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More Measures and Orderly Promotion of Cultural and Tourism Industry to Resume Work, Resume Production and Resume Market


On the morning of August 26, the Information Office of Dalian Municipal Government held the 47th centralized release of Dalian's COVID-19 prevention and control work. Jiang Wei, deputy director of Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau, was invited to give a briefing on the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control in the cultural and tourism fields and the restoration and revitalization of the development of the cultural and tourism industry.


Jiang Wei, Deputy Director of Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau


Since the outbreak of the "July 22" epidemic in Dalian, The municipal two-level cultural and tourism administrative departments strictly implement the spirit of the municipal anti-fingering meeting, give full play to the role of the municipal two-level linkage mechanism, and take timely and effective measures to promote the prevention and control of epidemic situations in the cultural and tourism fields and to restore and revitalize the development of the cultural and tourism industry on the basis of strengthening control at different levels.


Adhere to the order and ban, immediately suspend the prepared "Dalian Art Festival, Romantic Summer Night " activities, quickly close theatres, libraries, Internet cafes, indoor scenic spots and other cultural tourism business (service) places except outdoor scenic spots, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic in the field of cultural tourism.


With the reduction of the city's risk level, on the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in place, various cultural and tourism business (service) sites will be scientifically and orderly restored and opened on August 16.


The municipal two-level cultural and tourism administrative departments earnestly perform their duties of territorial supervision and industry supervision, and carry out online supervision and inspection. Since July 22, a total of 7,475 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to supervise and inspect 14,751 cultural and tourism enterprises of various types to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control requirements are implemented.


With only four months to go before the end of the year, the comrades in the city's cultural and tourism front will, while doing a solid job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, mobilize and concentrate the strength of the whole industry, race against time, dig deep into the market potential, strive to restore the vitality of the market, turn crises into opportunistic development, promote production in the face of difficulties, and help the city's economy to develop in an all-round and all-round way.


One, Joint Defense and Control

Implementation of Normalized Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures in Cultural and Tourism Industry


Compact the four sides of responsibility, The implementation of the four early measures, Strict implementation of the cultural and tourism industry business premises and service venues "resume opening epidemic prevention and control measures guide", We should pay close attention to various normalization measures such as professional prevention and control, social control and personal protection, strengthen the implementation of important work links such as appointment flow restriction, code scanning and card checking, temperature measurement and virus disinfection, and orderly promote the resumption of work and production in the cultural and tourism industry.


Second, Policy Push

Promoting the Full Recovery of Cultural and Tourism Industry


3.4 million yuan incentive fund will be set up to reward the organization and reception of the company's teams, the company's special trains and charter flights. Among them, the organization and reception of tourists will be rewarded according to their stay time and the number of people entering the scenic spots, and special tourist trains and charter flights will be rewarded according to the number of personnel.


Through Ctrip Travel APP and "Travel to Dalian" WeChat applet, 3 million yuan of "Dalian Travel Benefiting Consumption Vouchers" will be continuously issued to expand the scope of use for 22 scenic spots and museum (tentative) tickets. The discount amount will be increased at different levels. Depending on the ticket price, 20 yuan, 40 yuan, 60 yuan and 100 yuan will be given discount relief to extend the use time.


Third, Innovative Thinking

Meeting the Multi-Level Cultural Needs of the People


Adapting to the working situation of normalization of epidemic situation, Cultural activities break through the mindset, we will accelerate the integration of online and offline development and make two-way efforts. Make full use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new technologies, Accelerate the digital construction, Through the development of non-contact services such as cloud performing arts, cloud live broadcasting, cloud exhibitions, cloud lectures and book online sales, they complement, promote and transform each other with offline cultural activities such as "cultural agreement", cultural relics exhibition, professional art troupes and cultural heritage entering the grassroots, scenic spots and commercial supermarkets, so as to jointly promote the development goal of balanced public culture.


Four, According to the Situation

Enhance the City's Influence and Cultural Quality


1. Strengthen publicity and promotion to enhance the attraction of the city. Make full use of platforms such as the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, large-scale international cultural and tourism exhibitions, and Japan's North Front Ship Exchange and Expansion Agency to widely publicize Dalian's characteristic culture and tourism theme image; Taking the two-way coastline of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea as longitude and hundreds of millions of years of geographical and cultural history as latitude Digging up the cultural connotation of the city, innovatively carrying out the "Meet Dalian" series of theme cultural tour publicity, and displaying the unique charm and charm of Dalian through shooting in-depth cultural tour publicity films, four-season tourism publicity films, new media short video publicity series, outdoor advertisements and other forms.


2. Hold the "2020 Dalian Art Festival"-the performance season of "Autumn Rhyme" and "Winter Dream" in due course to release the vitality of the city's culture. "Autumn Rhyme" plans to introduce 8-10 excellent stage art works from first-class domestic teams to enrich citizens' spiritual life and enhance the city's cultural taste. "Winter Dream" plans to invite excellent performance teams to perform 15 performances in the lobbies of large shopping malls in the three major business circles of Qingniwa, Xi'an Road and South China to increase the popularity of the business circles and help the economy.


3. Enrich the supply of products and promote the upgrading of cultural and tourism leisure consumption. All-round docking and integration of cultural and tourism resources, through "tourism +" and "+ tourism", innovative introduction of a series of tourism line products such as health care, culture and leisure to meet the needs of tourists in the post-epidemic era, cultivation of new consumption hotspots, encouragement of the development of new consumption patterns such as online and offline integration, and construction of the city's cultural and tourism multi-industry and multi-field integration and communication leisure consumption system; Launch multi-theme and cross-domain research tourism routes, plan and promote new research tourism projects, new rural tourism products and new formats of cultural experience; Exploit the tourism potential of National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other holidays, release the consumption potential and promote tourism consumption.

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