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Organize the pension industry commerce chamber and explore the long-term nursing insurance system


Pension is related to every family and every one. At the 2nd meeting of the 13th session of municipal committee of CPPCC meeting of this year, the pension problem was a hot spot for committee members.


Organize the health industry in combination of medical service and pension service in Dalian for accurate pension.


According to the proposal from the Dalian municipal Party committee of China Democratic League, Dalian has the following problems in pension field at present: uneven distribution in occupation rate in pension institutions; difficulty in finding a bed in urban pension institutions and idle beds in suburb and rural pension institutions; self-care senior citizens mainly adopt home-based pension, with some measure for pension services, which cannot meet demands of senior citizens; most social organizations providing pension services are small and scattered, with low service layers, providing only dinners and housekeeping services, and intelligent pension service facilities have not been widely covered. It is needed to further deepen the integrated development between medical service and pension service, and there are not large numbers of medical-type and rehabilitation-type pension institutions included into the fixed institutions for medical insurance. There are insufficient pension service supervision strength, lack of industry level evaluation, service evaluation and exit mechanism, with single forms and no effective evaluation system. The service team construction does not have sufficient strength, and the personnel cannot meet market demands of pension services in the whole city, with low threshold for nursing personnel, leading to practitioners of senior ages and low cultural background, restraining to the development of the pension service industry.


For this reason, it is suggested to realize accurate pension in our city. Most self-care senior citizens adopt home-based pension and community pension, and it is needed for community health institutions to establish health document for senior citizens above 65 years old, to strengthen health management and psychological counseling for home-based senior citizens with family doctors. It aims to improve the home-based pension level, to realize embedded-type and purchase-type services such as dinner supply, housekeeping, clean-keeping, accompany for seeking for medical services, delivery of drugs, entertainment and day-time care. It is needed to promote intelligent pension services and establish platforms for pension service information, and set functions such as merchant management, calling orientation and data analysis and implement accurate services, to provide services for senior citizens with demands based on information-oriented network system. The pension institutions mainly accept disabled and semi-disabled senior citizens, which strengthen special care for disabled senior citizens, so as to relieve burdens to families, hospitals and the society, to improve life quality of the disabled senior citizens. It is needed to promote cooperation between pension institutions and medical institutions, and implement “double certificate and double operation” for combination of medical services and pension services, so as to provide medical services within pension service facilities or rehabilitation care services. It is required to establish nursing personnel service centers and strengthen engineering for senior citizens, such as the add-on elevators in buildings constructed after 2000, and strengthening of barrier-free facilities in public places.


Organize Dalian pension industry commerce chamber to accelerate development of the pension industry in our city


It is suggested by the association of industry and commerce to lead by the government to introduce participation by industry associations, specialty institutions and third party institutions, to formulate home-based pension service standard and evaluation mechanism in accordance with actual conditions in our city. It is required to release overall and detailed subsidy policy. The pension industry generally has large investment and long term, with investment return period of more than 10 years, in lack of government support, and it is difficult for investment funds and social funds to participate in the industry in large scales. It is suggested to adopt the method combined with special fund from government and industry guiding fund, and the latter one is mainly used for endorse for social capital, which plays roles in social credit. It is needed to organize Dalian pension industry commerce chamber, to organize industries and substantive organizations related to “pension industry”, to explore internal productivity as well as attract foreign resources, so as to build highlight for pension service brand and create increase point for regional economy, to encourage private capital invested into the pension industry. It is necessary to encourage private capital to enter into the pension industry. It is required to utilize “sharing” mode under the science and technology and Internet thinking, to achieve multi-party cooperation, creation and breakthrough, to realize win-win benefits. It is needed to strengthen infrastructure construction of pension institutions and insist on high standard plans to promote quality of pension institutions. It is needed to construct the promotion of intelligent health pension service and strengthen construction of pension public service platforms. It is needed to strengthen cooperation with advanced and developed regions and international organizations.


Research to explore and formulate long-term nursing insurance system in accordance with practical conditions of our city


According to investigation from Deng Wei, a municipal CPPCC member, our city does not start the long-term nursing insurance system, with no corresponding nursing insurance policy guarantee for daily nursing for senior citizens with chronic diseases or disabled or semi-disabled senior citizens. Although medical insurance has included some nursing items for senior citizens into medical insurance, for a long run, it will increase burdens of medical insurance fund in our city, leading to increasingly grown deficit; on the other hand, some senior citizens with chronic diseases enjoy medical insurance policies with long term hospitalization, which occupies hospital beds and other medical resource in our city, weakening the rescue functions of hospitals.


It was suggested by Zheng Wei to take experience of long-term nursing insurance in foreign countries and other cities in our country as reference, to research the long term nursing insurance system in accordance with actual conditions in our city and establish corresponding supporting policies, such as suitable senior citizen nursing level grading standards, to conduct classified nursing to groups of different levels, so as to define nursing service standards and insurance payment ranges of different levels, to meet nursing demands of senior citizens of multiple layers. It was suggested to encourage insurance companies to formulate social commercial insurance types aiming at nursing for senior citizens, to meet diversified long term nursing insurance demands for senior citizens.