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Members of Dalian People’s Political Consultative Conference Discuss Traffic Management Passionately


Lu Yan as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference: speed up urban parking management system


Lu Yan as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference proposes that parking difficulty is an “old difficulty” in urban management and is the important livelihood issues associated with interests of the mass. Strengthening construction and management of public parking lots is the important means and methods to solve “parking difficulty” and is significant for improvement of parking conditions, image and quality of Dalian. With policy driving and continuous exploration of regional parking charge system, issues on parking charge system attracts more and more attention.


Lu Yan says that although construction of the parking lot is regarded as an important livelihood project and is strengthened in Dalian, blind expansion of parking facilities cannot fully solve parking difficulty, long parking time and low utilization rate of parking lot. A traditional parking charge management system features low efficiency, low resource configuration rate, improper management and resource waste. Urban parking planning and management is a very complicated engineering issue, involves plentiful aspects, shall combine advanced technology with the parking infrastructure, and shall be perfected in parking lot planning, infrastructure construction and parking management. Some auxiliary policies shall be issued to support industry development and drive harmonious development of parking management and social economy. Therefore, parking difficulty shall be solved from the strategic view of social development. By comparing conditions in global main cities, it is a new development trend to market, differentiate, informatize and standardize parking management. E.g. the PARK Smart NYC provides variable parking fee for intelligent parking management in New York. The intelligent parking lot were tried from Oct, 2008 in New York. The parking rate will vary according to parking requirement. The rate for longer parking duration is high and the rate for shorter parking duration is low, so it can suppress unnecessary parking demand.


Zhang Shaohong as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference: play the role of the industry association and alleviate parking difficulty


Parking difficulty is a city management disease faced in quick development of most cities and has directly affected happiness of citizens. How can “parking difficulty” be solved? Zhang Shaohong as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference proposes to play the role of the parking industry association, fulfill a new supervision pattern of “four-party integration”, “regard Shanghai as a benchmark and cooperate between Shanghai and Dalian”, try to first promote safe, civilized, healthy and orderly development of construction and management in Dalian construction industry, property management industry and parking industry. 


With quick development of the economy and society in Dalian, especially quick growth of possessed motor vehicles, the contradiction between parking supply and demand is increasingly highlighted in partial areas. Therefore, Zhang Shaohong proposes to stick to the rule of “strengthening both construction and management”, speed up construction of urban parking facilities and strengthen their management, improve use efficiency of parking facilities and standardize the parking order. He also proposes to handle the relation between the government and market, reasonably distinguish the boundary between the government and the market, strengthen the whole-process and whole-lifecycle industry management of planning, construction and operation of parking facilities, and improve management level and efficiency based on standards and specifications. The parking management on the roads and inside residential cells shall be strengthened especially and comprehensive governance shall be implemented to build an orderly parking environment for suitable residence.


Zhang Shaohong recommends to strengthen preparation of special plan of parking facilities and prepare public parking facility development plan for important areas and comprehensive traffic hub in Dalian. Based on current parking contradictions and scientific prediction of parking demand, the general development strategy for urban parking, supply system and guidance policies of parking facilities, layout and scale of social public parking facilities shall be studied and determined and the construction time sequence and countermeasures shall be determined according to differential facility supply and parking demand regulation management. The urban parking facilities shall be closely connected to the urban traffic hub and urban rail transit exchange. The urban parking and exchange system shall be planned and constructed in large-scale and middle-scale cities to guide people to transform travel mode and alleviate traffic jam in central urban areas. By combining development conditions and trend of cities and considering current and future development, the parking facility construction standards shall be studied and prepared for local urban construction project based on local conditions


Qu Wei as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference: plan zebra crossing for right turning motored vehicles and strictly punish drivers to seize lane with pedestrians


  Qu Wei as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference expressed as follows: with social development during recent years, the right turning vehicles frequently seize lanes with pedestrians at the urban road interactions due to high traffic in the peak period in case of green lamp of the zebra crossing. Many pedestrians say that the right turning vehicles do not avoid pedestrians according to the traffic regulations at intersections, so the crossing pedestrians are blocked by right turning vehicles and cannot pass a road during the green lamp period, so they feel awkward and have no choice.


Qu Wei says that such behavior violates the traffic regulations on “give way for pedestrians”. “Illegal way giving” becomes the main reason to result in high death accidents. According to the article 38 of “Implementation Articles of ‘Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China’”, the traffic policemen shall strengthen punishment for above illegal traffic behaviors to make every driver to consciously obey this regulations and make Dalian become the civilized city in standardized driving.


Wu Zhe as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference: Start with parking lot of disabled in construction of civilized Dalian


Dalian People’s Government “Implementation recommendations on speeding up well-off life of disabled” (Dazhengfa [2016] No. 37) regulates “The urban public parking lot shall include the special parking positions for disabled at a convenient position and its quantity shall not be less than 2% of total parking positions. The disabled can freely park.” Dalian Disabled Joint Association, Dalian Public Bureau of Public Security and Dalian Bureau of Commodity Price jointly issue “Notification on free parking of motored vehicles for disabled” (Dalian Canfa [2016] No. 24) regulates free parking institution of the disabled. Wu Zhe as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference expresses as follows: Since this document is issued, some parking lot operators and practitioners are lack of recognition and special education and training on this issued, so disabled parking positions and free parking policies are not implemented at multiple parking lots. Disabled reacts to this issue strongly in Dalian and right protection complaints are increasing, so it has unfavorable influences on construction of the civilized city.


