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The major work in 2018


The year of 2016 is the opening year of the “13th Five-Year” plan and thus plays a significant role in completing the tasks of the “13th Five-Year” plan with high quality. We must understand, adapt to and guide new normal, firmly master the overall logic in the economic development, earnestly implement the overall requirements of the “13th Five-Year” plan, enhance the structural reform in the supply side focusing on the goal and task, take out excessive capacity, inventory and leverage, supplement shortcomings, reduce costs and strive to realize the good opening of the “13th Five-Year” plan. The main expected goals lie in: 6.5%-7% increase in the local GDP, 6% increase in fixed assets investment, 10% increase in total retail sales of social consumer goods and 6% increase in foreign trade export. The general public budget revenue and per capita income of urban and rural residents will synchronize with the economic development. The comprehensive energy consumption made by ten thousand yuan GDP will decline by 3.5%. We should also keep CPI and registered urban unemployment rate within 3%.

In order to realize the goals above, we must endeavor to handle well the following works:

(1) Strive to promote the steady growth of economy. We should put steady growth in a more prominent place and insist on the simultaneous power of supply side and demand side, thus promoting the sustainable and sound development of economy.

Efforts should be made to guarantee the sound operation of real economy. The government should spare no efforts in serving the enterprises, improving the expectations of enterprises and market, fully implementing the development policies issued by national and provincial authorities and taking various measures to guarantee element supply and reduce interference. The government will also carry out “Yulong Plan”, strive to resolve such prominent problems as financing difficulty, access difficulty and innovation difficulty, foster a more fair and justice market environment and make private enterprises become a new force of the economic development.

Continue to expand effective investments. We should highlight the effectiveness and precision of investment, attach much importance to enhancing functions, adjusting structure, supplementing shortcomings and benefiting people, carry out a batch of new construction of key projects and increase the effective supply of public goods. More than 630 projects of over a hundred thousand yuan have been established, with the total investment of 1.5 trillion yuan. The government also enhanced the construction of infrastructure, completed the first period of Bohai Avenue line linking, the second period of subway line 1 and line 2 and inter-city railway between Jinzhou New District and Pulandian City, accelerated to press ahead with the renovation projects of Lushun central channel and expanding of Shugang Road, pushed forward the construction of Dalian Gulf of Jinzhou International Airport and Changhai Airport and started such major projects as subway line 4, 5 and 7, Dalian Bay cross-sea traffic and undersea tunnel. The initial work of extending the inter-city railway between Jinzhou New District and Pulandian City into Wafangdian City has been completed. The government actively solved the problem of real estate inventory, cultivated rental market and speeded up the renovation of old urban areas and shantytowns. Great efforts have been made to adjust the real estate structure, and guide the real estate industry to transform into the healthy type and senior housing type. The planning and construction of parking lot have been accelerated with 0.3 million parking berth newly added. The restart of 270 major industrial projects has been sped up such as Intel memory, Refining& Chemical Company of Petro China and Goodyear Period Three. The government has expanded the financial channels by means of equity and debt funds and pushed forward projects construction by means of PPP, thus effectively releasing the social investment potential.

Give active play to the leading function of new consumption. We should master the new trend of consumption from traditional type to individual and fashionable type, conduct consumption projects in 6 sectors including service, information, green, fashion, quality and rural area and promote the mass consumption of tourism consumption, health consumption, housing and automobile. The information consumption will be expanded to promote universal service of telecommunication. Great efforts should be made to develop such service industries as e-commerce and intelligent home. Such sharing economic model as short term lease will be promoted to further increase medium and high level consumption. Such activities as Software and Information Service Fair, CHIC and Beer Festival will be held to promote consumption during festival.

Cultivate new competitive advantage of foreign trade. We should attach importance to both volume increase and quality improvement and push forward high quality access to foreign trade. The government should promote the foreign trade structural adjustment and encourage the export of green low carbon and strategic emerging industries. The exportation base construction should be handled well by carrying out “Dalian Products” going out and cultivating export brands. While consolidating traditional markets, we should also explore emerging markets. The function of foreign trade special funds should be brought into play and the export enterprises should be guided to update products and resist risks. The government should also make innovation in mode of foreign trade development and develop trade in purchasing, service and technology.

(2) Strive to optimize industrial structure. Do a good job of “add, subtract, multiply and divide”, focus on cultivating and enhancing “six new growth point” and take the path of quality and connotation-oriented development.

Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The government should implement Dalian campaign in light of “Made in China 2025”, press ahead with the construction of six big projects including innovation center, brand quality, the high-end equipment innovation, strong industrial base, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. We should enlarge the scale of automobile and spare parts industrial clusters driven by vehicle production enterprises such as Dongfeng-Nissan, Chery, BYD and Brilliance Auto, so as to perfect industrial chain. Great efforts should be made to develop green petroleum and chemical industry and accelerate the construction of such key projects as the Integration of Oil Refining conducted by Dalian Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and the capital of catalytic industries. The government will also promote the upgrading of such industries as clothes, furniture and food in their technology, brand and value, accelerate the demonstration base construction of military and civilian industrial integration and push forward manufacturing industry to extensive development featuring intelligence, networking, service and value chain, thus inserting the soaraway wing for traditional industries.

Support strategic emerging industries to grow rapidly. The government will put great efforts in developing integrated circuits and energy storage equipment industries, promoting such emerging industries as software and IT services, new energy, new materials, 3D printing, biological medicine and marine industry, thus creating a national new energy automotive industry demonstration base. The new generation of information technology will be developed fast with the strategy of integrating mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and manufacturing. We should give priority to construction of both pilot city of national e-commerce and logistics express collaborative development and the e-commerce demonstration county and carry out e-commerce application promotion projects.

Promote the development of the service sector of the scale and high-end oriented. We should enhance the function of international shipping center, improve the service capability of core harbor, cultivate international shipping market in Northeast Asia and perfect logistics center of transportation system. The function of Dalian Bonded Harbor should be improved by expanding the business of bonded warehouse and international logistics distribution, thus strengthening logistics industrial cluster. The government should also comprehensively implement “Regulations on the Promotion of Dalian Regional Financial Center Construction” and push forward eight major projects including financial service. Throughout the whole year, 20 financial institutions have been newly established and 30 companies have been listed. We support Dalian Commodity Exchange in constructing comprehensive derivatives trading center in a multiple and opening way, in order to improve financial ecologic environment. Due efforts should also be made to promote the construction of international trading center, create trading centers of commodity distribution, cold chain logistics, international procurement and exhibition with regional influence, develop “platform economy” by encouraging the development of platforms including Dalian renewable resources exchange, accelerate the construction of commercial districts including Donggang, Barracuda Bay and Airport and carry out in-depth research of tourism products such as islands, hot springs and holiday resorts, thus creating a tourist attraction in Northeast Asia.

Develop modern urban agriculture vigorously. We should actively promote agriculture industrialization, develop diversified and moderate scale management and promote the characteristic agriculture to gather in the advantage region. 50 thousand mu of facility agriculture has been added and 15 urban modern agriculture industrial parks have been established. We will develop the green, recycling, characteristics and brand agriculture, create the service mechanism of supporting and benefiting farmers, make innovation in circulation mode of agricultural products and offer a more effective service to production and living for farmers. We have completed the work of issuing certificates for 3 million mu of land contracts. 

(3) Strive to encourage public entrepreneurship and innovation. Put innovation as the top priority and talents as the first resource, thus accelerating both the growth of new momentum and the improvement of traditional motive.

Perfect the innovation system of production-study-research integration. We should further guide enterprises to invest more in technological innovation, to set up innovation guide funds of equipment manufacturing industry and to establish a public service platform of inspection and testing. Great efforts should also be made in establishing technological innovations strategy alliance, enhancing the support of universities and research institutes on technology innovation of enterprises, promoting the collaborative innovation of production-study-research, pushing forward the scientific and technological achievements to transform into local markets through market mechanism, supporting Jinpu New District and High-tech Park Zone to create National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zones and establishing a regional innovation and entrepreneurship center.

Promote the organic integration of innovation chain and industrial chain. We should intensify the innovative body of enterprises, carry out the research and development of key and common technology and support enterprises to make breakthrough on the core technology, thus forming a batch of technology and products with proprietary intellectual property rights. The government will also focus on industrial chain to deploy innovation chain, perfect capital chain, integrate talent chain, improve value chain and fasten the speed of cultivating a batch of innovative leading enterprises.

