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The Review of the Government Work during the period of “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and in 2015


The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period witnessed the remarkable five years for development of Dalian. When visiting Dalian, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the goal of building the pilot areas of industrial structure optimization and the advanced areas, thus providing a clear direction for the scientific development of Dalian; The State Council approved the establishment of Jinpu New District, offering a wide platform for Dalian to achieve the reform and opening up at a higher level; Our country set up the comprehensive pilots of new urbanization in Dalian, fully promoting the macrocosm urbanization. Meanwhile, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” also suffered severe shock of the international financial crisis, experienced a series of big events and difficulties and encountered the unprecedented tough situations and downward economic pressure. Under the correct leadership of Liaoning Provincial Committee, Provincial Government and Dalian Municipality, the Municipal Government fully practiced the spirits of the Eighteenth CPC National Congress and its Third through Fifth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee, leaded the masses of the whole city with solidarity to seize opportunities, face challenges, make progress and overcome difficulties, thus achieving great historical accomplishments in the social and economic development, writing a new chapter for rejuvenation and development and laying a solid foundation for taking the lead in comprehensively building a well-off society in an all-round way. 

In the past five years, efforts have been made to put development as the top priority, making comprehensive economic strength increase significantly.  The total value of regional production increased from 515.8 billion yuan to 770 billion yuan, 8.5% increase of annual growth; the fixed asset investment accumulated to 2.8 trillion yuan,  5.6 % increase annually; public property income added up to 361.1 billion yuan, with an annual growth of 2.9%.

In the past five years, due efforts have been made to carry out the restructuring all the way through, thus achieving continuous improvement of economic development quality and returns. The services value added in GDP accounted for 50.8% from 42.7%; the finance industry value added in GDP accounted for 9% from 5.1%; the average marketing income in software and information service industries achieved an annual increase of 10% plus . Besides, as the traditional manufacturing industries facilitate the transformation and upgrading, a large number of new-emerging strategic industries stand out, with the added value of hi-tech products increasing to 72 billion yuan, 16.6% annual increase on average.  

In the past five years, efforts have been made to make in-depth reform and opening up as the inexhaustible driving force, thus effectively releasing the economic development vitality. Many reforms have been pressed ahead with smoothly in the aspects of administrative approval, state capital and state-owned enterprises, investing and circulating systems and the operation business environments have been further improved, with the revenue and the total taxation amount of private-owned enterprises increasing by 38% and 66% respectively. In the past five years, the city has utilized 53.6 billion dollars of foreign capitals totally and completed 156.05 billion dollars of the total export volume, 2 times and 1.5 times respectively compared to those in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Besides, the foreign agreement investment volume has increased 50% annually on average.

In the past five years, efforts have been made to put the macrocosm urbanization as the key strategies and balance the urban and rural development in a coordinated manner. The “Four Groups” expanded new development spaces in the whole area and the new multi-support pattern has been established in 19 key industrial parks, with the urban infrastructure investment accumulated to 183.1 billion yuan thus further perfecting the networks of roads, electricity and water and with the urbanization rate of the permanent residents increasing 10% in the past five years.

In the past five years, efforts have been made to take the construction of “Three Focuses” as the important base, with the urban functions perfected gradually. The construction of the international air transportation centers, logistics centers and regionally financial centers has made new progress. The ports cargoes, containers and the incoming and outcoming passengers from and to the air harbors increased 31%, 78.3% and 28.5% respectively in the past five years, with 235 newly added financial institutions and with over a trillion yuan of the newly added social financing volume.

In the past five years, efforts have been made to stick to putting the ecological safety as the development base, thus improving the environmental quality gradually. The comprehensive energy consumption per 10000 yuan  GDP dropped 8% and the comprehensive energy consumption of per unit industrial added value decreased 4.6% annually. The decontamination rate of urban refuse and the sewage treatment rate in the urban area were up to 100% and 95% respectively, with the afforestation rate up to 50%, thus making new progress in the protection of marine ecological environment and resources.

In the five past years, efforts have been made to put enhancing livelihood and well-being of the masses as the fundamental aim, thus contributing a lot to improving the living quality of the masses gradually. A total of 305 billion yuan of the finance revenue has been invested in livelihood, with the per-capita income of urban and rural residents increasing 10.4% and 11.3% annually respectively, thus enabling the masses to benefit more than before. 1.07 million people got the access to employment under the real-name employment system and the entire coverage of the social assistance, basic old-age insurance and medical care insurance system has been realized. Every social cause has developed comprehensively and the results achieved in the construction of civilized city have been further consolidated.

The Last Year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”

Remarkable results have been achieved in the key policies, key planning and key projects.

The year of 2015 is the last year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Under the correct leadership of Dalian Municipality, Dalian Municipal Government adhered to the overall work tune of making progress while keeping stable, actively adapted to and took the lead in the new normal of economic development with strong determination and calmness, earnestly practiced the requirements of “Four Strives” put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, stuck to coordinating with “Four Changes” and advance with balance, fully implemented every single task of stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, promoting reforms, benefiting the masses and preventing risks, thus maintaining a good momentum of stable economic development, continuous livelihood improvement  and harmonious and stable society throughout the city.