After investigation, Wu Zhe finds the following key issues: Some parking lots have insufficient parking positions, are not planned in a standardized manner, and cannot ensure dedicated use of the disabled. Partial parking lots do not perform the free parking policy. Although they can be corrected after right protection complaints, they repeatedly violate this regulation. Wu Zhe has communicated with and visited Dalian Parking Industry Association, Dalian Parking Administration Office and Parking Lot Operation Company multiple times. Wu Zhe recommends to motivate all parties, strengthen advertising, education and guidance, supervise implementation of disabled parking positions, solve parking position issue of disabled, gradually form social culture ambience for kindliness and respect to disabled, and “start with implementation of parking positions for disabled in culture construction” with the industry administrator authority as the core. The industry administration authority shall play the role of the volunteer, communities and industry association and train and guide operators and practitioners of the parking lot service industry to operate honestly. A civilized operator shall start with implementation of the accessible parking position for disabled. Setting of accessible parking positions shall be contained into the credit class index system of the parking industry. The administration authority of parking industry, Development and Revolutionary Committee and Municipal Disabled Association shall guide the parking industry association to establish the “parking service standard for disabled” and “credit class standard for parking positions of disabled” in the parking lot service industry and regard it as the necessary assessment subjects for credit class assessment of the parking industry. The disabled shall play its main role in supervision of accessible environment construction. The Disabled Association shall organize the disabled with supervision capability to supervise setting of accessible parking positions at the parking lot and regularly organize related persons for training. The big data technology is used to solve the free parking issues of the disabled and create the first “Intelligent accessible parking platform” in China.


Courier “riding vehicle” attracts attention: members recommend to uniformly manage and promote dedicated electric vehicles


The express starts to be busy as the Spring Festival travel rush on “11.11” and “12.12” Day and in the large cherry and marine product transportation peak period every year. Some traffic accident frequently happen, even some couriers fall on the delivery way due to high working strength. The courier job becomes necessary occupation with high working strength and severe hidden troubles, so it attracts attention from An Junhua as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference


On the afternoon of yesterday, An Junhua said that he has focused on the working conditions and safety supervision issues of couriers for a long period and has investigated it in detail at the group discussion site. “Since Dalian has been granted by State Post Bureau as one of first ‘Demonstration city for express delivery in China’, the express delivery industry meets the important development opportunity in Dalian and the annual revenue increases at 20% rate. The packages delivered by couriers grow quickly. The statistical data shows that daily mean delivered packages exceed 110000 packages in Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District and High-Tech District. A courier will deliver 200-300 packages every day and will work under excessive load on the whole day in the peak period.” An Junhua “worries about” the hidden troubles due to huge working strength.


High work strength will result in high risk. “A car cannot be used to deliver packages in the urban area for the express delivery industry due to narrow passageway and parking difficulty, but a bicycle cannot satisfy heavier load and cannot guarantee receiving and dispatching time. The safety coefficient of an express item is also low. Therefore, the root express delivery tools are simpler and motorcycles and electric bicycles are mainly used to take and deliver goods. Sometimes, to carry more goods, some simpler frames are mounted on both sides of a bicycle, which violates traffic rules.” An Junhua expresses that stacking packages at the front of the transportation tool even blocks sign of couriers on the discount peak for higher efficiency. A series of severe issues such as no standardization and overload make couriers become “road killer” and result in frequent accidents.


  “It is very critical to strengthen safety education of practitioners in the express delivery. New couriers and experienced couriers will be centrally trained on safety prior to work and peak period to make couriers erect the idea of safety first with some live safety accidents as examples.“ An Junhau expresses to update the freight transportation tool in time besides safety idea.


An Junhua introduces that the electric vehicles (two wheels and three wheels) are centrally managed in Shenyang, Qingdao and Beijing. Vehicle appearance, driver clothe, vehicle management and driving requirements are uniformly regulated. Licenses are uniformly transacted for electric vehicles. Drivers can work with a certificate after training. Some electric two-wheel and three-wheel passports are distributed according to actual conditions of each express company. Dongguan has no lane for non-motored vehicles and will issue new regulations in Feb of this year to regulate “6 special passports for electric two-wheel vehicles and three-wheel vehicles for each operating new energy electric truck” of each express enterprise.


Based on experiences in multiple cities, for “riding vehicle” type in the express delivery industry, An Junhua recommends to uniformly equip special electric vehicles like UPS and EMS under demonstration of large express companies. “The vehicle shall be small and enclosed to easily move across stress and alleys and secure express items. The vehicle shall satisfy the requirement of 200 km daily mileage. This special electric vehicle is driven by electricity instead of an engine, the three filters and engine oil need not be replaced regularly, so the maintenance cost is low.”