Fully support public entrepreneurship and innovation. Vigorous efforts should be made to develop mass innovation, crowdsourcing, public help and crowdfunding, give play to the role of “public entrepreneurship and innovation” by virtue of the multiplier effects gathering public wisdom and power and accelerate the construction of comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship industrial parks. Innovation should be taken as the drive of new products, new technologies, new patterns, new development modes and new growth points. Such financial supporting modes as angel investment and venture capital should be innovated to guide the social capital to take active part in public entrepreneurship and innovation. We will also carry out a series of plans including innovation support plan for high level talents, entrepreneurship training scheme of "thousands of people plan" and entrepreneurship pioneering project for college students. Due efforts should be made in attracting talents through the platform of “mass innovation week”, so as to foster a favorable atmosphere of independent entrepreneurship and outstanding innovation among the society.

(4) Strive to deepen reforms in every field. In order to address the difficulties in development, we must deepen the reform to invigorate the market vitality and social creativity. We should focus on the protruding issues and contradictions in key areas and grasp the key and far-reaching process to promote reform.

Deepen the reform of streamlining administration and delegating more powers to lower-level governments and to society in general and optimize the reform of service sector. We should concentrate on resolving the conspicuous problems constraining public entrepreneurship and innovation, business investment and operations and convenience services, intensify the degree of “delegating, administrating and serving”, transform the functions of the government, improve administrative efficiency, prevent the power of rent-seeking and eliminate the source of corruption. The government should also further enhance the reform of the business system, consolidate the reform results of “three certificates in one and one code for one license”, further improve the synergy of reform, prevent “obstacles in the process” and get through the “last mile". We will further enhance the effectiveness of regulation, press ahead with comprehensive law enforcement and big data supervision, conduct collaborative supervision by means of market, credit and laws, strengthen the convenience of administrative services, take new measures such as informed commitment system and accelerate the construction of standardization of government approval, thus practically solving the problems of “excessive licenses” and “handling affairs”.

Deepen the system reform of finance and taxation as well as investment and finance. We should earnestly implement “Budget Law” on the standardized and transparent budget system, in which any information of budget and final accounts except classified information should be open. The government will also implement “business tax reforming to VAT”, adjust the fiscal revenue structure timely, make innovation in pattern of expenditure and give full play to the “leverage” role of government investment.

Win the battle of reform in state-owned enterprises. Improve the administrative system of state-owned assets and transfer the focus of managing assets to the focus of managing capital. We will optimize the structure layout of state owned enterprises, fasten the pace of quitting the non-main business, sectors lacking competitive advantage and the low end of the general industry, strictly control the investment in industries with excess capacity and promote state-owned capital to develop into more prospective and strategic industry and into middle and high-end of the general industry, thus cultivating new advantages in market competition.

(5) Strive to open wider to the outside world. Speed up the implementation of a new round of opening up to the outside world and constructing the new system of open economic development.

Improve the new configuration of opening to the outside world. We will accelerate the opening and development in Jinpu New District, take the lead in financial service, land management, open economy, business system and customs clearance facilitation and create a strategic highland open to global cooperation. We should spare no efforts in biding free trade pilot area, drawing on the experience of Shanghai Free Trade Zone and supporting the reform of “Big Customs Clearance” in port departments, so as to promote the convenience of investment and trade. The government should also endeavor to accelerate the opening of financial industry, expand cross-border use of RMB and conduct innovation pilot of foreign exchange management, push forward the planning and construction of China (Dalian) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area, encourage the leading regions to make innovation in mechanism and development mode and form the gathering effect of new capital, talent and technology.

Open up new space for enhancing international cooperation. We will actively implement the strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, give full play to the platform function of government policy support, project release, information consultation and risk early-warning, press ahead with the global cooperation on production capacity, encourage enterprises to contract overseas project by establishing “overseas warehouse” and exhibition center and guide enterprises to enhance element integration, market sharing, technology upgrading and product innovation capacity by means of capital expansion as well as overseas mergers and acquisitions, thus enhancing international competitiveness.

Set off a new upsurge of attracting business and investment. We will strengthen full participation to press ahead with the investment attracting work in a more intensive way. We should make due consideration to investment at home and abroad, combine the attraction of capital, intelligence and technology, improve the scale and quality of foreign capital and accelerate to introduce and reserve a number of major industrial projects.

(6) Strive to develop the social cause of people’s livelihood. Invest more on the people’s livelihood to practically guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, thus offering more sense of achievement to the masses.

Carry out the construction of key people's livelihood projects firmly. We will make every attempt to increase the income of urban and rural residents, improve income structure, increase the proportion of operating and property income, conducting 18 key livelihood projects under the principle of guaranteeing the basic need, supplementing the shortcomings, lifting the standards and ensuring high quality. We have increased and will continue to increase fiscal expenditure on people's livelihood.

