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Government Work Report


Ladies and gentlemen:

I would now deliver a report on behalf of the municipal government for your deliberation. Please put forward your advice and suggestions.


I. Retrospection on the government works in 2018

2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening policy. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, as well as the strategic deployments made by the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China, and under the strong leadership of Liaoning CPC Committee and the provincial and municipal governments, we have fulfilled the tasks put forward by the 1st meeting of the 16th National People’s Congress of Dalian. Focusing on progress and stability, earnestly implementing the new development idea, sticking to high quality development, and adopting a persevering, strict and meticulous attitude, we have overcome the risks and challenges ahead and make a good start in the new year.


The economy remains healthy and grows steadily, laying a solid foundation for high quality development:

The regional GDP grew at 6.5% as expected;

General public budget revenue grew at 7%;

Fixed assets investment grew at about 10%;

Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods grew at about 8%;

Total volume of import or export respectively accounted for 65% and 57% of the province, overreaching the targets assigned by the provincial plan;

Per capita disposable income in rural and urban areas respectively grew at

about 7.8% and 8%;

Rise of consumer price index was within 3%;

Registered unemployment rate in urban area remained at 2.58%.


We are steadfastly improving the business environment to attract more major projects to settle in Dalian. By introducing the “secretarial service” model, we aim to provide one-stop service for the major projects located in our city.

177 major projects have settled in Dalian.

Intel NVM(nonvolatile memory) project (2nd phase) goes into production, setting a new record around the globe in terms of construction, which is “Dalian speed and efficiency”.

Hengli Integrated Refinery project, with a 20m-ton processing capacity per year, goes into operation, renewing the record in terms of speed of construction of projects of the same capacity in the industry. Among the seven major petrochemical bases in China, this project features the fastest speed in construction, which means that the world-class petrochemical base at Changxin Island has entered a new phase.


Industry-based economy is generating strong growth, laying a solid foundation for the overall development of Dalian. It is expected that the added value, profits and investment of industries above the designated scale respectively grow at 15%, 23% and 40%, topping the list of sub-provincial cities. Dalian is rated by the state council as “the city which reaps obvious results in driving the ‘Made-in-China 2025 strategy’, in promoting steady growth of industries and in upgrading the industrial structure”. New Jinpu district is listed in the chart of “100 districts of strong industrial growth in China in 2018”.


The environment quality reaches a new height in Dalian. By tackling pollution from the roots, we have remarkably improved the ecological environment. Due to our strenuous efforts, we have 317 days per year which satisfy the standard of normal air quality, accounting for 86.8% of 365 days, which is an increase of 17 days on a year on year basis. We have thoroughly renovated eight sections of 6 black and odorous rivers in the central urban area and is the first city in the province to pass the specific inspection conducted by Ministry of Ecological Environment and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which fetches a satisfaction rate of 96% in a face-to-face questionnaire survey.


We have achieved effective results in improving the people’s livelihood:

-62 vegetables retailing trucks begin operations in the residents’ living communities;

-6480 vegetables retail outlets are newly built across the city;

-The high pressure “Northeast” natural gas pipeline is completed as expected, satisfying the demand of 100,000 households;

-The quality of heating supply throughout the urban area is effectively improved;

-22165 families involving 24 housing projects are granted property certificates thanks to our strenuous coordination efforts;

-Relocation of 2115 families involving 2 housing projects has kickstarted;

-15 livelihood projects are completed.


By steadfastly improving the work style of the government departments and personnel, we have effectively and continuously enhanced our administrative efficiency.

Before the complex situation brought about by the economic downturn, as well as other adverse factors, we always remain sober minded, make our decisions scientifically, and enable the situation of steady, healthy economic growth, social harmony and peaceful environment. Facing the workload which is more enormous than last year, we took a united stance, overcoming the difficulties posed by lack of staffing because of the personnel freeze imposed by the state. We successfully tackled the major natural disasters, such as Typhoon Rumbia, the extremely hot weather, as well as the contagious African swine fever. With high spirit and strong sense of responsibility, as well as deep feelings for the people, we never prevaricate before any contradictions. We always have the means and methods to get rid of any difficulties.


Since 2018, we did the following works:

i. Promoting high-quality economic development

The economy grew steadily based on manufacturing sectors.

By improving the “1+X” policy system, we provided much support for six major projects including the innovation center of manufacturing;

Petrochemical industry quickened the pace towards full industrial chain development:

-The projects such as 20m-ton/year Hengli Integrated Refinery project, the 1.5m-ton/year ethylene project, etc. gathered the pace towards upstream-downstream industrial distribution, which would enable the proportion of oil refining to decrease to 46% and improve the unbalanced industrial structure;

Equipment manufacturing quickened the pace towards the mid-to-high end:

-Dalian Heavy Machinery & Lifting developed the world’s first large marine crank for 2.2-m standard containers;

 -The first Infiniti cars made in Dalian, the first new generation of low-to-median speed maglev vehicles successfully rolled off the manufacturing line;

  -Construction of Kwangyang Industrial Park of Intelligent Manufacturing, as well as Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant (2nd phase) was respectively proceeding smoothly;

-The “fast nuclear reactor” technology developed by First Heavy Industries fills the technological gap in China; 

  -The first off-shore wind power project in northeast China combined with the grid;

  -China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation off-shore wind power equipment manufacturing park began operations;

  -Dayang Group intellectualized renovation project (first phase) was completed;

  -The city of Pulandian was granted the title of “the city of cupboards in China”.


   New energy industry developed quickly.

We are steadfastly pushing for development of strategic industrial sectors:

-The projects, such as Panasonic new-energy vehicle battery project, Hualu Group ultra-large capacity blue-ray storage research & development and industrialization project, etc. went into production;

-A major breakthrough was made in research on Raycom energy storage cell technology;

-Software development programs accumulatively operated on Huawei Cloud, Dalian branch, numbered more than 7000;

-The laboratory of China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center began


-The added value of hi-tech sectors and strategic emerging industrial sectors respectively grew at 34.4% and 41.6%. 


  We upgraded and optimized the modern service sectors.

  We improved the energy level of the shipping centers:

  -Positive progress was made in construction of northeast Asia mineral ore distribution center, commercial vehicles distribution center, as well as the home ports for international cruises;

  -The first transaction in China of the first ship of future oil was settled in Dalian port;

  -The first transaction in China of bonded iron ore future was conducted in Dalian port;

  -The throughput of commercial vehicles grew at 16.2% per year, a historic high.

  We remarkably strengthened the functions of logistical centers:

  -The state-level pilot projects of multi-modal transport were basically completed;

  -Wafangdian industrial park of cross-border e-commerce logistics, as well as Tiecheng logistics center were listed as “excellent logistics center in China”;

  -Dalian advertising industrial park was upgraded to the state level.

  -Thanks to our efforts in steadily pushing for building of financial centers, 109 financial institutions and financing institutions settled in Dalian, and the added value of financial sectors would account for 9.4% of regional GDP;

  -Dalian Commodity Exchange realized internationalized transaction of iron ore futures and continued to keep the position of the world's largest market of agricultural futures;

  -We attached great importance to development of tourism. For example, by successfully hosting Sino-Japan tourism festival, the sophora japonica festival, the beer festival and fashion show, the tourism sector posted revenues of 144.4bn Yuan, an increase of 12.5%.


(ii). Three major campaigns

  We had continuously improved our ability against major financial risks. After comprehensively specifying the responsibility for the government departments, inventorying the stock of government debt and practicing strict quota management, we took effective measures according to the policy enacted by the Party and state, and effectively got rid of potential financial risks, beating the target set by the provincial government. By taking multi-layered measures to rid corporate entities of debt risks and reorganizing internet finance, as well as various sorts of trading markets, we had never toed the bottom line of systematic risks.  


  We took effective measures to alleviate poverty. Based on the important statement made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we worked out a three-year poverty relief plan and established a five-layered poverty relief mechanism involving financial assistance, industrial development, labor service, and recruitment of talents, etc. The public finance provided 401 million Yuan for five regions to assist the farmers in planting of large cherries, chicken farming and other poverty relief projects in the city of Liupanshui. Thanks to our efforts on precise relief of poverty in the low-income families in the rural villages in our city, the capita disposal income of farmers reached 13623 Yuan, an increase of 14.2%, and out of 128 low-income villages, 26 rose above the poverty line.


