Dalian launches the first low-cost airline to Wuxi, Guangzhou and Guiyang respectively

At 11:10, Feb. 9, a Boeing 737-800 airliner landed smoothly at Dalian International Airport, which marks the successful first flight of Jiuyuan Aviation starting from Guangzhou, via Wuxi, to Dalian. With the lowest 199 yuan, a passenger can take the flight to Wuxi and Guangzhou from Dalian. It’s also the first low-cost airline to Wuxi, Guangzhou and Guiyang.



The day-return flight, starting from Dalian, via Wuxi to Guangzhou, flies every Thursday and Saturday. The flight with number                 2AQ1038 starts from Dalian at 20:15, via Wuxi at 22:10 with 45-minute rest and arrives at Guangzhou 01:25 next day; the return flight with number 2AQ1037 stars from Guangzhou at 06:15, via Wuxi at 08:50 with 40-minute rest, and arrives at Dalian at 11:10. The flight with number 2AQ1098 starts from Dalian 11:55 and arrives at Guiyang at 15:10; the returning flight with number 2AQ1097 starts from Guiyang at 15:55 and arrives at Dalian at 19:30.



PR Director of Jiuyuan Aviation Huang Hui introduced that the above two flights are the first low-cost flights covering Dalian, Wuxi, Guangzhou and Guiyang. All the ticket prices of newly-launched flights are lowered than corresponding market prices by 20% to 40% in spite of the holiday travel peak. On Feb.9 and Feb.10, two days before the first flight, passengers can participate in special discount price activity via Jiuyuan Aviation WeChat and APP to get the lowest 199-yuan ticket price.