Dalian Launches Crackdown Campaign Against Fake Taxis

Before the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC) and other important social activities including the summer Davos Forum which is to held in Dalian, from today to June 30 law enforcement personnel will launch a 50-day campaign to crack down against illegal taxis operating in Dalian.  On May 12 in the mobilization conference, a senior official of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Transportation called on taxi drivers to serve the clients with a smiling face. Taxis and the drivers should be a civilized image of Dalian, he said.

Earlier this year aided by police, law enforcement personnel from Dalian Municipal Bureau of Transportation launched a 100-day campaign to crack down against illegal taxis. In 20 joint operations, about 200 law enforcement personnel confiscated 82 fake taxis, dampening the arrogance of illegal taxi drivers and restoring order in the taxi market in Dalian. However, some illegal acts have again emerged recently in some areas. Therefore it’s necessary to launch another round of  campaign to protect the rights of legal taxi operators as well as the rights of consumers. Illegal behavior of online-hailed cars is also the target of this campaign.

Based on investigations made beforehand, law enforcement personnel focus on illegal activities, such as conducting taxi business arbitrarily without license, performing illegal conduct through car-hailing APPs, etc. Meanwhile, the government intends to take the opportunity to strengthen the supervision of taxi-hailing platforms, expecting to eliminate illegal activities of taxis from the source. A task force headed by Municipal Bureau of Transportation has already begun working in this regard.

Law enforcement personnel will stay in 25 key spots in the urban area including the airport, the docks, the railway station, the bus stations, the rapid rail stations, the commercial districts, the scenic spots and the areas around colleges or universities. Personnel from the Bureau of Transportation at the district or county level are assigned the responsibility for strict management of taxis operating in the jurisdictions. For example, as required by the government for renovation of social environment before the summer Davos Forum, law enforcement personnel from Ganjingzi District Bureau of Transportation are closely monitoring taxis operating in the commercial districts, bus terminals, scenic spots and particularly areas around the light rail station in Dalian Gulf in the jurisdiction of the district.

Fake taxis are the major target of the crackdown. Headed by the municipal Bureau of Transportation, law enforcement personnel including police recently staged a joint operation against fake taxis operating in and around Dalian Gulf. While taking measures to keep the reporting channel unimpeded, the government offers rewards to informants, expecting to encourage the public to inform related authorities of fake taxis or clues which can lead to traces of fake taxis operating in Ganjingzi District, Shahekou District, Zhongshan District and Xinan District.

The government aims to narrow the living space of fake taxis by encouraging state-owned bus companies to add bus lines, increase the number of operating buses on shift, prolonging the operating time, etc. After analyzing the industry situation, market supply and demand, the government is considering to establish a mechanism which may distribute the transport capacity and regulate the transport price scientifically and rationally. The government is also considering to regularize the operations of taxi owners by issuing license to on-line hailing platforms and drivers of on-line hailing taxis and taking measures to rationalize the relationship between taxi companies, on-line hailing taxis platforms and drivers.

After the campaign, the government will continue to maintain a high-handed posture against unlicensed taxis and drivers by combining daily supervision with specific campaign, combining education with punishment and combining comprehensive management with highlighting priorities. After analyzing the experience obtained from the campaign, the government will continue to improve the long-term mechanism which integrates joint law enforcement with informing and supervising unlicensed taxis and rewarding informants who inform the related authorities of unlicensed taxis.