  We took stringent measures in terms of pollution control:

  -The number of days of up-to-standard air quality was up by 4.6%;

  -The river (reservoir) chief system was widely implemented;

  -Water quality in 13 county-level or above-county-level sources of drinking water was 100% up to the standard;

  -Out of 1685 letters of complaint filed by the people against environmental pollution and handed over to us by the inspection team dispatched by the State Council, we satisfactorily disposed of 1594;

  -Out of 66 complaints against oceanic contamination filed by the inspection team, we satisfactorily disposed of 62, accounting for 93.9% of the total;

  -Out of the 1352 letters of complaint handed over by the inspection team involving 33 cases of environmental pollution, we satisfactorily disposed of 1304;

  -The people’s rate of satisfaction rose remarkably after we solved many outstanding environmental issues.      


  (iii). We attached great importance to building centers of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital investment:

  -New progress was made in construction of innovation centers;

  -After we comprehensively enforced the opinions of the municipal and provincial authorities on building innovation centers, as well as the three-year action plan, the role of innovation centers as the growth engine for innovative development was increasingly obvious;

  -The number of hi-tech enterprises overreached 1200, an increase of 45%;

  -Transactions of technological contract hit 17bn Yuan, an increase of 37%;

  -The number of commercialization of research findings grew at 75%;

  -Ownership of effective patents for invention per 10000 persons hit 18.5, about 2.1 times the average in China;

  -The number newly registered enterprises hit 42000, an increase of 9.3%.


  Construction of major innovations was gathering pace:

  -Chinese Academy of Sciences college of energy began operations;

  -The Innovative Research Institute of Clean Energy sponsored by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics was approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences;

  -Dalian pre-research project on advanced lighting source entered the phase of construction;

  -Construction of Dalian artificial intelligence institute, as well as Stem Cell & Precision Medicine Institute was respectively completed;

  -Construction of the state-level key laboratory of fine chemical engineering, the national laboratory of structural analysis of industrial equipment, Liaoning Major Equipment Manufacturing Collaboration & Innovation Center sponsored by Dalian University of Technology was gathering pace;

  -The number of city-level or above-city-level platforms of innovation reached 967.


  Hi-tech innovation capacity was obviously improving:

  -It is important for us to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. For example, we established 6 overseas innovation centers, as well as an internationalized mass entrepreneurship and innovation park facing the northeast Asia;

  -The hi-tech zone was honored by the State Council for effective implementation of the policy on mass entrepreneurship and innovation;

  -The National Eastern Tech-transfer Center, Dalian branch, as well as three patents operation center began operations;

  -700 items of technological achievements were commercialized in Dalian;

  -We successfully hosted an international meeting for exchange of patents;

  -Construction of incubators for technical innovation and entrepreneurship was gathering pace. For example, there are 43 high-tech business incubators above city level in Dalian;

  -The number of entities of make space reached 64;

  -The enterprises in our city won the first prize in the 7th China Contest of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


  Recruitment of talents went on smoothly:

  -We successfully hosted the China Week for Overseas Talents;

  -We recruited 13 high-level talents, 392 badly needed talents and 469 outstanding experts from the overseas;

  -Based on the mode of “One Discussion for Every Case”, we provided financial allowance for 1500 badly needed experts; 

  -More than 2000 innovative talents graduated from the state-level industrial park of human resource service;

  -There were129 post-doctoral stations in Dalian, which had a stock of more than 800 post-doctors.    


  (iv). Reform:

  -The supply-sided structural reform was deepening;

  -We worked out a plan to reduce the backward production capacity according to law and inventoried the backward production capacity in sectors including steel making, cement, electrolytic aluminum, sheet glass, etc.;

   -Thanks to our effort, the inventory of housing properties in the real sector decreased by 16%; and the destocking cycle reduced to 11 months;

   -In response to the policy of the Party and state, the tax breaks benefiting enterprises and self-employed businesses totaled 73.71bn Yuan, and export tax rebates hit 20.74bn Yuan.


  Business environment:

  -To create a satisfactory business environment, we took 23 reformative measures, revoked or adjusted 487 items of administrative authority, streamlined 125 items of city-level management authority and reduced the time needed for processing of administrative formalities by 69.4%;

  -Thanks to the introduction of one-stop public service, 100 items of administrative formalities could be timely processed without the applicants producing any documents at the city-level administrative service hall; 555 items could be timely processed once the applicants produced the required documents; and 536 items could be processed over the Internet, which account for 15%, 84% and 81% respectively; 

  -Due to the reform in issuance of corporate licenses, it only needs 3.5 days for business entities to obtain a license;

  -It only needs 75 working days at the maximum to process applications for social investment projects;


  Reform in structure of administrative management:

  -After effectively implementing the strategic deployments made by the State Council, as well as the municipal and provincial authorities, we optimized the structure of the municipal government by reducing the governmental departments from 45 to 37, a decrease of 17.8%;

  -After reform, the number of public institutions reduced to 166, a decrease of 92.1%;

  -After optimizing the managing structure relating industrial parks, the number of managing agencies reduced to 15, a decrease of 66.7%;


  Deepening reform in state-owned enterprises:

  -The diversity of equities reform in Gas Group was a success;

  -Bangchui Island Hotel Group, Tourism Group, Xinghai Bay Development & Construction Group, as well as Testing & Inspection Group began operations;

  -Reorganization of Dahua Group was gathering pace;

  -Wagangdian Bearing Group Corp, Anywide Group and Construction & Investment Group was rated as the “Double-Hundred” enterprises in China;

  -22 enterprises located in Dalian entered into agreements over the payment mechanism with related departments over supply of water, electricity, heat, as well as property management;


  Booming privately-owned enterprises:

  -We hosted many symposiums for private entrepreneurs, as well as the “2018 Private Entrepreneurs’ Journey to Dalian” activity;

  -It is important for us to improve the situation that it is hard for middle- or small-sized enterprises to apply for loan from the banks. For example, we specially hosted 93 activities for the private entrepreneurs and banks. And the municipal trading center of public resources loaned over 1bn Yuan to the enterprises.

  -By actively promoting innovative development of enterprises, we accumulatively certified 29 city-level bases of entrepreneurship for small businesses, and 22 public service platforms for middle- or -small enterprises, and we provided 15m Yuan as subsidy for 18 publicly-listed enterprises;

-200 enterprises were newly certified as entities above the designated scale;

-1789 self-employed businesses converted into registered companies;

-Dashang Group, as well as Wanda Group were listed as Top 20 private enterprises in China in 2018.


(v). New round of opening to the outside world:

  -The free trade zone was further upgraded;

  -Dalian had accumulatively introduced 173 items of experience in terms of free trade zone construction from the outside;

  -We summed up 40 typical cases of institutional innovation after evaluation;

  -The innovative supervision mode of “bonded ore blending” was popularized in the free trade zones across in China;

  -Out of 25 items of innovations in terms of free port supervision, 12 could be traced to Dalian;

  -The overall time needed for customs clearance in Dalian reduced respectively by 33.3% and 52.8%.


  Breakthroughs in major field of development:

  -In a joint meeting chaired by Dalian, six cities including Dalian signed    the Six-city Action Plan for Co-ordinated Development on Coast in Liaoning Province, which stipulates 33 major tasks covering 10 aspects;

  -After we introduced seven major projects for innovative development of industrial parks, New Jinpu and Changxing Island economic zone had become the backbones of our economy;

  -Dalian entered into a series of agreements with China Merchants Group over integration of port resources;

  -Liaoning Port Group chose Dalian as the site for its headquarters;

  -Northeast Asia International Shipping Center entered a new phase;

  -Based on the mode of “first the port, then the development zone, and later the urban area”, we had gotten rid of the bottleneck facing the development of Taiping Gulf, which aims to be another “Shekou” in northeast China.


  On Belt & Road Strategy:

  -By actively pushing for international cooperation in production capacity, we had established service centers, exhibitions centers and R&D centers in more than 20 countries, and more than 30 warehousing centers were in the preparatory stage or being built;

  -The Djibouti International Free Trade Zone partially funded by Dalian Port Group began operations;

  -There was a new breakthrough in construction of Sino-British (Dalian) Industrial Park of Advanced Manufacturing;

  -We actively promoted the “Belt & Road” pilot zones, as well as China-Central and Eastern Europe “16+1” demonstration zones of economic and trade cooperation.


