Metro Line 5 is Scheduled to Start Trial Operation in 2021

Yesterday, the construction of Dalian Metro Line 5 was officially started. The project with a total investment of 18.8 billion yuan is scheduled to start trial operation in Dec. 2021. The interim completions are the openness of tunnels, railway, electricity and the integration test for the total equipment system and trial operation.  

The 18 stations start with the Tiger Beach in the south and Houguan in the north

Dalian Metro Line 5 starting with the Tiger Beach in the south and ending with Houguan in the north goes through Binhai Road, Jiefang Road, Friendship Street, Road 7 and 22 in Suoyuwan, Ganjingzi Road, etc. The whole length of the line is 24.484 km. There would be 18 stations covering 6 transfer stations which enable transfer between line 1,2,4,6,7, fast track line 3, and the extension of south road of Jinpu, 19 intervals, 2 substation and control centers, and 1 comprehensive maintenance base. 

The project with PPP model adopted introduces social capital to make investment, construction, operation and maintenance. The municipal government after open purchasing selects China Railway, China Railway Bureau, China Railway No.7 Bureau, China Railway No.8 Bureau, China Railway Tunnel Group, China Railway Electricity Bureau and China Railway Ping An and Chongqing Transportation Development & Investment Group as social investors.

The backbone line connects the south and north part of core area.
The subway line 5 connects the south and north part of the core area after extending to the new Dalian airport. The line 5 runs through two central areas of Qingniwaqiao and Suoyuwan, the two transport hubs of Dalian Railway Station, the new airport, high-intensive residential areas of Beach scenic area, Ganjingzi District, Quanshui, etc. and two famous national tourist scenic spots.

The line 5 enables transfer between line 1 at Houguancun Station. The two lines with line 1 connecting high-speed rail station and the airport and line 5 connecting the train station and the old airport have realized the complete coverage of transport hubs with internal traffic net.

Four difficulties examine the level of construction
The complexity in geological situation results in many difficulties for the construction of line 5. One of the difficulty is that large diameter shield has to go through high water pressure, cave group and submarine hard rock. It is reported that it is 3.3 km from the train station to the Bayuquan Bay Station. The shield shall pass through Shugang railway, gas stations, houses, fairway, etc.. So it is very important to ensure that the large diameter shield could go through high water pressure, cave group and submarine hard rock safely without damaging surrounding buildings.

Besides, such issues as the control on the construction under unfavorable geological condition, construction control of large diameter shield when passing through railway, bridge, river, buildings, etc., quality control on underground structure waterproof, anti-corrosion and construction control on explosion are also the difficulties in the construction.
Trial operation will start in 2021
The south station of Suoyuwan is the first station of the line 5, which marks the full construction of the line 5. It is said that the line 5 is to be constructed in three phrases. The 8 work points including Tiger Beach New District Station, Shikui Road Station, Suoyuwan South Station, the Suoyuwan Station, Shanhua Street Station, etc. in the first phrase are scheduled to be started in the first half of the year. The second phrase including Qingyun Street Station, Labor Park Station, Ganjingzi Station, Quanshui Station, Qianyan Station, etc. is to start in the third quarter this year. The third phrase including 8 construction sites including Tiger Beach Park, Taoyuan Station, Qingniwaqiao Station, OCC Control Center Station, Railway Station, Xiuyue Street Station and Houyan Station is to start in the fourth quarter. Dalian Metro Line 5 is to achieve the completion of 12 stations and 7 shield tunnels by 2018. The rest 6 stations and 25 tunnels will be finished by 2019. In 2020, the installation of conventional equipment and system equipment focusing on the completion of tunnel, track and electricity is to be fully started. The trail operation of Dalian Metro Line 5 will start after integration test in 2021.