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The development thoughts and objectives in the period of the“13th Five-Year” plan


The forthcoming five years serve both as the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way and as the key period of pushing forward structural reform in our city. The whole city should deeply implement the important spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinping’ s speech and make work deployment according to the overall layout of “Five-in-One” and strategic layout of “Four Comprehensiveness” under the guidance of the Session spirits of the  18th National Congress of the CPC and its Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenary Session . We should firmly establish and implement the development thoughts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, put the development as the top priority, focus on improving economic quality and benefits and fasten the pace of forming a mechanism and mode to guide the new normal in the city’s economic development. Great efforts should be made to improve the  mechanism, promote structural adjustment, encourage public entrepreneurship and innovation, guarantee the people’s livelihood, stick to steady advance, make an overall planning of macrocosm urbanization, new type industrialization, city intelligence and agricultural modernization and accelerate the construction of “Four Centers and One Region” in a coordinated way, thus striving to become a pilot region to realize industrial structure optimization and economic and social development.

The main objectives in the period of the“13th Five-Year” plan lie in: first, the economic strength will rise by a big margin and the economy will maintain medium-to-high growth. Local GDP in this period will double that of 2010 to stride forward to “trillions cities” on the basis of balanced, inclusive and sustainable development; second, the level of people’s livelihood will be generally improved. The per capita income of urban and rural residents will double that of 2010 and the civilization qualities of the citizens as well as social civilization level will improve remarkably; third, the economic structure will get continuous optimization. The proportion of service industry will be further increased and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries will be accelerated. Besides, the supporting role of strategic emerging industries on the economy will be notably enhanced; fourth, the urban function will be further improved. The core city status will be further consolidated and the capabilities of element absorbing and economic radiation will be lifted remarkably; fifth, the quality of ecological environment will be improved comprehensively. Both the comprehensive energy consumption made by ten thousand yuan GDP and the pollutant emission will continue to decrease. The natural environment will be restored and the forest coverage will be expanded coupled with the improvement of air quality.

The social and economic development in the period of the“13th Five-Year” plan should highlight “Five Insists”: insisting on putting people’s livelihood as the starting point and foothold of all the work; insisting on taking innovation drive as the guiding strategy of development; insisting on regarding deep reform and opening up as the fundamental drive to promote development; insisting on running the green development through the whole process of economic and social development; insisting on governing the city by law as the importance factor to promote governance system and to enhance the modernization of governance capability.

So far, the world’s economy is still under deep adjustment and slow recovery with increasing uncertainties and instabilities, and thus the situation is not optimistic. Under the new normal economic development and with the change of growth speed, the economy of our city are confronted with great downward pressure, coupled with the difficulties in structural adjustment and energy conversion and the lack of effective demand and supply. However, we should see the transformation of important development opportunities: the transformation opportunity from development speed to development model; transformation opportunity from rapid expansion of scale to the improvement of development quality and efficiency. In light of the comprehensive analysis, the long-term development of economy maintains the good trend; the supporting foundation of sustainable economic growth has not changed; the momentum of adjustment and optimization in economic structure stays the same. The emerging industries are developing rapidly and the new growth points are constantly making breakthrough. The innovative capability of the society has been increasingly enhanced and the new growth motive is accumulated to gather the power. Our city boasts abundant material foundation and element resources, therefore, the reform and opening up will release huge benefits. We are very confident to face the future!