  Steady growth of foreign investment and foreign trade:

  -We enacted 45 measures in terms of opening up and attraction of foreign investment;

  -We distributed Measures for Economic & Cultural Exchange and Cooperation between Dalian and Taiwan, which contains 61 clauses;

  -Thanks to our efforts, we introduced $2.7bn of investment from Japan, South Korea, the European countries, as well as Yangtze Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, accounting for 60% of the total in the province;

  -We entered into 92 agreements for domestic projects;

  -We attracted 105.7bn Yuan of investment from other provinces, an increase of 15%;

  -Due to our efforts in positively coping with the adverse impact on foreign trade by the Sino-U.S. trade dispute, we had consolidated our traditional market in Japan, South Korea and other countries, and meanwhile, we were expanding in the emerging market. For example, our export to Brazil and Russia grew by 54.4% and 25.2% respectively;

  -We actively participated in the first China Import Expo;

  -Due to our efforts in promoting trade facilitation, we introduced the functions of “one-stop” counter to the whole process of customs clearance, with the comprehensive coverage ranking 2nd in China.


  Deepening Dalian-Shanghai cooperation:

  -The 2nd Dalian-Shanghai joint meeting specified 30 cooperative tasks covering six aspects;

  -We hosted the 2018 Shanghai-Dalian Economic & Trade Cooperation Week, the 2nd Shanghai-Dalian Cooperation Forum, as well as 74 meetings for specific industrial sectors or regional negotiations and entered into 64 agreements on economic and trade cooperation;

  -Out of the agreements on 57 cooperative projects signed in 2017, 33 were effectively executed, accounting for 57.9%;


  (vi). On rural vitalization strategy:

  -The quality of agricultural development was remarkably improved;

  -Due to our efforts in reforming agricultural structure, we reduced the acreage of corn by 119000 mu, added 17000 mu of big cherries; our acreage of big cherries reached 290000 mu with yearly output of 8bn Yuan;

  -We built another 100000 mu of aquafarms, as well as 9 state-level pilot zones of marine ranching; the total acreage of aquafarms reached 613000 mu;

  -Thanks to our efforts in promoting the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, we built five conglomerates for industrialization of agriculture, and Xinyulong farming zone in the city of Pulandian became the first pilot zone of organic farming in China;

  -The first pilot project in the province of agricultural policy-based financial innovation began operations in Dalian;

  -The up-to-standard rate in monitoring of quality of farming products reached 98.9%, continuing to be in the forefront in China;

  -The added value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery in the city grew at 3.5%.


  Reform in rural area:

  -By intensifying policy support to the towns and villages, we improved their capacity in ensuring the people’s basic livelihood;

  -Due to our efforts in carrying out the 3-year action plan to develop the collective economy in the rural villages, the villagers began to reap profits from the collective economy in 53 villages, which previously had no signs of it;

  -By pushing for reform in the system of rural collective property rights, popularizing the mode of joint operations in rural area and newly establishing 30 cooperatives based on shareholdings over the farmers’ contracted arable land, we had a total of 1.815m mu of arable land under circulation, accounting for 41.5% of the arable land which is subjected to the household contract responsibility system;

  -In the government-sponsored crackdown, we demolished 80 greenhouse facilities illegally built on arable land.


  Infrastructure in rural area:

  -By carrying out the 3-year action plan on renovation of living environment in the rural area, we established 11 systems for collection and disposal of domestic sewage and other rubbish and built 20000 pollution-free hygienic lavatories for the farmers, enabling 85% of the rural area were covered by the systems;

  -We built 411 kilometers of asphalt-paved road to the villages and repaired or renovated 550 kilometers of rural highway, enabling all low-income villages are connected by asphalt-paved road;

  -We begun to build three projects for delivery of drinking water to 6346 families in the rural area. 


  County economy:

  -According to the 3-year action plan & distinctive towns program, we decided to develop 10 towns with unique industrial features;

  -By carrying out the action plan to develop village economy, Changhai county won the title of “the county of leisure farming and rural tourism” in China, and Zhuanghe Fugu Fishery was among the first batch of pilot industrial zones which integrate with rural industrial development in China;

  -The city of Wafangdian, which is not only a Top 100 county in China, but also ranks the first in northeast China;

-Against the background of reform in the fiscal management system at the county-&-township level, we retained national treasury at 47 townships in the city.  


  (vii). Upgraded urban functions:

  -Urban infrastructure was continuously upgraded;

  -Hekouwan bridge and Suoyuwan road & bridge project were completed and open to traffic;

  -Dalian Gulf traffic & passengers terminal began operations;

  -The No. 5 Metro line, Dalian Gulf subsea tunnel and other major infrastructural projects were being built;

  -Malan river sports park and the botanical garden renovation project were completed and open to the public;

  -We renovated over 100 urban roads, enabling Dalian to be only city in northeast China as the model for construction of public transportation facilities;

  -Thanks to our efforts in transforming the urban drainage network and renovating the easily-flooded area, we had remarkably improved our capacity against flood or drought;

  -The city of Zhuanghe was quickening the pace in the pilot development of sponge city.


  Meticulous management in urban area:

  -Based on the mode of grid management, we divided 208 square kilometers of urban area into 1345 subdivisions;

  -Shahekou district won the award for the new paradigm of optimized service in application of big data in China;

  -We established a mechanism of joint meeting to comprehensively ease traffic congestions, as well as to improve the pedestrians’ traffic etiquette;

  -By continuously renovating dusty corners, mutilated and disorderly advertising boards, and cracking down against illegal encroachment of pavements, illegal retailing pavilions, illegally operating garbage trucks, as well as other misconduct, we remarkably improved the urban image and sanitation;

  -We took measures to popularize mandatory sorting out domestic rubbish, as well as the model of civilized communities, enabling 30% of domestic rubbish were sorted out before disposal.


  Upgraded urban cultural quality: 

  -We had continuously improved the public cultural service system, and enriched the people’s cultural life. For example, we hosted about 500 cultural activities for the people, as well as 172 public performances;

  -Against the background of booming performance market, there emerged a lot of masterpieces, including the music & dance epic Chasing Dreams;

  -As the nationwide reading movement progressed, Xigang district was the first in China to have built an “urban study” based on face recognition technology;

  -Dalian was rated as the “Top 10 Chinese city of digital reading”;

  -Against the background of rapid development of cultural sectors, Hualu Group was again rated as the “Top 30 cultural enterprise”;

  -We hosted several symposiums on development of football industry and put forward the Opinions on Accelerating Development of Football Industry in Dalian;

  -Dalian became the pilot city for reform in football industry in China;

  -Amid the increasing influence of trekking, marathon games and other sports brands, the people actively took part in the mass fitness program across the city.


  (viii). People’s livelihood:

  -The jobs market continued to grow;

  -Based on the jobs first strategy and proactive employment policy, 116,000 jobs were created in the urban area, and 29000 jobs were created for the those who couldn’t get a job for a long time;

  -We hosted 253 job fairs including employment and entrepreneurship expos, which offered 357000 jobs;

  -There were 1637 entrepreneurial leaders in our city who created 10207 jobs; we provided training for 32000 persons through training in vocational skills.


  Social security system:

  -We devoted more efforts to providing universal coverage for the people insured by the social security system;

  -The pensions had increased consecutively for 14 times;

  -By resorting to accruement from the pension fund, sorting out unreasonable expenses and taking other measures, we ensured timely disbursement of pensions in full;

  -We comprehensively raised the criterion for pensions, lowest insurance standard, as well as subsistence subsidy for the extremely poor;

  -The public finance paid retirement insurance expenses on behalf of 27817 poverty-stricken people to a tune of 3.459m Yuan;

  -We raised the criterion of financial subsidy for those insured by the urban residents' basic medical insurance;

  -We paid 6.384m Yuan from the critical illness insurance fund for the poverty-stricken urban residents insured by the urban residents' basic medical insurance;

  -By intensifying the efforts in management of and service for the veterans, we aimed to effectively protect their legal rights;

  -We paid 80.838m Yuan as living or nursing subsidies for 77400 handicapped persons;

  -Thanks to our efforts in reducing the expense for unemployment insurance and incentivizing enterprises to abstaining from mass layoff, we reduced the labor cost of these enterprises by 1.357bn Yuan;



  -While deepening the reform in the educational structure, we continued to improve our capacity of effective supply in education;

  -We built 15 publicly-funded kindergartens with a capacity of 3360 desks;

  -We certified 30 inclusive kindergartens operated by private persons;

  -By taking a variety of means to get rid of the educational bottlenecks, we had thoroughly eliminated super-sized classes in the phase of compulsory education, and we reduced the number of large-size classes by 50% or more;

  -We had another three province- or city-level exemplary high schools;

  -Dalian was approved as the pilot site for reform of campus football for the teenagers in China;

  -New Jinpu district was rated as one of the first batch of pilot sites in China for collaborative innovation in moral education.