Strengthen employment and social security. The government should give more support in policies and handle well the work of arranging employment for university graduates, laid-off workers, rural migrant labors and ex-serviceman, therefore, 80 thousand of people will get a new job in cities and towns. We will further improve social security system, the level of basic pension benefits for urban workers and financial subsidy standard for urban and rural residents' medical insurance, thus realizing full coverage of old-age insurance and basic medical insurance for urban residents. The system of elderly care service based on home-based care, community care and the combination of medical care and rest should be perfected by sticking to precision poverty alleviation and addressing the life difficulties of the poor in rural areas. We should promote the construction of low-income housing projects, make renovation of 8100 households in shantytowns and provide public rental housing subsidies for 5000 households. The government should push forward the “Five Ones” in urban construction and the “First, Second and Third Year” Project of housing maintenance. The project of “Warm houses” has been completed with an area of 3 million square meters.

Provide more quality education for citizens. We should promote the balanced development of compulsory education, support Pulandian City, Wafangdian City and Zhuanghe City to create the national compulsory education balanced county, promote the diversified development of general senior high school and enhance trainings for teacher, thus contributing to the quality improvement of non-government funded education. We will also speed up the construction of vocational education base and supporting facilities, promote the vocational education to develop in groups, continue to promote the construction of public kindergartens, support the inclusive development of private kindergarten by “reducing fees and improving qualities”, carry out the teacher support plan in rural areas and help rural young teachers to solve real life problems. Besides, we will increase the support for innovative development in Dalian colleges and universities.

Speed up the improvement of the medical and health service level. Aimed at constructing “healthy Dalian”, the government will deepen the reform of medical and health system, continue to conduct the policy of “three medical linkage” and “three famous projects”, optimize the layout of medical institutions, encourage to develop private medical institutions so as to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine, continue to improve the level of medical treatment technology and the quality of services and enhance the prevention and control of major diseases. Due efforts should also be made in speeding up the construction of population health information and the implementing the policy of a couple with two children.

(7) Strive to enhance function and quality of the city. Adhere to the quality-oriented concept, lay equal stress on construction and management, optimize the layout of the city, promote the production space to be intensive and efficient, create a moderate livable city and maintain the picturesque scenery in Dalian.

Improve the city development for a better living environment. We should conform to the law of development with respect, enhance the planning and regulation on the city’s stereo perception in space, coordination in plane, integrity in style and continuity in context according to the requirements of “Five Overall Plans”. We should also improve the management and service level of the city, implement the main responsibilities of urban management and realize the core downward of urban management and law enforcement, thus ensuring a thoroughly comprehensive improvement of city environment and consolidating rectification achievements. Due consideration should be made in both “soft lead” and “hard constraints” by adopting effective measures to rectify such behaviors as disorderly parking and casually using driveway, thus properly resolving the issues of greatest concern to the people including the traffic jam and “street zippers”. The government will also improve the management system of underground pipe network in urban areas, press ahead with the construction of underground pipeline colligate alure and “sponge city”  and further carry out contiguous improvement of rural-urban fringe zone and rural environment, thus comprehensively optimizing urban and rural environment.

Further promote the macrocosm urbanization. We will adopt the overall planning of “multi-rules in one rule”, push forward major infrastructure construction, improve the equalization level of urban and rural public services, adhere to the integration development of industry and city and support industrial parks to undertake industrial transfer, thus realizing “city prosperity” by virtue of “industry prosperity” and steadily promoting the urbanization of rural migrant population. We will also establish and improve the link mechanism of “people, region and income”, promote the coordinated development of the satellite town and the central town, further implement the "six oriented" project in new rural areas and accelerate the construction of beautiful countryside.

Vigorously push forward the construction of smart cities. We will highlight the principle of “serving people and benefiting people” based on the construction of national information consumption model city and launch a batch of “Internet plus City” projects in such sectors as port, transportation, education, culture, medical treatment, tourism and public administration. With the aid of government guidance and social investment, we will fasten the pace of constructing “Broadband Dalian” and “Wireless City”, realize the information resources sharing, efficient urban operation and convenient public service and build the important information port in Northeast Asia.

Speed up the construction of a cultural city. We will carry forward the spirit of the time and the city culture and enhance the quality of public civilization by promoting the projects including history museums, Puwan library and science museums to be completed and put into use within the year. We should also enhance the protection of historical and cultural resources such as Taiyanggou by cultivate more writers and artists to create more art works. Efforts should also be made to popularize the development of mass cultural activities by organizing public performances for 400 times, speed up the development of cultural industry, promote the organic combination of culture, technology and tourism and push forward the format development such as cultural and creative industries and design services. The extensive mass fitness programs should be widely carried out to accelerate the development the sports industry and re-energize football development.

