The First Quarter's Transportation of Dalian Airport Achieves a Good Start

Maintaining the rapid development momentum of last year, Dalian Airport achieved a “good start” in the first quarter. The passenger throughput reached 3.706 million, with an increase of 14.7% over that of last year; the number of flight reached 31 thousand, with an increase of 10.4% over that of last year; total cargo throughput capacity reached 38 thousand tons, with a year-on-year increase of 17.3%. All three indicators hit a historical record.

To meet passengers’ need, Dalian Airport found the right direction and increased many regular and charter flights. With regard to international and regional routes, the Airport introduced regular route of Nha Trang from Vietnam Airlines and initiated charter flight to Kitakyushu, Japan and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. As to domestic flight, the Airport increased many routes, including Dalian-Tangshan-Guilin, Dalian-Zhangjiajie and Dalian-Changzhi; intensified the central and western flights, including Dalian to Xi’an, Chengdu, Guiyang, Lanzhou and Yinchuan; restored many routes, including Changbai Mountain, Tangshan, Handan, Yiwu and Lijiang and so on. These measures greatly improved the Airport’s connectivity and accessibility and the network structure of the flight was further optimized.   

In the respect of freight transport, the Airport raised the capacity of overnight flight during peak hour. On January 21st, the domestic shipment hit the daily record of 167 tons. Meanwhile, the Airport learned the successful experience of cargo charter flight for complex plane model, which attracted a large number of temporary cargo charter flights transferring in Dalian Airport. The total throughput of the quarter reached 967 tons, covering 22% of the quarter’s air cargo volume, which set a  record high over the same period.