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These Service Places Will Be Restored in an Orderly Manner


On September 4, Dalian Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued the "Notice on Orderly Restoration of Service Order in Community Service Places". According to the notice, starting from September 9, on the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all localities can resume the business of community service places, home and community service centers for the aged, as well as funeral parlors and other funeral activities places body farewell ceremonies and wake services in an orderly manner.


At the same time, the Dalian Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau has also issued "Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Community Activity Sites in Dalian", "Work Standards for Home and Community Care Service Centers in Dalian" and "Prevention and Control Measures for Restoring Body Farewell Ceremonies and Wake Services in Funeral and Interment Activity Sites such as Funeral Parlors", which put forward corresponding work requirements for orderly restoration of services.


Community Activity Places


At the entrance, a "card code" admission system shall be implemented, and temperature measurement registration shall be carried out. All personnel can enter only if their body temperature is normal.


Strengthen ventilation. If the central air conditioner is used, the normal operation of the air conditioner is ensured, the fresh air volume is increased, and the return air is turned off by the whole air system.


Public goods and facilities (such as storage cabinets, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, toilet door handles, public garbage cans, etc.) that are often contacted should be cleaned and disinfected.


Through publicity and guidance, minimize the gathering of personnel and scatter their seats.


When there is a case of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the community activity site will immediately stop using, and the site will be disinfected at the end under the guidance of the disease control department. At the same time, the air conditioning and ventilation system will be cleaned and disinfected, and the site can only be re-used after passing the hygiene evaluation.


In medium and high-risk areas, community activity sites will be closed.


Home and Community Service Centers for the Aged


Strengthen food safety management. Establish and improve the formulation of food safety accident emergency response plan, strict purchase management. Dining halls must ask for invoices and other vouchers for food purchases. Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing certificates should be asked for imported aquatic products, imported meat and cold chain food from high-risk areas or epidemic areas to prevent the inflow of food from unknown sources and with pollution risks such as Novel Coronavirus.


It will implement a registration system for wearing masks and testing. All the personnel who came to the center entered with the "card code double test" green code + normal body temperature test + wearing masks. After inquiring about the "State Council Client Epidemic Prevention and Control Travel Card" and "Liaoshitong Health Code", personnel from key areas will not be allowed to enter within 14 days, or if the nucleic acid test results are positive within 7 days. People with temperature measurement results higher than 37.3℃ or physical discomfort such as cough, runny nose, diarrhea and conjunctivitis are not allowed to enter.


Strictly control the number of personnel and keep a safe distance. Appointment system service shall be adopted, the number of personnel in the place shall be strictly controlled according to regulations, and the stay time of personnel shall be reduced. Personnel should keep a safe social distance of more than 1 meter to avoid direct contact. The dining room should be reasonably arranged, and measures such as widening the dining table spacing, arranging dining at different tables, and physically isolating dining should be taken. Encourage the adoption of various forms of services such as food delivery service, ordering food from the counter, booking food, taking food at the wrong time, calling for food, queuing at intervals, scanning codes, payment and settlement, etc. to avoid the phenomenon of personnel gathering.


On-site service. Service personnel are required to show the results of body temperature test, "card code double test" and nucleic acid test, and can enter the home with the consent of the elderly themselves or their agents. Surgical mask and foot covers should be worn during the service, disposable medical rubber gloves should be worn when necessary, and hands should be washed or disinfected before and after the service. Public service supplies in direct contact with the elderly should be "one person for one disinfection".


Small old-age care institutions embedded in home and community old-age care service centers continue to be implemented in accordance with the work standards for orderly restoration of service order by old-age care institutions.


Funeral parlors and other indoor funeral and interment venues


Mark safe points. Funeral and interment places shall mark the safe social distance points of more than 1 meter before, after, left and right on the indoor ground of the body farewell ceremony and wake service.


Check fire hazards. Funeral and interment places should self-investigate fire and other fire safety hazards, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of fire safety, strengthen the daily inspection of places, do not meet the safety conditions of immediate rectification.


Do a good job in admission inspection. Funeral and interment places should scientifically set up temperature measuring points, and assign special personnel to be on duty, equipped with temperature measuring equipment, to prevent personnel from gathering and staying in the temperature measuring link due to the small number of temperature measuring points, to do with the measurement. Foreign personnel such as the families of the deceased must wear masks, measure their body temperature and show their health codes when entering funeral and interment places. Those who refuse to wear masks or have abnormal body temperature shall be refused entry.


Strictly control the number of personnel. Participants in the body farewell ceremony should make an appointment and enter at the wrong peak. In combination with the space of funeral and interment places and the actual control of the total number of people, after reaching a limited number, the number of people entering and leaving should be consistent to shorten the residence time as much as possible.

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