The Projects of Dalian Subway Line 5 and the Expansion of Dalian cross Harbor Channel and Guangming Road are Started.

The two major PPP projects of transportation infrastructure—line 5 of Dalian railway and the expansion of Dalian cross harbor channel and Guangming Road were started yesterday morning, symbolizing that Dalian has made a step forward in the field of applying PPP pattern in infrastructure construction. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of Dalian Municipal Committee, Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian and Li Jingrui, director of Municipal People's Congress came to the Suoyu Harbor construction site to investigate on the planning of the two projects and send regards to the workers. Xiong Boli, member and secretary of Dalian Municipal Committee, Ai Hongde, vice chairman of  Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Luo Dongsheng, general secretary of Municipal government, Zhou Mengbo, vice president of China Railway Group Limited and Wang Jian, vice president of China Communication Construction attended the research.

Tan Zuojun, Xiao Shengjing and Li Jingrui listened carefully the introduction to the construction plan of rail transportation, line 5 of Dalian railway and the expansion of Dalian cross harbor channel and Guangming Road. They sent their regards and gratitude to constructors form China Railway Group Limited and China Communication Construction, hoping that constructors would make the two projects quality projects, standard projects and excellent projects with the spirits of the craftsman striving for perfection. Meanwhile, the leaders required relevant units to strengthen the safety supervision so as to ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of the projects.

It is learned that the line 5 of Dalian railway started from Hutan new district in the south and ended with Houguancun in the north. The line 5 is built alongside Binhai Road, Jiefang Road, Youhao Street and Souyu Harbor, Ganjingzi Road and Quanshui Road. At the length of 24.48 miles, the line 5 underground railway involves 18 stations. The whole line will be completed by the end of February and line 5 will be put into trail run in December, 2021. Line 5 is the first project in the second round of Dalian railway construction program and the urban railway construction PPP project that is approved by National Development and Reform Commission. It attracted social capital to make investment, construction, operation and maintainance. After open purchase, China Railway Group Limited was selected as social investor. The total invest on the project is about 18.8 billion yuan. The franchise period is 25 year, in which 5.5 years is for construction period and 19.5 years for operation.

Dalian cross harbor channel starts from road No.20 in Suoyu Harbor, passing road No.25 in Suoyu Harbor into Dalian Harbor, then goes through Dalian Harbor in immersed tube, after that along the eastern side of Ganglongxi Road to the ground of the west side of Renmin Road and finally goes to the end of Renmin Road above the ground. The mine line is 5098 meters long. The roads are urban expressways with 6 bidirectional lanes and durable years of 100. The speed limit of the main line is 60 miles per hour.

Locating in the north-east of Dalian, the expansion project of Guangming road is in north-south direction, crossing Ganjingzi District. The starting point is connected with the cross harbor channel project. To the north an overpass is set up above road no.20 of Suoyu harbor, 10 railway lines of Ganjingzi Station and Dongfang Road, which makes a full interchange with Dongfang Road. Ending in 201 nation road, the project covers 6.9 miles. The total investment on the expansion of Dalian cross harbor channel and Guangming Road is about 16.3 billion yuan. The City Planning Bureau authorized by the municipal government chose China Communication Construction as the social investor by open bidding. The franchise period is 20 years, and the construction period is 50 months. Dalian cross harbor channel project will be completed in 2021 while the expansion project of Guangming road is to be finished in 2020.