The taxi industry in Dalian carries out the theme campaign of “civilized service and warm Dalian”


2017 is the year for taxi industry in Dalian to promote the service quality. In recent days, according to the taxi management office of the municipal transportation bureau, after the one-hundred-day special rectification campaign, the taxi industry carried out the theme campaign of “civilized service and warm Dalian”.



This campaign will focus on five practices, such as civilized utterance and driving as well as clean vehicle and relevant departments required drivers to be helpful, actively publicize Dalian, offer guidance to tourists and answer tourists’ questions and meanwhile forbade drivers to use the walkie-talkie, smoke inside the car, force the passengers to share the car or listen to the vehicular audio system without permission.



During the campaign, the taxi management office will organize management staff to take a taxi weekly to experience the service and timely grasp the dynamic situation, build up the data base of taxi drivers and operators, strictly control the access , establish the registration system concerning the drivers’ service, awards and punishment, traffic rule violation and credit, improve the rating mechanism and put such credit information as service quality, safe production responsibility and passengers’ evaluation on service into the data base as the major basis for credit assessment.



In the meantime, according to the localized management, the focus will be on taxi service stations, tourist attractions and commercial areas and efforts will be made to crack down on such acts in violation of regulations as refusal to take passengers, forced sharing of the taxi, excessive charge due to detour, uncivilized service, dirty vehicles, use of walkie-talkie, smoking and littering. In addition, a special rectification campaign will be carried out to severely punish those vehicles without qualifications and forbid unqualified vehicles and drivers to enter the online taxi-hailing platform.