Vigorously carry out the construction of ecological civilization. We will endeavor to promote the construction of national ecological civilization demonstration zone by adopting such campaigns as air and water pollution prevention and control, strengthen total amount control and promote the reduction of pollutant discharge. We will carry out ten measures to control haze including transferring coal-burning to electricity, eliminating yellow label cars and delineating high pollution fuel burning zone. Since this year, the new public vehicles will achieve full electrification. We will accelerate the demonstration base construction of circular economy among China, Japan and South Korea, promote the recycle development of green low carbon, enhance the marine environmental monitoring and implement restoration projects in sea, island and coastal ecology. We should also handle well the work of environmental governance on abandoned mining areas and the construction of mountain parks with high standard, thus providing beautiful landscape scenery for city life.

(8) Strive to strengthen and make innovation in social governance. Consolidate construction achievements of social security prevention and control system and vigorously construct the social governance pattern of common construction and sharing.

Reinforce the foundation of social governance. We should improve four working system of integrated citizen service, conflicts and disputes resolving, social organization incubation and “Safe Dalian” , achieve the effective operation with thorough and full coverage. The government will also strengthen community service function, guide social organizations to participate in social management and public service, establish a working mechanism connecting community, social worker and social organization and enhance the ability of social autonomy at basic level.

Improve public security system. We will build a strong defense of work safety, fully implement both the system of “same liability for the Party and government, one position with two responsibilities and accountability for malpractice” and the responsibility system of work safety among all the staff. We will conduct certification of work safety management system among enterprises, establish a potential investigation mechanism featuring normalization and standardization to enhance the intrinsic safety level of enterprises, intensify the supervision of law enforcement by means of the strict accident investigation and accountability, create a national food safety demonstration city by improving the food safety traceability system over the whole process from production to consumption and strengthen crisis prevention and emergency management to improve the city’s capacity of emergency response to natural disasters, accidents, disasters, public health and social security incidents.

Do a good job of social stability. We will adhere to the principle of legal priority, give full play to the function of litigation, arbitration, administrative and people's mediation, improve the smooth and orderly mechanism of aspiration expression, psychological intervention, conflict mediation, and rights and interests protection, enhance the responsibility implementation of  handling complaint reporting by timely meeting the reasonable demands of the masses and increase the investment and innovation in science and technology in the field of public safety, thus enhancing the ability to control the social security situation under condition of informatization.

(9) Strive to strengthen the self-construction of the government. Speed up the construction of the legal government, innovative government, service government and clean government to continuously enhance the execution and credibility.

Adhere to the comprehensive administration according to law. We will speed up building a law-based government and further promote ruling the city according to law by perfecting the legislation of the government and the decision making mechanism in accordance with law and strictly performing the statutory procedures for major administrative decision making. We should consciously accept both the legal and work supervision by the NPC and its Standing Committee and the democratic public opinion supervision by the CPPCC, in order to consciously carry out the work on the track of rule of law.

Continuously improve work style. We will firmly adopt the massive viewpoints, put people’s appeal and interests as the top priority, ask for the suggestions of the masses first, sincerely handle affairs for the grassroots and serve the masses. The government should also earnestly implement the requirements of “Three Stricts and Three Honests”, carry forward the work style of initiatively doing jobs, willing to undertake duties, diligent and dedicated to the work and doing well from start to finish, resolve the prominent problems of a few cadres such as failing to do their jobs or doing them irresponsibly or not undertaking the responsibility, concentrate the efforts on the implementation with the style of leaving traces behind and “doing it right away”, maintain the momentum of “breakthrough spirit” to create a new path, “digging spirit” to find out new solutions and “relentless spirit” to achieve new results. We should complete the tasks one by one, launch the projects one by one and push forward the construction step by step, enhance the execution and combat effectiveness and build a sunshine government by making government affairs public.

Strengthen the construction of anti-corruption to build a clean government. We will strictly implement the responsibility system for constructing a clean and honest government, consciously abide by the provisions of honesty in politics, strengthen the supervision on duty performance of government departments and establish and improve the accountability mechanism of administrative accountability. The government will severely punish the corruption cases around the masses in key sectors and process and firmly rectify the malpractices violating the interests of the masses and establish a good image of serving people with integrity and diligence.