Dalian Airport introduces Jiuyuan Airline to open new routes

At 11:10 of February 9, the smooth landing of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft in Dalian Airport marks Jiuyuan Airline’s first landing in Dalian Airport.


As a low-cost airline, Jiuyuan Airlin is introduced to Dalian Airport to meet different needs of different travelers. The newly opened two routes including Dalian-Wuxi-Guangzhou and Dalian-Guiyang are the first low-cost routes to further subdivide the Dalian aviation market.


Jiuyuan Airlines, as the 46th airport airports in Dalian, is also the third airline introduced by Dalian in 2017. In Jan., Dalian Airport introduced Vietnam Airline and Qingdao Airline and opened routes of Dalian-Nha Trang and Dalian-Yantai. Dalian’s flight volume for the first time breaks double-digit growth in January with over ten thousand flights dispatched. Till February 8, 1.11 million passengers have been transported during the Spring Festival, with an increase of 12%. The airport transport continues to maintain a good momentum.



In the upcoming summer and autumn, Dalian Airport will continue to introduce Guilin Airline, Tibet Airline and so on and open the domestic and international routes to Manila, Phuket, Zhangjiajie, Lijiang, etc. to develop aviation market to the maximum extent and provide a wide range of options for passengers. 


At present, Dalian Airport is at the transition period of old and new airports. Dalian Airport will this year start to increase its per hour capacity to 31, which might be realized in summer and autumn this year and in early 2018, 31 flights per hour will be officially achieved. Besides, the construction of new parking bays is ongoing with 7 established in July and 4 by the end of this year to ensure the development of both security capabilities and transport production.