Dalian Subway Construction is to be Fully Promoted This Year


The Suoyuwan South Station and Suoyuwan Station of subway Line 5, which are under the pre-survey drilling and geological test are expected to start construction by the end of March. By the end of April, the eastern part of the second phase of the subway Line 2 will be opened to trial operation. The second phase of the subway Line 1 is to be opened to trial operation by the end of June. The investment attraction for the line 4 and 7 is under way. The line 4 is to start construction by the end of this year.



Those are news from the mobilization meeting of “making breakthrough in our posts and promoting the development of Dalian subway” which will last to the end of May. Dalian Metro Group focusing on how to make full use of rail transport will make the most of policies and resources, establish the operation model of "investment and financing plus construction plus operation plus property development and resource management” and fully mobilize the passion and potential of its cadres and workers. Besides, Dalian Metro Group will make great efforts to enhance operation service level, further improve the service management practices, innovate on service measures, strengthen passenger satisfaction assessment and other service supervision, ensure security of service facilities and continuously improve the operational security level.



It is reported that 8600 kilometers of railway in 43 cities were approved at the end of 2016 and 315 kilometers are for Dalian, which makes Dalian rank the 12th nationwide and the first in Northeast China.