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The Municipal General Command for Overall Promotion of COVID-19 Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development Held a Meeting


On September 24, the Municipal Headquarters for Overall Promotion of COVID-19 Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development held a meeting. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and commander-in-chief of the General Command, Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor and commander-in-chief of the headquarters, attended and spoke. Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, attended the meeting. The deputy commander-in-chief of the headquarters attended.


The meeting pointed out that at present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading all over the world, especially in autumn and winter, which are the epidemic seasons of various common respiratory diseases. There may be a superposition of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and respiratory infectious diseases. The epidemic prevention and control situation is not optimistic. The whole city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the National Commendation Conference for Fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia, According to the instructions of Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and the arrangements made by the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee, we will resolutely overcome paralysis, war weariness, fluky psychology and relaxed mentality, tighten the string of normalized epidemic prevention and control at all times, implement epidemic prevention measures without slackening, seize the opportunity to unblock the economic cycle, and continuously consolidate and expand the achievements of economic and social recovery.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to adhere to the prevention and control strategy of "foreign defense input and internal defense rebound", work hard on the word "early", put all preparations ahead, and firmly win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control in autumn and winter with confidence and determination. We should pay close attention to the import prevention work, firmly hold key gates such as airports, seaports and docks, strengthen the normal supervision of imported cold chain food, and strictly implement various measures to prevent the import of overseas epidemic diseases. We should always be on high alert, focus on weak links such as rural areas and urban-rural fringe areas, plug loopholes, fill short boards and strong and weak items as soon as possible, and further weave and strengthen the prevention and control network. We should conscientiously implement the city's regular epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency plans for autumn and winter, improve the disease prevention and control system, especially leading cadres at all levels should be responsible for guarding the soil, responsible for guarding the soil, responsible for guarding the soil, take the lead in carrying out patriotic health campaigns, and take the lead in abiding by the public health conventions. We should compact the "four-party responsibility", adhere to the combination of rigid promotion and flexible guidance, focus on key areas, key places and key groups, and achieve accurate arrangement, standardized management and humanized service.


The meeting stressed that the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are golden weeks to stimulate consumption vitality and promote economic recovery, and are also the last peak period of consumption this year. We should give equal importance to the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures during the "11th" period and the promotion of economic and social development. We will strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situations in key places such as tourist attractions, entertainment venues, bazaars and large-scale supermarkets. We will encourage citizens to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, use public chopsticks, keep a distance and scan codes brightly. On the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention safety, we will speed up the resumption of various economic activities such as tourism and commerce. We should integrate resources from all sides, create diversified consumption scenarios, unblock online and offline channels, launch more measures to benefit the people, stimulate citizens' enthusiasm for consumption, and promote the rapid and active consumption of the whole city. To strengthen the on-duty duty during the festival, do a good job in production safety and social security work in an all-round way, to ensure that the people of the city have a happy, peaceful and safe festival.

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