to orderly advance online car-hailing platform and vehicle permit. Legal operation of the platform and drivers will be guided. Relationship of rights and interests among companies, the platform and drivers should be straightened up to ensure sustained and healthy development of industries.

After the rectification, the agency will continue to analyze reasons and solidify experience to combine daily supervision with the rectification. Propaganda, education and rectification will be combined to establish and improve strict long-term mechanism of notification, supervision, reward and punishment, and joint law enforcement. Unlicensed business activities should be eliminated to avoid the rebound of problems and promote the market environment.