Dalian public security and traffic police department issues white paper on the situation of road traffic research

Dalian public security and traffic police department for the first time issues White Paper on the research on road traffic safety situation after sorting large amount of data to work well in the management of road traffic safety and promote the healthy development of road traffic safety management.

The "White Paper" details the management and law enforcement work in 2016, points out direction for the road traffic management, and thus plays a vital role in working well in road traffic safety management, creating excellent road traffic environment, and guiding traffic participants to improve the legal awareness and civilized quality. According to the "White Paper", there are 1519516 cars in Dalian which includes 1312636 private cars, accounting for 86.38%. According to the statistic in the White Paper, the causes and characteristics of traffic accidents in Dalian are: first, the number of traffic accidents varies in different time period and month, and the traffic accident-prone period is from 17:00 to 21:00; second, fatal accidents occurred mainly in the highway and the fatality in secondary roads increased; third, traffic accidents in minibuses and motorcycles increased; fourth, the number of traffic accidents caused by drivers with less than 3 driving years declines and that caused by drivers with 6 to 10 driving years increases; fifth, the number of accidents caused by illegal actions increases. In 2016, the number of accidents caused by failing to give way increases by 35.19% and that caused by reverse running increases by 90.91%, thus being the primary cause for traffic accidents. The most sharp increase in traffic accidents is caused by illegal actions of electric cars and motorcycles, a year on year increase of 500%. The lowest accident rate is on commercial vehicles. The number of accidents caused by illegal parking of cars and failing to obey traffic rules and so on is rising. Among the traffic accidents, the first killer for the accidents is over speeding. The four culprits for traffic accidents are violation of traffic signals, reverse running and u-turn in double yellow line, casual lane changing and pedestrians illegal road crossing. In the case of a simple accident, such illegal actions as hampering others’ safety driving, not keeping safe distance with vehicles in front, not giving way for vehicles going straight, influencing vehicles going normally are very common. Many general accidents are caused by many actions in violation of laws such as driving without obtaining driving license, not stopping or giving way and reverse running. It is noteworthy that accidents caused by female drivers are going up. The private cars have become the main body of various types of traffic accidents.

The "White Paper" also discloses that normalized rectification could effectively curb the larger traffic accident. In 2016, the major accidents have been effectively curbed in Dalian by conducting special action on investigation and treatment of such seasonal traffic violations as overloading, overcrowding and drunk driving and the number of accidents and fatality decreases by 44.44% and 32.14% respectively, the lowest in recent five years.