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Tang Jun delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the Fourth Session of the Twelfth Dalian Committee of CPPCC


Fellow members and comrades:

With joint efforts, the Fourth Session of the Twelfth Dalian Committee of CPPCC concluded successfully. During the conference, the members of the committee with full political enthusiasm and strong responsibility, earnestly performed duties, actively put forward suggestions and recommendations and produced many constructive ones, which fully embodied the members’ sincere feelings of caring for Dalian, loving Dalian and expecting a better Dalian. The conference was one of unifying thoughts and increasing consensus, as well as  one of listening to all useful opinions and gathering strength with the atmosphere of democracy, unity, harmony and practicality throughout. Here, on behalf of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, I’d like to express warm congratulations to the big success of the conference.

2015 is a remarkable year for rejuvenating the development of Dalian. Under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and Liaoning Provincial Government, we have united all residents of the whole city, earnestly practiced the spirit of the Eighteenth National Central Committee, the third through fifth plenary sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee and the spirit of a series of key speeches delivered by General-Secretary Xi Jinping, actively adapted to new normal of economic development, faced bravely the severe and tough economic situation and great economic downward pressure, adhered to the overall work tune of making progress while maintaining stability, coordinated well the work of stabilizing growth, adjusting structures, promoting reforms, benefiting the masses and preventing risks, thus further consolidating and developing the good situation of overall economic stability, continuously improved livelihood and social harmony and stability. These hard-won achievements resulted from joint solidarity and hard struggle and embodied  the blood and wisdom of the CPPCC committees at different levels, members of the CPPCC and the personages of various circles of society. 

For the reason of age, Comrade Zhang Zhong and Wang Yikui will leave the present position. Comrade Zhang Zhong with strong political awareness and the strong concept of overall conditions, has actively performed due duties, shouldered due responsibilities, united the strength of all circles of society and coordinated the strength of all sides while serving as the Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Vice-Secretary of Party Group, thus making great contributions to the development of the political consultative cause of Dalian Municipality. Comrade Wang Yikui, while serving as the Secretary-General of the CPPCC of Dalian Municipality and member of Party Group, has made remarkable achievements with intelligence and diligence and selfless dedication. Let us show great gratitude to Comrade Zhang Zhong and Comrade Wang Yikui with warm applause.

2016 is the starting year of entering the decisive phase of building a well-off society in an all-round way, as well as the starting year of implementing the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The new situation and new tasks not only provide wide platform for the work of the CPPCC, but also call for higher requirements for the work of CPPCC. Next, on behalf of Dalian Municipality of the Party Central Committee, I’d like to put forward several hopes under the new situation of implementing the work of the CPPCC.

First is to firmly grasp the correct political direction of the work of the CPPCC. Adhering to the correct political direction is the prerequisite of the innovation and development of the cause of the CPPCC, as well as a basic experience of vigorous development of the work of the CPPCC. Due efforts should be made for the political consultative organizations of different levels of the whole city to earnestly practice the spirit of a series of key speeches of General-Secretary, practically strengthen the confidence in road, theories and institutions with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, intensify the awareness of politics, overall conditions and disciplines, firmly steadfastly and closely conform to the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as General-Secretary in terms of thoughts, objectives and actions, stick to correct political direction in exercising due powers and performing due duties in every single aspect so as to achieve practical and earnest implementation of our Party’s lines, principles and policies in the work of the CPPCC of our city.

Second is to play a more important role in unifying the strength of all sides and bringing the initiative of all quarters into full play. In recent years, Dalian Municipal Committee has played a significant role in fully taking the lead in mastering the overall conditions and coordinating all sides. In the work practice, we feel that two aspects matter in doing a good job in every single aspect: One is to be based on the actual conditions and practice and implement well the spirit of the central committee and the requirements of the provincial committee so as to make them rooted in Dalian; the other is to do a good job in coordinating and functioning well the initiative of all sides of the whole city so as to produce a strong joint power for promoting development. Great solidarity and union functions as a significant feature of the CPPCC, which boasts a great potential and a unique advantage in unifying strength of all sides and bringing the initiative of all sides into full play. In Dalian Political Consultative Committee, there are 32 different fragments, 548 members, with 2280 members from the political consultative committees of different districts, cities and counties. The members of the political consultative committee with strong typical features, wide coverage area and great inclusiveness function as a remarkable group. Hopefully, the political consultative institutions of different levels of the whole city can make full use of the unique advantage, employ well the discourse power and its influence, focus on the work of eradicating disputes, increasing common sense, resolving conflicts, straightening out different moods, explaining confusions and taking active actions, mobilize all active elements to maximum extent, and unify all that can be unified, thus pooling a strong power for promoting the new round rejuvenation in a comprehensive way. 

Third is to play a bigger role in contacting the masses and safeguarding the interests of the masses. The CPPCC is always a significant institutional platform and channel for our Party to contact the masses closely and intensify the work of the masses. Our city has made some new breakthroughs in deepening reforms and the reason why we can succeed in addressing the tough things that cannot be done without the understanding and support of the masses is that the work related to the masses plays an active role. In recent years, great efforts have been made in contacting the masses and serving the masses, carrying out a series of activities including “Big Discussion”, the Year of Soft Environment Construction, the Year of Style Construction, the Year of Implementation Work and the Year of Work Innovation, solving tens thousands of problems through the Public Opinions Network every year, and thus the leaders and cadres of different levels have contacted more than 85000 households of the masses and handled well a number of good and practical things. From now on, the work related to the masses should be continuously strengthened. The political consultative institutions of different levels of the whole city are expected to continuously play the role of functions, improve the ability of contacting the masses, innovate the methods of the work related to the masses and bring the bridge and bond functions into full play. As long as we listen to the voices of the masses carefully every second and minute, handle the things of the masses just as our own, practically resolve the actual difficulties and safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses, we will surely face any challenge with “enough confidence”, unite the masses and solve tough problems and make progress in facilitating the construction of “Two Pilot Areas”. 

The fourth is to intensify the democratic supervision. The democratic supervision of the CPPCC organizations functions as a significant component in the socialist supervision system in China. The CPPCC organizations of different levels should highlight key issues, continuously treat the democratic supervision as the key method of promoting due work and improving styles, actively explore effective ways for democratic supervision, so as to make democratic supervision more frequent, more flexible and more effective. Efforts also should be made to focus on the central work of the whole city to implement democratic supervision, manage to make the democratic supervision and supervision power keep pace with the decisions and resolutions of Dalian Municipality and Dalian Municipal Government, thus facilitating the implementation work in many aspects related to overall development conditions. Due efforts should also be made to administer by law among governmental departments and achieve judicial justness among judicial departments, facilitate the process of enhancing the awareness of administering by law of the leaders and cadres of different levels, intensifying the concept of the rule of law and promoting the construction of ruling by law, implement democratic supervision based on the style construction closely, encourage the Party members and cadres to shoulder due responsibilities, overcome tough difficulties, and establish a diligent and pragmatic image in serving the masses. The party committees and governments of different levels should fully support and consciously accept democratic supervision of the CPPCC, create a free and harmonious democratic supervision atmosphere, invigorate the enthusiasm of taking bold measures in supervision and doing well in supervision, thus further enhancing the initiative, purposefulness and effectiveness of democratic supervision.

Fellow members and comrades, let us rally closer round the Central Party Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, firm confidence, raise up spirits with one mind and one heart and work hard in a down-to-earth manner, thus striving to facilitate the construction of “Two Pilot Areas”, taking the lead in building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the overall rejuvenation!