  Hygiene & health service:

  -By introducing the hierarchical medical system and building medical treatment alliances, we had established nine urban medical groups, ten county-level medical alliances, as well as ten leagues of medical specialties; non-governmental hospitals accounted for 31.5% of sickbeds;

  -The public finance raised the criteria of subsidy to 580 Yuan per year for those insured by the new rural cooperative medical system, with the criteria of basic public health subsidy per capita rising to 55 Yuan;

  -17 types of tumor targeted drugs were included in the scope of reimbursement by the medical insurance; 111 designated medical institutions were entitled for long-distance settlement of medical expenses by the medical insurance;

  -By promoting the pilot reform such as family-based or community service for the aged, we had built 50 high-standard exemplary centers for the elderly in Zhongshan and Ganjingzi districts;

  -With the completion of the health & medical center in Ganjingzi district, we had effectively alleviated the situation which made it hard for 400000 residents living in the western urban area to seek medical help nearby.


  Social governance:

  -We comprehensively specified the responsibility for safe production and conducted in-depth rectifications in the major fields, especially dangerous chemicals; our experience in terms of safe production was popularized across China;

  -The number of industrial accidents, as well as related death toll respectively fell by 23.5%, and 29%;

  -For the first time, there was no major industrial accident in 2018 in our city since we had the record of safe production;


  -We made great achievements in prevention of forest fire;

-Due to our strenuous efforts, our city was cited as an example in China in supervision of food and drugs;

-Responding to the requirements from the Party and state, we satisfactorily and effectively disposed of the letters of complaint filed by the people, contributing our efforts to social stability;

-Due to our intensifying efforts, we prosecuted 102 criminal cases involving organized criminal gangs;

-Due to our efforts in price control, we serverely punished the perpetrators who illegally hiked the price at vehicle inspection lines;

-While intensifying our management of religious affairs according to law, we concentrated our efforts to find a solution to a series of outstanding issues related to religious affairs;

-By strengthening Party construction at the grass level, practicing grid management and promoting the practice of integrated community policing, we had laid a solid foundation for social stability in Dalian;

-Originating from Zhongshan district, the integrated community model based on autonomy, rule of law, as well as rule of virtue was popularized across China;

-We had made many new achievements in the work involving nationalities affairs, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese, civil air defense, archives management, meteorological service, arbitration, disaster relief, veterans’ affairs, militia and reserve forces, coast defense, etc.;


Party discipline & government self-construction:    

  -We further strengthened political construction;         

  -We institutionalized political study among the CPC members;

  We are steadfastly raising the cadres’ political awareness.

  We are steadfast in the confidence in our direction of development and our future destiny, in the confidence in our theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the confidence in our political system, and in the confidence in our culture.

We firmly uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping as the central leader of the central committee of Chinese Communist Party of China, and the Party as a whole; we firmly uphold the authority of the central committee of Chinese Communist Party of China and its centralized leadership.

By specifying the responsibility in the ideological work, we are determined to get rid of the adverse consequences brought about by the crimes committed by Bo Xilai and Wang Min.

By conducting the activities aimed at “freeing the mind, promoting high quality development based on great debate & practice”, we are expected to come out with a series of research findings and innovation initiatives in terms of urban planning in the future, as well as free trade zones, and other aspects.


Law-based administration:

-Based on the judicial suggestions offered by the judiciary, we reduced administrative inspections by 59%;

We are steadily promoting transparency in administrative decision-making, policy execution, administrative management, public service and results.

We are ready to accept the supervision by the NPC representatives, as well as the CPPCC members in our work.

We are ready to listen to the opinions put forward by the democratic Parties, the association of industry and commerce, people with no political affiliation, as well as people's organizations;

We attach great importance to the motions filed by the NPC representatives and CPPCC members, and provide satisfactory answers for all the motions;


Work style of governmental departments:

-We took a series of specific and effective measures to improve the cadres’ work style;

-We took effective measures to fight against formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagant life style;

-We took effective measures to dispose of the people’s complaints against slack discipline, inefficiency and negligence of duty in governmental departments;

We are steadfast in promoting transparency in public service.

-The government-operated public service hall opened for service at Saturday and Sunday;


Fighting against corruption;

At meetings themed on honest and clean government within the government system, we have consecutively emphasized the priority of fighting against corruption;

We are steadfast in implementing the disciplinary code stipulated by the CPC central committee.

We attach great importance to satisfactorily disposing of the feedback from the disciplinary inspection teams dispatched by the CPC central committee, as well as Liaoning CPC committee, and meanwhile, we have established a long-term mechanism for disposal of the people’s complaint against the government’s work style.

By strengthening supervision and providing positive incentives based on the evaluation and accountability mechanism, we have ensured effective implementation of the decisions and strategic deployments made by the CPC central committee, the state council, the provincial government, and the municipal government of Dalian.


Ladies and gentlemen:

It is a great honor for us to have made the great achievements in 2018! This is the results of the implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. This is the results we reaped under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee, the state council, the Liaoning CPC committee, the provincial government, as well as the municipal government. This is the results we reaped thanks to the strenuous efforts by generations of the people of the city since the open-door policy was adopted 40 years ago. At this time, I would like to convey my best regards and my sincere gratitude to the government personnel, the CPPCC members, the democratic Parties, the association of industry and commerce, the personages without party affiliation, the retired comrades, the agencies dispatched by other provinces to Dalian, the PLA troops and armed police stationed in Dalian, the overseas friends, as well as every person who takes part in the construction in our city, and who is the creator of a better life!


  After summarizing our works in 2018, we have clearly realized our shortcomings:

  a. Our governance mechanism needs further improvement.

  We have not thoroughly fulfilled the reform in administrative efficacy. The public service system is still beset by relatively stagnant development of informatization in administrative examination and approval, as well as on-line service. Commercialization of research findings shows a lukewarm trend. There is a relatively large gap of badly-needed talents in some major fields.


  b. We face an uphill struggle in restructuring the economy.

  The strategic and emerging industries feature underdevelopment and small size. Traditional industries, as well as traditional products account for a relatively higher percentage of the economy. It is necessary for us to quicken the pace for transformation and upgrading of the service sectors. There are still regional disparities in economic development. The county economy smacks of weak strength. 


  c. It is necessary for us to strengthen cooperation in terms of opening up.

  Due to insufficient application of major open platforms, the pulling effect of opening up has not been fully realized. The export is yet to be optimized. The advanced technology, general trade and private enterprises account for a low share of export, which is below the national average. There is insufficient reserve of foreign-funded investment projects.


  d. We still have shortcomings in the capacity to improve the people’s livelihood.

  We have to find a solution to the problems, such as traffic congestion, unbalanced distribution of educational resources and quality medical resources, etc.


  e. We need to further improve our cadres’ ideological quality and work style.

  Some cadres don’t meet the requirements of the new ear in terms of ideology and mental state. They still cling to the conventional thinking. Some of them are passive, inefficient and undisciplined in work. They lack the sense of responsibility. 


  II. Targets & Primary Tasks in 2019


  2019 is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. It is the crucial year for building a well-off society for the people.

  The speeches made by Secretary General Xi Jinping on an inspection of Liaoning province and at a symposium on rejuvenation of northeast China serve as the guide for our work.

  We are quickening the pace for all-dimension opening up. The major platforms, including new Jinpu district and the free trade zone, enter an accelerated phase of development. The Hengli refining project, the Intel project (2nd phase), the new airport, the Taiping gulf development project and other major projects provide another boost to our economy.