The year of 2015 has witnessed a series of tough, big  and good events. The residents of the whole city paid close attention to a large number of key policies, key planning and key projects that will have a far-reaching influence on the future development of Dalian. Based on persistent efforts for many years, we have achieved many remarkable accomplishments as follows with concerted efforts and strong determination to overcome tough difficulties:

First, the International E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone of China (Dalian) has been ratified by the State Council; second, the China-Japan-Korea (Dalian) Circular Economic Pilot Base has been ratified by the State Council; third, the withdrawal of cities and establishment of districts in Pulandian City has been ratified by the State Council; fourth, as the largest scale project in history and with an investment of 74 billion yuan, the Changxingdao Hengli project of the integration of petrification and refining has been under construction; fifth, the Memory Project with 5.5 billion dollars of Intel (America) that functions as the largest scale utilization of foreign capital per capita in our country and boasts the most advanced technology has been established in Dalian City; sixth, the construction planning of Jinzhouwan International Airport has passed the initial appraisal of relevant departments of our country; seventh, the planning of the National Spotted Seals Reserve near Bohai Sea Coast within the jurisdiction of our city has passed the appraisal of the expert panel of the State Council; eighth, efforts have been made to exploit the almost one-hundred-year limestone mine of Houyan and Yingchengzi limestone mine and after much negotiation with Angang Group, the agreement on closing the mine has been reached finally; ninth, the Dandong-Dalian High Speed Railway with the investment of 27 billion yuan has been formally operated; tenth, the Subway Line 1, the Subway Line 2 and Xinghai Bay Bridge and Lianhuashan Tunnel with a total of 42.2 billion yuan investment have been all opened and operated.

The ten events mentioned above have been playing a significantly strategic role in further perfecting the urban functions, improving urban quality, promoting the future development, strengthening comprehensive strength and enhancing the well-being of the masses.

In the past one year, the major works have been carried out in the following aspects:

First is to have stabilized growth with full strength so as to maintain stable and healthy economic operation; second is to have adjusted structures with greater efforts to improve economic quality and effectiveness gradually; third is to have highlighted key reforms to effectively stimulate economic vitality; fourth is to have promoted opening up in an precise and accurate way to continuously strengthen competitive advantages; fifth is to have added dynamism driven by innovation to facilitate the formulation of new engines; sixth is to have attached importance to due connotations and enhanced functions; seventh is to have managed to benefit the masses with full strength so as to make overall progress in social causes.

The investment in livelihood has been increased continuously.

A total of 66.79 billion yuan has been expended in livelihood throughout the year, accounting for 73.3% of the total financial expenditure, and 15 key livelihood projects have been completed with high quality, thus honoring the solemn commitment of the government to the masses. Efforts have been made to facilitate the construction of the housing projects for low-income residents, completing the transformation of 12,400 sets of shantytowns, and 3007 thousand square meters of the “Warm House” Project has been finished, with 127 items of “Five Ones” projects and 628 items of “First, Second and Third Year” maintenance projects have been implemented. Meanwhile, 800 kilometers of painted roads and 18 items of rural safe drinking water projects have been newly established, thus solving the safety problems of drinking water for 15,000 people.

The social security capacity has been enhanced.

Due efforts have been made to continuously improve the level of social guarantee, with the basic old-age pension of enterprise retirees increasing to 2258 yuan per month, urban and rural residents increasing to 195 yuan per month, with the financial subsidy standards of medical insurance and new agricultural cooperative of urban and rural residents up to 480 yuan, and with the minimum security standards of urban and rural residents up to 610 yuan and 380 yuan respectively. Due efforts have been made to generate the old-age insurance system reforms of the government public institutions, put emphasis on employment of the government and optimize the services system of employment, thus enabling 228 thousand people to be employed under the real-name employment system in urban and rural areas.

The social causes have developed in an all-round way.

Efforts have been made to adhere to the principles of inclusiveness, equilibrium and stability and continuously improve the capacities of social services and sharing levels. A total of 21 inclusive kindergartens have been newly established and Changxingdao, Huayuankou and Changhai County have passed the appraisal on the balanced development of compulsory education. With the optimization of specialties design of vocational education, 36 majors of 16 colleges and universities have been integrated. The capacities of cultivating college talents, strengthening innovation of science and technology and spreading culture have been further reinforced in colleges and universities, thus playing a more and more significant role in the urban development. A large number of projects including the urban planning exhibition center have been completed and Dalian Martyrs’ Cemetery has been established. The construction of famous doctors, famous hospital departments and famous hospitals has been pressed ahead with steadily. The cause of traditional Chinese medicine has achieved long-term development and the medical soft power has been strengthened day by day. The national fitting-keeping programs have been carried out comprehensively. For instance, 51 fitness sites in urban areas have been completed and the residential fitness centers have been put into operation. The abandoned locomotive stadium for many years has been transformed and been put into operation.

The eight is to have transformed political styles in a down-to-earth manner so as to deeply promote the administration in accordance with laws.