The 2017 Spring Highway Maintenance Campaign comes to a Close

Since March of this year, the Changhai County Traffic Port Administration Bureau, in accordance with the official Notice from Dalian Municipal Highway Management Office on Printing and Distribution of Material for the Campaign for the Spring Maintenance of County-and Higher-Level Highways, has been taking full advantage of this agreeable spring season to kick the Spring Highway Maintenance Campaign into high gear. Under the unified command of the city highway department, the bureau strives to provide a clean, comfortable and safe transportation environment for the public through clear thinking, intelligent planning, a multi-pronged approach, and the utmost sense of duty and responsibility.

To this end, we work diligently on highway maintenance, taking into careful consideration the local geography of Changhai and the reality facing such an undertaking. Under the banner of “Building a cleaner world, from the fields to the streets all the way to walls of our homes”, the highway renovation project has entered full swing. Basic roadbed renovation has already reached completion; the Guanglu roadbed has been repaired three times; the county-wide spring highway maintenance work has truly manifested into a scene of progress, learning surpassing all expectations.

To date, the roadbed standardization renovation work has covered 93.125 km. With a completion rate of a whopping 100%, a total of 2530 people wielding 303 different types of machinery and equipment have cleaned up 305 cubic meters of forested roadsides and ditch waste, renovated 40 km of roadside slopes, 190 cubic meters of land and 29.05 kilometers of road shoulder, provided 50 meters of roadside grass, cleaned up 72 cubic meters of 66 bridges, repaired 8 km of roadisde trees, swept 2000 km of road, and cleaned up two piles, each 9 cubic meters. Through these efforts, road shoulders and roadside slopes have been transformed into a comfortable, beautiful, spacious and clean environment, providing pleasant scenary to any passersby. And it is just as well, for after all this hard work the Spring Highway Maintenance Campaign is coming to a successful close.