  By further structuring the government, we will further optimize the government functions, enhance our governance capacity and improve our efficiency. Due to our strenuous efforts, we have continuously improved our cadres’ work style. They are ready to take their responsibility.

  We shouldn’t underestimate the adverse consequences brought about by the looming unilateralism, trade protectionism in the world, especially Sino-American trade dispute to our economy. Against the downward pressure, our economy is growing steadily. In the critical period of transformation and development, we face an arduous task of promoting quality change, efficiency change and power change. Taken as a whole, we will face a more austere environment replete with uncertainties, disputes and difficulties. Facing many challenges and opportunities, we need to grasp the new connotations of important strategic opportunities, and more importantly, we have to be prepared for any unexpected development and be fully aware of the difficulties or even more complex situations ahead. Meanwhile, we need to maintain our strategic focus, strengthen our confidence in development and shoulder our responsibility as the leader for all-round development of Liaoning.


The guiding thought for government works this year:

  We are determined to further implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China including its 2nd, 3rd plenary meetings, as well as the spirits of the speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on rejuvenation of northeast China and Liaoning province.

  We are determined to implement the deployments made by the economic work meeting hosted the CPC central committee, as well as the plenary sessions of Liaoning CPC committee and Dalian CPC committee.

We continue to seek improvement in stability. By sticking to the new development concept, we aim to promote high quality development. We continue to follow the supply-side structural reform as the main line. We continue to deepen market-oriented reform and expand high-level opening-up.

We would take comprehensive measures to promote steady growth, deepen the reform and structural adjustment, improve the people’s livelihood and prevent potential risks.

We would further improve the situation of employment, as well as the financial situation.

We would further improve foreign trade.

We would further improve the business environment for both domestic and foreign investment.

We would continue to satisfy the people’s requirements.

Our economy features steady, healthy growth, and our society is stable.

We would develop Dalian into the model of “a pioneering city characterized by optimized industrial structure and advanced socio-economic development”.


Targets for social and economic development:

-Regional GDP grows by about 6.5%;

-Added value of industries above a designated grows by over 8%;

-Investment in fixed assets grows by over 6%;

-Total retail sales of consumer goods grow at 7%;

-The share of total foreign trade value versus that of the province remains the same, or improves somewhat;

-General public budget revenue, as well as per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents grows in synch with the economic growth;

-Registered urban unemployment rate is below 3.5%;

-Consumer price index is below 3%;

-Energy consumption per GDP falls by about 3%.


To achieve the above targets, we have to do the following works:

1. High quality economic growth

It is necessary for us to continue to deepen the supply-side structural reform, promote quality change, efficiency change and power change and actively carry out high-quality development-oriented trials.

We are working hard to find a new development path which is more effective, of higher quality, with more optimized structure, and which can give full play to its advantages.


High quality development of manufacturing:

It is necessary for us to promote deep integration of advanced manufacturing with modern service industries.

We would devote more efforts to promote intelligent, green and brand-based development of traditional industries including equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and other industries.

Based on Kwangyang Industrial Park of Intelligent Equipment, we intend to restructure the machinery industry to restore its former glory.

Construction of the projects, including the industrial park of intelligent equipment in New Jinpu district, Changxing Island world-class petrochemical base, as well as Hengli 1.5m-ton/year ethylene, is gathering pace.

It is important for us to promote innovative development based on military-civilian integration.

It is important for us to cultivate and promote strategic, emerging industries.

We are quickening the pace for industrial distribution of artificial intelligence, life & health, clean energy, etc.

We attach great importance to clustered development of industries including the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy vehicles, etc.

Based on the hi-tech enterprises 3-year multiplication program, we focus on cultivation of a series of “gazelle” enterprises, “hidden champion” enterprises and “single champion” enterprises, and we attempt to make a breakthrough in cultivation of “unicorn” enterprises.


Creating a favorable environment for service sectors to grow bigger, stronger and better:

It is important for us to promote professional, clustered and internationalized producer services, as well as convenient, refined and brand-based consumer service, and strengthen the supporting role of service sectors in the economy.

By giving full play to the advantages of the restructured Liaoning Port Group, and based on Dagushan peninsular, Dayao gulf, Dalian gulf and Nianyu gulf, we are quickening the pace for construction of the northeast Asia port terminal.

We are deepening the free trade zone-port integration, as well as multi-port coordination.

We attach great importance to construction of the state-level PDA cross-border service platform, which is a pilot project of intelligent logistics.

We are quickening the pace for construction of the major projects in Dayao gulf, Changxing island, new Lushun port and other areas.

We are improving the logistic parks, the cold-chain logistic center, the customs clearance and supporting facilities in the home port for international cruises, as well as the maritime service system.

We are improving the inclusive financial system and strengthening the role that the financial industry plays in supporting the real economy.

By expanding the radiating functions of Dalian Commodity Exchange, we aim to attract venture capital institutions and establish a regional assets management company.    


Based on the consumption upgrading program, we encourage the property owners to lease their shopfronts, as well as construction of characteristic commerce blocks, and it is important for us to host the activities including “Munich greenhouse”, beer festivals, fashion shows and Dalian shopping festivals.

We are quickening the pace for construction of primary wholesale markets for agricultural products, strengthening construction of cold-chain logistics for agricultural products, expanding the urban-rural logistics distribution network, and developing e-commerce in the rural area so as to further exploit the people’s potential power of consumption.

It is important for us to develop all-for-one tourism, promote integration of culture and tourism and fully develop the market of oceanic tourism, as well as ice-snow tourism.

It is necessary for us to guide the development of the new mode of oceanic tourism including cruise tourism, yachting, island tourism and leisurely fishing, as well as promote construction of the China pilot zone for cruise tourism.

It is important for us to create a favorable environment for further development of the brands including the international spa & skiing festival, as well as the international spa, health & cultural festival so as to give a boost to the market of tourism in the off-season.


Creating a favorable environment to effectively attract investment:

Attracting investment is the “No.1 project”.

It is necessary for us to provide the same treatment for domestic investment and foreign investment, for private investment and state-funded investment, for the primary sector, the secondary sector and the tertiary sector, and for the existing investment and potential investment.

By advocating precise attraction of investment, as well as investment in the industrial chain, we aim to introduce a series of major (good) projects.

It is necessary for us to activate the idle resources.

As for the formerly introduced major projects, we should take effective measures to improve the efficiency and enable them to yield good investment benefits.


It is important for us to overcome the shortcomings in the infrastructure.

We should actively activate the existing money of the public finance.

We should actively apply for the quota of government bonds needed by the new airport.

It is necessary for us to promote other infrastructural projects, including artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, as well as Internet of Things.

We should enable the “smooth communication project” to yield effective results, and quicken the pace of pilot application of 5G technology.

It is necessary for us to promote the major projects including pilot facilities for energy storage, as well as recharging facilities for electric vehicles.    

We should effectively implement relevant policies for relaxing the control of access of private investment.

We should actively encourage non-governmental capital to take part in government projects so as to effectively remedy the situation that the government lacks the fund for construction projects while the enterprises have the money, but are denied the access.

It is important for us to promote steady, healthy growth of the real estate’s sector.

Considering the actual circumstances of our city, we should further develop housing rental market, and establish a long-term mechanism to stabilize the price of land, as well as the property price.


Accelerating optimization and upgrading of foreign trade:

It is necessary for us to actively respond to the Sino-American dispute and further explore the traditional market in Japan, South Korea and other countries.

We are probing into the possibility of establishing a demonstration zone of cooperation involving China, Japan and South Korea, as well as a “pilot zone of economic & trade cooperation with Japan”.

We are active in expanding the emerging market in the “Road & Belt” countries, as well as in America and Africa.

We are quickening the pace for construction of a comprehensive pilot zone of cross-border e-commerce.

We encourage well-positioned enterprises to build warehousing facilities, marketing networks, production bases, R&D centers and other facilities abroad.

Based on the platforms including the Summer Davos Forum, as well as the Sino-Japanese Economic Cooperation Forum, we aim to further enhance Dalian’s international influence and attraction. 


2. Deepening reform in the major fields:

Deepening reform is the fundamental solution for all-round development. We should be good at both strategic reform and tactic reform. And by mean of reform, we unleash domestic demand, invigorate the economy and cultivate new power of growth.


