Jinpu New District starts to build Taishan General Aviation Aerodrome

The National Development and Reform Commission on January 4 issued relevant documents saying that 50 comprehensive demonstration zones for general aviation aerodromes will be built by 2020 in 26 cities including Dalian. Taking this chance, Jinpu New District is to construct Taishan General Aviation Aerodrome and start such key projects as the United States Bear, Tianxiang Airlines, Tianzhou Airlines and so on to make general aviation and civil-military integration industry new engines for the economic growth and industrial transformation and upgrading of the new region.



General aviation refers to civil aviation activities done by civil aircraft for industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction operations, medical and health, disaster relief, weather monitoring, marine monitoring and so on but excluding public air transport. Based on general aviation flight activities, general aviation industry covering aircraft R & D and manufacturing, market operations, comprehensive protection, extension services and so on is thus one of the most important development directions. Jinpu New District has also been approved by the provincial committee to construct a temporary landing point for general aviation and  set up a provincial general aviation industry high-tech industry base in Dalian.



Located in Dalian aviation industry zone, Taishan General Aviation Aerodrome with flight area, terminal area, office living area and hangar area, is equipped with maintenance facilities, oil supply facilities and rescue and fire facilities. Its core function is to serve as a a flight service platform for the development of general aviation industry. Great progress has been achieved in its construction and some service enterprises for the navigation operation such as Huicheng Aluminum, Tianxiang Airlines, Bear Aircraft Manufacturing, etc. have settled in the airport. The site selection for the airport has come to the last step.