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Order No.15 of Liaoning Province's General Command for Overall Promotion of COVID-19 Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development


Municipalities Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Shenfu Demonstration Zone Administrative Committee, Provincial Headquarters Member Units, Provincial (Central) Direct Units:


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions, Fully implement the normal prevention and control requirements of "timely detection, rapid disposal, accurate control and effective treatment", In response to the continuous growth of overseas outbreaks, the frequent occurrence of scattered outbreaks in China and the high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in autumn and winter, we will earnestly do a good job in the prevention and control of outbreaks in autumn and winter and strive to win double victories in the prevention and control of outbreaks and economic and social development. After the provincial headquarters decided through research, we issued the following orders:


First, scientific research and judgment of the situation, always maintain a high degree of vigilance. Fully understand the current severe situation, complex factors and superimposed risks of epidemic prevention and control, further strengthen the bottom line thinking, tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control at all times, do not be paralyzed, war-weary, or slackened, and earnestly make ideological and work preparations for a long time to deal with the epidemic.


Second, strengthen organizational leadership and start the wartime mechanism at any time. Adhere to the same command system, organizational structure, staff and coordinated response, always maintain a state of combat readiness, scientifically formulate emergency plans and actively carry out emergency drills. In the event of an epidemic, quickly start the wartime mechanism, unify command and dispatch, flat management, all-round mobilization, rapid response and efficient disposal.


Three, compact the responsibilities of all parties, establish a common prevention and control system. We will further compact the "four-party responsibilities" of the territories, departments, units and individuals. Party committees and governments at all levels will implement the territorial responsibilities, industry departments will implement the competent responsibilities, enterprises and institutions will fully fulfill the main responsibilities, and families and individuals will implement the self-protection responsibilities, thus forming a good situation of layers of responsibility and everyone's prevention and control. The establishment of provincial and municipal linkage, overall scheduling, supervision and inspection, business guidance working mechanism, adhere to the problem-oriented, result-oriented, to ensure the implementation of prevention and control responsibilities.


Four, focus on key parts, strictly implement the prevention and control standards. Strictly control the ports and banks, adhere to the same investigation of people, implement closed-loop management, strengthen inspection and quarantine, crack down on maritime smuggling, and strictly prevent overseas import. Highlight key places, strengthen the ventilation and disinfection of farmers' markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, transportation stations and other crowded and mobile public places, and strictly scan codes and measure temperatures. Keep a close eye on the production, transportation, processing and sales of cold chain food, and strengthen the inspection and supervision of enterprises and markets, people and things.


Five, pay close attention to the prevention and control of the campus, to ensure the safety of the fall school. We will implement the "five responsibilities" of territories, education departments, schools, teachers and families. In particular, Party committee secretaries and heads of schools (colleges) in colleges and universities should earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of the first responsible person, strictly implement various prevention and control measures, and implement "isolation for 14 days and 2 nucleic acid tests" for teachers and students returning to school in overseas and domestic medium and high-risk areas to ensure that no campus epidemic will occur. For dereliction of duty, serious accountability.


Six, keep a close eye on the community villages, firmly hold the grass-roots positions. We will draw up a small management grid, implement control measures in detail, combine specialized groups, carry out joint defense and control, and weave a tight grass-roots prevention and control network. In view of the decrease in outdoor activities in autumn and winter, the increase in indoor gatherings and the return of migrant workers, loopholes, short boards, literacy areas and dead corners should be blocked in time. Adopt flexible and dynamic management strategies, and when cases are found, they should be resolutely closed, strictly controlled, quickly detected and orderly released to minimize the impact on the normal production and living order.


Seven, strengthen monitoring and early warning, to ensure early detection and early reporting. Give full play to the role of "sentinels" such as fever clinics, township hospitals, village clinics, community health service centers (stations), clinics, outpatient departments, emergency centers, pharmacies, etc. Once fever and other symptoms are found, they will be dealt with decisively and reported immediately. Strengthen supervision and guidance, carry out inspections and unannounced visits, supervise and urge the implementation of various measures to ensure the sensitivity of "sentinel". Strict responsibility check system, and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by ineffective implementation of duties.


Eight, highlight the key links, quickly extinguish the signs of the epidemic. We will improve the capability of nucleic acid detection, promote the "10-in-1 mixed detection technology", improve the matching degree and coordination of sampling, transportation, detection and result feedback, strengthen the construction of mobile and mobile emergency reserve forces for nucleic acid detection, and ensure that large-scale detection and screening of more than 1 million people per day can be carried out at any time. We will improve our medical treatment capability, give full play to the role of a centralized treatment center, set up a relatively fixed high-level emergency medical team in advance, ensure the rapid and integrated takeover of the ward, and ensure "zero death, zero infection and zero return". To improve the traceability of flow adjustment and form a relatively fixed professional team to ensure that flow adjustment will be completed within 24 hours after cases and asymptomatic infected persons are found. To improve the ability of personnel control, cities where the epidemic occurs should immediately start emergency response, control the entry and exit of personnel, strictly implement centralized isolation for key groups, and other cities should strictly prevent the import of the epidemic and quickly cut off the channels for the spread of the epidemic.


Nine, improve the security ability, do enough to prepare for the epidemic. Do a good job in material support, strengthen the storage of key materials such as drugs, masks, protective clothing, testing reagents and equipment, and ensure sufficient supply of all kinds of epidemic prevention materials. Do a good job in the protection of isolation places, and prepare standby isolation places that meet the standards, are available at any time and have sufficient quantities, so that they should be separated as much as possible and have single rooms. Do a good job in personnel team security, strengthen the professional training of prevention and control personnel, classify and form medical experts, medical personnel, flow traceability and other teams, to ensure that all personnel quickly gather in place, timely and effective disposal.


Ten, strengthen publicity and guidance, create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Grasp the correct direction of public opinion, release epidemic information in a timely manner, actively respond to social concerns, dispel doubts and doubts, prevent negative speculation, rumors and rumors, and avoid causing unnecessary panic. Strengthen publicity and education, guide the masses to carry out patriotic health campaigns in the new era, develop good health habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keep one meter and using public chopsticks, enhance prevention awareness, strengthen self-protection, and consolidate the mass foundation for epidemic prevention and control.


Liaoning Province Promotes COVID-19 Prevention and Control and

General Command for Economic and Social Development

August 25, 2020

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