Further optimizing business environment:

By stimulating the vitality of micro businesses and effectively solving the problems enterprises may encounter in every cycle of the whole process involving corporate registration, operations and exit, we would remarkably enhance the size of the main market players and establish an intimate, clean relationship.  

  We continue to streamline the government.

We continue to promote dynamic management of governments’ power list, responsibility list, as well as the list of intermediary services provided by the administrative review & approval agencies.

In terms of administrative inspection, we continue to promote the mode of randomly choosing an inspection target, randomly choosing administrative personnel and timely publishing results of the inspection.

We continue to promote reform in issuance of corporate licenses to the corporate entities.

We are quickening the pace for full coverage of “Internet + public service”. 


Rule of law:

By enacting Measures for Promoting Social Credit System, we would have established a new-type of market supervision mechanism with credit as the core, and created a satisfactory legal environment.

It is important for us to take effective measures to further improve the business environment. We urge the public servants to treat the problems of enterprises as their own and sincerely help them to find a solution to the complaints filed by enterprises, as well as the people.

“Everyone is a business environment, and everyone is creating a business environment” has become a common practice in Dalian.


We are steadfast in pushing for the growth of private economy.

We are earnestly studying and further implementing the spirits of the important speeches made by General Xi Jinping on a symposium with private enterprises, as well as the spirits of the provincial meeting on development of private economy.

We are comprehensively implementing the various policies meted out by the state, the province and the city.

We have established a mechanism of assigning the cadres to help enterprises solve the problems they encounter on a long-term basis.

The mode of “secretary-style service” is widely introduced in the major projects, as well as enterprises above the designated scale.

It is necessary for us to find a solution to the problems encountered by private enterprises in terms of financing, talent recruitment, market, innovations, etc.

By further simplifying the procedures of administrative review and approval related to private investment, we would effectively reduce private enterprises’ burden of taxes and administrative fees.

We aim to create a fair and competitive environment, as well as an expansive market space for private enterprises.

We should show more care for private businesses, further promote entrepreneurial spirit and protect the legal interests of private enterprises.


Deepening reform in management of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises:

By carrying out a series of measures on the “year of reform of state-owned assets & enterprises”, we would ensure reform is conducted in all state-owned enterprises considering the actual circumstances.

It is imperative for us to reform the structure and mechanism which restricts   the development of state-owned enterprises, establish a modern enterprise system, as well as a professional manager system.

By comprehensively strengthening Party construction in state-owned enterprises, we aim to establish an effective supervision and management system in the enterprises.


Further intensifying our efforts against potential risks:

It is imperative for us to treat prevention of financial risks as the most important task. We should always be alert to potential risk of government debts, resolutely restrict growth of hidden debts and properly dispose of the stock of government debts. 

We should strictly contain the risk in payment of pensions and ensure timely and sufficient payment of pensions.

We should put highly indebted companies under close surveillance, properly dispose of the risk points, such as corporate credit default, peer-to-peer lending, as well as effectively prevent or defuse the risks in trading markets and Internet finance, etc.

We continue to promote legal, market debt-to-equity swap to remarkably alleviate the debts of state-owned enterprises.

It is important for us to strengthen the regulation of small- or medium-sized banks, strengthen our efforts in disposition of non-forming loans and be guarded against any systematic or regional financial risk.


Steadfastly promoting administrative restructuring:

It is imperative for us to take comprehensive measures to promote administrative restructuring, focus on the needs of development and build a systematic, scientific, standardized and efficient institutional system that is in line with the reality in Dalian so that the government’s functions are more optimized, its rights and obligations are more synchronized, and the government wields its power more properly.

We should properly handle the follow-up work after the reform of public institutions.

It is important for us to deepen the reform in comprehensive administrative enforcement.

We are quickening the pace for comprehensive enhancement of the industrial parks.

We are exploring for a mechanism based on which the management of industrial parks is separated from the developer, and we intend to test the “management commission + companies” operation pattern where the conditions fit, so as to create a reasonably distributed, staggered development-based development pattern featuring coordinated functions.  


3. Nurturing new power for all-round development based on innovation-driven strategy:

By actively responding to the new round of technological revolution and   industrial revolution, placing innovations at the core position of development, and steadfastly promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and striving for excellence, we would have ensured the society is full of vigor for innovation and that the sources of innovation are fully tapped.


Strengthening efforts in construction of independent innovation zone:

Based on the Opinions on Promoting Construction of Independent Innovation Zones, as well as the 3-year action plan, we aim to promote staggered development or characteristic development of independent innovation zones in the hi-tech zone, New Jinpu district and other regions.

It is necessary for us to create a more favorable environment for the independent innovation zone, pool more innovative resources and build a modern industrial system which has core competitiveness.

We are exploring for a development model of “a hi-tech zone with several industrial parks”.

By promoting synergy between the free trade zone and the independent innovation zone, we encourage the independent innovation zone to explore courageously for a proper technology management system, talent incitation system and integration of technology and finance, etc., and play its role of exemplary leadership, so as to realize the "two-wheel drive" by technological innovation and institutional innovation.


Accelerating construction of major innovation platforms:

We are actively lobbying the major platforms of technological innovation, as well as infrastructural projects, including National Laboratory for Clean Energy, Dalian Coherent Light Source (2nd phase) to begin overall arrangements in our city.

Construction of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics affiliated clean energy innovation institute, University of Chinese academy of sciences affiliated school of energy, as well as Neusoft Group affiliated school of life and health, is gathering pace.

We would facilitate construction of Dalian Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Institute of Stem Cells and Precision Medicine, as well as Liaoning Fine Chemicals and Industrial Generic Technology Innovation Platform.

By further promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerating the construction of state-level or province-level pilot bases of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, establishing a series of industrial technology research and development platforms and hosting activities, such as Week of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Chuangxiang China, we would have stimulated the people’s spirit of innovation and creativity and turned the fruits of innovation into tangible industrial activities.


Further upgrading hi-tech innovation capacity:

We encourage Dalian University of Technology, as well as Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics to be a world-class university or first-class scientific research institute.

While making precise arrangements in 13 key leading industries, including artificial intelligence, advanced equipment manufacturing, clean energy, and integrated circuits, we would organize resources for research and development relating major, special and key technological programs and establish a technology & innovation fund.

It is necessary for us to effectively implement the preferential policies aimed at technological innovation and give full play to the guiding and leverage role of public finance.

It is important for us to promote the project-style management of technological innovations to enhance the local conversion rate of technological findings.

We attach great importance to facilitating the construction of National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, Dalian branch, as well as Dalian open trading market of technical patents.

By resorting to the strictest protection of intellectual properties and strengthening the application of intellectual properties, we aim to establish an effective stimulation mechanism of innovation.

Out of the 1400-odd hi-tech enterprises in our city, the transactions of technical contracts hit 19bn Yuan.


Improving the talent development mechanism:

We attach great importance to high-level talent innovation.

We encourage technology talents to start businesses.

We appreciate the innovation team-targeted assistance programs in the major fields.

We appreciate programs to attract badly needed talents in terms of urban development, as well as programs to introduce experts from the abroad.

We appreciate the projects aimed at cultivating leading talents, gathering postdoctoral talents, and developing high-skilled talents.

We are improving the rules of special government allowance for talents, as well as the work permit system for foreigners in China.

We aim to provide market-oriented and professional services at the market of human resources.

We provide incentives for those who have made major technological contributions, for the outstanding innovation teams, as well as young talents.

Due to our efforts in cultivation of craftsmanship spirit, a lot of “Dalian craftsmen” - who are knowledgeable, skill-oriented and replete with the sense of innovation – would emerge from the evaluation we conduct every year.


Tan Chenxu: (D) Insist on balance development of regional coordination region, and create the new pattern of comprehensive revitalization. Based on the city’s resource advantages and functional position, implement land and ocean coordination as well as urban and rural linkage, solidly improve “westward extension and northward advancement” strategy, to accelerate the formation of a new regional coordinated development mechanism with globally coordination, competition orderly, green coordination and shared win-win.

Tan Chengxu: Improve the city function quality from all aspects. Focus on planning leading, scientifically prepare Dalian 2049 City Vision Plan, and start up urban special planning till 2035, to draw a beautiful blueprint for the high quality development of Dalian in the new era. Promote major infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel and Guangming Road Extension Project, Jinpu Intercity Railway, Dalian North Station Comprehensive Transportation Junction, Metro Line 4 and Line 5 etc.; start the reconstruction of Suoyuwan Park, and implement road lighting upgrade.

