Dalian Conducts a Large-Scale Inspection on the Safety of Public Transport

In order to ensure the stability and safety of public transport, Public Traffic Security Management Branch Bureau of Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau and anti-terrorism detachment held a joint conference on safety of public transport, along with relevant departments like Dalian Metro Group and Bus Group, conducting a large-scale inspection in the sector of public transport throughout the city.

The inspection contents involve subway security check, safety precautions on bus, real name system of long-distance passenger transport, security facilities, etc. in a comprehensive manner. The enterprises involved with safety hazards will be informed to conduct immediate rectification, so as to ensure the orderly and smooth going of the safety precaution work and foster a harmonious business environment.

The police remind the citizens that it’s a must to strictly observe the regulations on security administration and contraband is not allowed on any public transportation. If passengers find any inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, it’s encouraged to inform the drivers or dial 110.