Dalian Dishes Make Their Debut on Airline Meal

With the coming of a new flight peak, aviation enterprises begin to make adjustment on flight dishes.  Dalian International Airport Aviation Food Company releases their menu after just winning the certificate and Dalian dishes make their debut on the plane.



Pan Lin, manager of Dalian International Airport Aviation Food Company said such Dalian dishes as Yingtao Meat and Suyangdakao made their debut on airline meal and passengers can make order in advance. Pan Lin said the socialization of aviation food is a development trend of the company in the future. A few years ago, the company has successfully built a special brand “Xibing House” in terminal building, creating annually 1 million yuan of revenue. In the next, the company plans to promote the food into Dalian market to enable citizens to enjoy flight catering. The company is to build a new aviation food brand with on preservatives in product in exhibition and team meals.



Dalian International Airport Aviation Food Company provides over 8000 meals every day for more than 30 airlines. When it comes to summer tourist season peak, the number of meals could reach 12000.