Tan Chengxu: Fully implement the “embroider” job of city upgrade, continually promoting the mandatory management of garbage classification, expand the experiment implementation scope of citizens garbage classification, and improve the construction of terminal disposal treatment facilities; promote lavatory revolution, build 125 urban new reconstruction lavatories, add 169 new toilets; promote the construction of five-good community, construction of park lots and urban greening, comprehensively improve the city refined and intelligent management level, to create a cleaner, orderly, beautiful and livable urban environment.

Tan Chengxu: Deeply implement the rural revitalization strategy. Seriously implement the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference, adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and fully implement the general requirements of “five-revitalization”. Deepen the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, promote the integrated development of the first, second and third industries, develop deep processing of agricultural products, and promote the demonstration construction of a strong agricultural town in Fuzhou City; strengthen the cultivation of geographical identifications for agricultural products, and vigorously promote the logo like “Dalian Big Cherries” “Dalian Apples” and so on. Carry out trainings for young farmers, to train a group of professional farmers who love agriculture, know technology and good at operation.

Tan Chengxu: Accelerate the construction of beautiful rural, increase the comprehensive of rural environment, continually promote classification and decrement of rural domestic garbage, reconstruct 1.63 million harmless sanitary lavatories. Hold on the construction of “four-good rural road”, build Tongtunyuo Road of 350 km, repair rural road of 400 km. Promote a new round of rural reform, consolidate in complete the basic rural management system, support the growth of rural collective economy, and delete more than 100 collective “valid shell village”. With the spirit of cracking a hard nut, carrying on special clean up of “stack buildings”, and make sure the job be done before end of March.

Tan Chengxu: Continue strengthening the county economic power. Fully implement the three-year plan of the county in the whole province, promote the industry transfer northward, infrastructure expand northward and production factors aggregate northward. Take key zones as carriers, induce a group of major industry project and supporting enterprises, cultivate and strengthen characteristic industries, to strengthen county comprehensive economic power. Insist on industry and city fusion, carry out “Feidi economic” experiment unit, and promote the construction of “Fedi Zone”. Increase the tax support to county economic, strengthen the financial power on county and town level, expand the autonomy of county economic development. Strengthen the construction of central towns and feature towns, improve the public service level and carrying capacity of small town, to improve enterprises agglomeration, employment agglomeration, and residential agglomeration.

Tan Chengxu: Speed up to create a city with marine economy. Research and confirm The Guidance For Strengthening The construction of The National Ocean Center City, vigorous develop the five leading industries of modern marine economy including marine fishery, marine transportation, marine tourism, marine shipping, marine engineering equipment manufacturing, accelerate emerging industries including marine biopharmaceuticals, marine clean energy, marine new materials, and actively promote marine services including marine information services, sea-related financial insurance, sea-related legal services. Create high quality modern marine pasture, advocate the “Dalian seafood” brand, create ”blue barn”, and promote our city transform from a marine resource city to a marine economic city.

Tan Chengxu: (E ) Insist on strengthening ecosystem construction, to create a new advantage of overall revitalization. Sticking to the idea of green environment is treasure, ice and snow is treasure also, construct beautiful livable sample city with a higher standard, to make the sky bluer, the mountain greener, the water cleaner, and the ecosystem better in Dalian.

Tan Chengxu: Vigorously strengthen ecological environment protection. Create the “three lines and one list” environment control pattern which is ecosystem protect red line, environment quality bottom line, resource usage on line and environment access negative list, to strengthen environmental protection and hard constraints. Strengthen seashore and sea island coastline protection, increase the strength of shoreline treatment, and complete the ecological compensation mechanism. Carry out forestry ecological construction project, and completed 140,000 mu afforestation in the whole year. Establish system such as Dalian Environment Protection Regulations and Dalian Ocean Environment Protection Regulations, to provide legal protection for ecological environmental protection.

Tan Chengxu: Resolutely win the battle against pollution. Consolidate the achievements of the blue sky defense, improve level of dust precise control, start up the comprehensive renovation of raise dust in surface mine, improve the straw resources utilization, make the days with good air quality more than 300. Strongly promote the clear water project, deeply implement river (reservoir) long term control, promote standardized construction of drinking water source, strengthen the control of marine pollution sources, daily supervision of sewage outlets and rectification of key sea areas. Strengthen the construction of public pollution control facilities, and promote the construction of domestic sewage treatment plants and pipe networks in rural towns and villages. Implement the Pure Land Project in an all-round way, implement risk grading of contaminated land plots, carry out land greening operations, and orderly repair damaged mountains, rivers, wetlands, vegetation and abandoned mines, to increase urban ecosystem volume.

Tan Chengxu: Deeply manage the rectify and reform of environment protection supervise. Create and complete the environmental protection supervise feedback problem rectification normalization mechanism, insist on problem oriented, goal oriented and result oriented. Neither avoid or never hide the problems which central environmental inspector “reviewed”, national ocean inspector reflected and citizenss complained. Strictly implement it point by pint according to the standards and forms, to complement the project being rectified in time with the highest standards and the strictest requirements.

Tan Chengxu: Promote the green development in all-round way. Vigorously build a green industry system, to improve the green industry technology equipment level in energy saving, environmental protection and resource recycling, as well as actively popularize prefabricated building. Accelerate energy structure adjustment and overall energy conservation, to build a clean, safe and efficient energy system, and steadily promote clean heating.

Tan Chengxu: (F) Insist on the role of open leader, build a comprehensive revitalized new highland. Implement a more proactive open strategy, promote high quality development by high quality openness, and lead comprehensive revitalization by fully openness, and make high level openness become Dalian's most distinctive urban character.

Tan Chengxu: Construct free trade pilot zone with high standard. Accelerate the implementation of the 199 jobs of Shenyang free trade pilot zone and the 234 jobs

which Dalian confirmed in Dalian area implementation plan. Try hard to get better preemptive rights on respect of investment and trade facilitation, financial open innovation as well as post-event supervision, etc. Fully committed to apply for create free trade port. Benchmark international investment and trade management system, around the system innovation on supervision, investment, trade, shipping, finance and taxation, promote pre-implementation and pre-test of free trade port to be, construct a openness new high land with higher level of openness, better business environment and stronger influence, play an engine role in northeast revitalization and development, to reflect the role of Dalian, and make contribution of Dalian.

  Tan Chengxu: Create an upgraded version of the Liaoning coastal economic belt. Fully play the core and leading role, take a further step to complete coastal economic belt six cities cooperation system, focus on promoting deep cooperation including infrastructure interconnection, port resource integration, market factor docking, industry collaboration as well as public service sharing. Strengthen industry support, cultivate and strengthen port-surrounding industrial clusters such as petrochemicals and high-end equipments. Fully promote port integration, strengthen the division of labor and diversity development among ports, cooperate to construct a modern Liaoning port cluster, and push Taiping Bay “port industry city creation” integrated construction to a higher level.

Tan Chengxu: Deeply integrate into the "One Belt, One Road". Actively create “One Belt, One Road” comprehensive pilot zone and China-Mid East Europe “16+1” economic trade cooperation demonstration zone. Strengthen communication and cooperation with coastal national port, railway and inland port, promote the international logistics main channel such as “Liao-Man-Europe”, support the expansion of China-Europe railway scale. Strengthen international capacity cooperation, complete comprehensive service mechanism and risk prevention mechanism, help equipment, technology, standard and service “go out”. Accelerate the construction of China-UK (Dalian) advanced manufacture industrial zone.

Tan Chengxu: Actively docking national regional development strategies. Continue to deepen the cooperation between Shanghai and Dalian, promote practice cooperation in technology innovation and talent exchange field, strengthen industry counterpart cooperation such as equipment manufacturing and port and shipping logistics, seeking for creative cooperation pattern like twinning cooperation and inter-zone construction. Comprehensively improve the poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support between in east and west area, build long term mechanism, strengthen precise help and paring help, accelerate industry cooperation program, expand help area and contest.

Tan Chengxu: (G) Insist on guard and improve people’s livelihood in development, share the new achievements of revitalizing. Insist trying one’s best and do according one’s ability, solidly promote 15 major people’s livelihood programs, diligently resolve what citizens need and expect, let citizens feel more repletion, really happier and safer.

