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Thank-you Letter to Experts and All Members of Dalian Medical Team for Rescue


Dear experts and all members of the medical team of the aid company:


How are you!


After the "July 22" epidemic occurred in Dalian, you responded positively to the call of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. You acted upon the order and went out without hesitation. You went out in retrograde direction and came to the rescue in the fire line. This greatly enhanced the confidence and strength of Dalian people in overcoming the epidemic and made important contributions to our rapid control of the spread of the epidemic.


In the days when you fought against the epidemic hand in hand, you worked tirelessly, not afraid of hardships and dangers, fought day and night at the forefront of the battle against the disease, swept away the virus with "thunderbolt means", treated the patients with "Bodhisattva heart", encouraged confidence with "strong will", and left valuable prevention and control experience and advanced prevention and control technology in Dalian! You don't care about conditions, regardless of gain and loss, the more difficult and dangerous you are, the more forward you are. You have interpreted the "anti-epidemic" spirit of putting life first, helping each other in the same boat, helping each other and daring to win. You have written a wonderful chapter of boundless love on the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder! Thank you for going up against the difficulties, charging ahead, fighting for your life, giving your life to help and guarding the city with great love! This heart-to-hand brotherly affection and true feelings of adversity will be forever engraved in the hearts of Dalian people and will become a great spiritual force that inspires the whole city to unite as one, overcome difficulties together and strive to win "double victories".


Here, Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and 7 million Dalian people would like to express their highest respect and sincere thanks to you.


The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government formally invite you to take your family to Dalian for vacation at any time in the next two years, enjoy the VIP service of Bangchui Island Hotel, visit Laohutan Polar Museum, Forest Zoo and Lushunkou Scenic Area, feel the enthusiasm of Bincheng and accept the courtesy of Dalian.


Dalian people will always thank you! Dalian people will always welcome you!


Sincerely wish everyone good health, happiness and peace!


Dalian Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

Dalian Municipal People's Government

August 31, 2020

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