Tan Chengxu: Put steady employment in a prominent position. Complete “six approvals” work mechanism, focus on deal with the employment of major group such as college graduates, migrant workers and veterans, achieve 80 thousand new employment in urban in a whole year. Vigorously implement policies such as unemployment insurance rate reduction, unemployment insurance premium refund, and unemployed insured employees improve skills subsidies. Continue to carry out employment skills training, entrepreneurship training and job skills training for key groups such as children of poor families, ensure that zero employment families are dynamically cleaned. Advocate employment led by starting up business, try our best to let every worker who want and have ability to start up business find their stage of the colorful life.

Tan Chengxu: Improve the social insurance system. Weave and refine social security network, accelerate the establishment of a unified medical security system for urban and rural residents. Continue to implement the three-year action plan to increase the income of urban and rural residents, constantly increase income level of all groups. According to related national policy, increase basic pension standard of retirees of enterprises, institutions and institutions timely. Full implement the national insurance plan, and promote the full coverage of legal staff of social insurance. Improve the social assistance system, continually raising the standard of assistance and support standards for urban and rural low-income and extremely poor people, and further raise the subsidy standards of new rural cooperative medical system. Let the citizens fairly and more benefited by revitalize development achievements.

Tan Chengxu: Improve the level of social development level. Deepen education and teaching, and focus on improving the quality of all types of education. Add 15 new public kindergartens and 6,000 public preferential school places. Promote the balanced development of compulsory education, and establish 10 new compulsory education schools, based on the needs of the reform of the new college entrance examination, promote diversified characteristics development of high schools. Deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and improve the vocational education system. Promote the normalization and long-term development of teacher morality construction, and improve the treatment guarantee mechanism for primary and secondary school teachers.

Tan Chengxu: Build healthy Dalian in an all-round way, and promote medical and health integration and healthy cities pilot zone. Deepen the reform of the medical and health system, implement a graded diagnosis and treatment system, promote the construction of medical associations, and enhance the capacity of primary health care services. Promote pilot reforms of home and community pension care services, and continue to promote the construction of home and community pension service demonstration centers. Encourage social forces to set up social undertakings such as education, medical care, and pension care. Continually promote the gas pipeline network renovation project, and add 98 thousand new natural gas users. Deeply implement the housing project, continue to carry out maintenance and renovation of old houses and old elevators, and support the introduction of elevators in old houses to improve the quality of citizenss' living. Continue to focus on key projects such as “warm houses”, “vegetable baskets”, urban heating, and underground passage management. Continually solving the problems in obtaining permits and moving back, make an achievement in each job, never give up till success, and properly process to obtain proper result.


Tan Chengxu: Enhance the soft power of the city culture. Practice the core values of socialism, and advocate the spirit of Liaoning in the new era. Improve the public cultural service system, enrich the cultural life of citizens, Prosper the creation of literature and art creations, and set up the platform of “Cultural Dalian Cloud”, to plan and construct the China Media Island on high level. Strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the inheritance of cultural heritage protection, and accelerate the preparation and protection of regional planning such as Dongguan Street and Sun Valley. Actively develop and expand cultural tourism, and cultural and creative industries. Organize high-end sports events and deeplu conduct national fitness activities. Reinvigorating the "soccer city", accelerate the construction of a strong sports city, enhance urban cohesion, and collect the positive energy of revitalization. Promote the creation of a civilized city to be normalized and long-lasting, strive to achieve the "six consecutive championships" of the national civilized city, let civilization construction results benefit citizens.

Tan Chengxu: Resolutely lay a good fight against poverty, increase the strength of policy, project, and financial tilt, promote the implement of poverty alleviation measures such as industry, education, health, employment, and social security, focus on key, make policy precisely, fight with a plan, actively and steadily promote the low-income villages to get rid of poverty and withdraw from the “clearing action”, make sure 51 villages of the city get off the list, let more and more people get rid of poverty and live a happy life.

Tan Chengxu: Construct a higher-level safe Dalian. Deeply develop the clean mobdom special battle, crack down and punish all kinds of illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law.

Tan Chengxu: Seriously carry out the fourth national economic census and the construction of the ninth-round national double support model city. Continue seriously doing the jobs in ethnic, religious, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan, civil air defense, archives, meteorology, arbitration, disaster prevention and mitigation, militia reserve and retired military personnel.

Tan Chengxu: (H) Insist on strictly implementing of the responsibility of managing and control the party, and demonstrate the new role of comprehensive revitalization. Practically put political construction in the first place, strengthen the strict management of the party, take a further step to set up “the four awareness”, strengthen “the four self-confidence”, and strengthen “the two maintenance”, to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of central government’s policy and the decision of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the municipal party committee.

Tan Chengxu: Deeply promote ideological emancipation. Solidly carry out the  "discussion and practice on promoting high-quality development by ideological emancipation " activity, insist on combine “look up to the sky” with “come down to earth”, deeply look for the specific expression of “the four disadvantages”, to seek answers and method and solve problems through the high quality practice. Insist on “the seven-break and seven set up”, what advanced cities like Shanghai can expect and do, we also can, continually eliminate rigid and stereotypes, and get rig of traditional path dependence inertia, to bring action break out and practical innovation via practically break-through ice.

Tan Chengxu: Accelerate the construction of a law-based government. Insist on administration according to law, constantly enhance the idea and awareness of the rule-by-law, play a leading role in respecting law, abiding law and use law, give full play to the role of legal counsel and public lawyers, integrate government work into the rule of law pathway, and steadily promote the “three systems” of administrative law enforcement. Accept legal supervision and work supervision of the NPC according to law, actively accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, promote political consultation, seriously deal with the proposal of the NPC deputies and the CPPCC, consciously accept judicial supervision, public opinion supervision and social supervision. promote the full coverage of audit supervision.


Tan Chengxu: Constantly improve the style of work. Deeply implement the “focus on practice, emphasize implementation, and focus on implementation “special action, insist on “strict, careful and practical” work style, promote the implementation of various tasks and achieve practical results. Government should play a leading role in living in tight days, let people have rich life, vigorously reduce general expenditures, strictly control the "three public" budget, and reduce expenditures in other area by 10% except the key and rigid expenditures. Vigorously advocate the "contract spirit", and the government must respond requirements of enterprises and the demands of people; in terms of tasks that are deployed or promised, the government must do whatever they promised, keep words, strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions and carry out policies resolutely, in order to enhance government credibility and execution, and construct satisfying service oriented government.

Tan Chengxu: Insist on anti-corruption, all area covered, and zero tolerance. Implement the three-year plan for building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work, and deeply promote the construction of clean party in government system and anti-corruption work. Strictly implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and the implementation rules, Seriously investigate and deal with unlawful actions against the discipline, resolutely prevent the "four trends" from rebounding. Strengthen the supervision and restriction of power operation, around the key aspects of power operation, improve the integration mechanism of clean government construction and business work, strictly practice the legal scientific democratic decision-making procedure, and Increase supervision of key areas such as public funds, state-owned assets and public resource transactions. Improve the fault tolerance mechanism, strengthen positive incentives, strive to create a political ecology of peace and clean world, encourage the elated passion of entrepreneurship, to form a strong synergy for revitalization and development.

Tan Chengxu: All representatives, in the new year, the city government will keep in mind the entrustment of President Xi Jinping, never let down the trust of all people in the city, start from myself, take the lead, insist on firm believes, serve the people, dare to be responsible, clean and honest, and drive all level of government in the city to fulfill their duties, make every effort, and strive to be the first, and strive to create a new performance that lives up to the party, people and era.

Tan Chengxu: All representatives, happiness can only achieve by hard work! As long as each of us contribute more love, more power and make more effort, a powerful synergy can be formed like all rivers running into sea, and like sands grouping up to form a pagoda. Our homeland will become better, and the grand blueprint for Dalian's comprehensive revitalization will surely be realized as scheduled. Let us unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, holding high the banner of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, fulfilled passion, get united and dedicated, forge ahead with determination, and work hard, through new atmosphere new role and new activities, accelerate the construction of “ the two advanced areas”, strive to write the new grand chapter in Dalian's comprehensive revitalization and all-round rejuvenation.


Tan Chengxu: Thank you!