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Give Private Enterprises More Support and Trust


“Support private economy to develop and grow” is a hot topics focused by members during the 2nd conference of 13th Dalian People’s Political Consultative Conference and members propose plentiful comments and recommendations on how to promote development of private economy and enhance vitality of economy development.


Optimize business environment via efforts of both parties


“Building of ‘close’ and ‘clear’ new relation between governments and enterprises” is the important foundation for development and growth of private economy in Dalian city. Wang Zhengping as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference thinks “staff of related departments shall be encouraged to confidently highlight investment, attract investment, care investment, comfort investment and protect investment, actively and deeply investigate enterprise information, assist enterprises to solve actual difficulties, provide private enterprises with more support and help, and win enterprise trust with honest services”. “it is necessary to standardize the communication behaviors between governments and enterprises, prepare guidance rules for governmental staff to care enterprises, eliminate considerations of all cadres in enterprise service, and enable cadres to ‘care’, make them dare ‘care’ and know how to ‘care’”.


 The member Huang He agrees with comments of Wang Zhengping and says “it is very critical to fulfill detailed and practical policies for ‘quenching thirst of enterprises’ ”. Huang He recommends to make efforts to find operable measures to alleviate burden on private economy enterprises, regularly and publically publish policy, market and investment information, invite related governmental departments to interpret related policies, improve policy transparence, make private enterprises know, understand and enjoy policies as much as possible, perfect growing enterprise database, support key enterprises in the database, and improve policy support efficiency and precision.


 “Optimize business environment by efforts of both parties. It is necessary to deepen reform at the policy level and build better development environment for private enterprises and private investment. Private enterprises shall also be confident for development and improve operation level. ” Zhang Yanlin as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference expresses his opinion.


Financial agencies shall have courage, ability and will to provide private enterprises with loans


 “Financial agencies shall be motivated to serve for private enterprise.” Huang Jing as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference says in discussion. The decision and resource configuration mechanism shall guarantee to first handle credit authorization of private enterprises, first investigate and approve credit authorization plan, and first configure credit loan fund and it is very important to establish and perfect assessment and motivation mechanism to drive financial agencies, especially bank financial agencies to “have courage, ability and will for loan” of private enterprises.


Dalian Federation of Industry and Commerce also provides following recommendations on how to explore more effective financial service mode: actively establish connection platform between commercial banks and innovative enterprises, do not stop loan, withdraw loan and impose loan pressure for enterprises with qualification and development suffering from temporary working fund, encourage financial agencies to innovate service mode, form some innovative financial products with distinct characteristics and influences, promote to establish the innovation and venture fund in the industry and park, make investment entrepreneurs to share risk and interests, and reduce risks and difficulties in innovation of private enterprises.


In addition, Yi Jiewen as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference proposes to promote “bank and tax interactive” loan. The tax and bank supervision authorities shall establish mutual recognition and information sharing mechanism of credit and issue “bank and tax interactive” loan qualification for private enterprises with tax payment records and qualified tax credit level and without bad credit records. “Enterprises with ‘bank and tax interactive’ loan qualification can directly get bank loan. The financing guarantee companies supported by governments can check guarantee limit according to the standard to provide low rate guarantee and credit enhancement service. Banks are encouraged to issue credit loan and give interest rate discount for qualified enterprises.”


Boost private enterprises to invigorate talent resources


 “It is difficult to introduce high-end talents and talent reservation plan is not enough…” An Junhau as a member of Dalian People's Political Consultative Conference proposes talent difficulty of the private enterprises, which strikes a chord with enterprise members.


 “Youth is the hope and future of a city.” An Junhua proposes to carry out “reservation engineering” of young talents and form talent strengths of private enterprises in development by perfecting training and development mechanism adaptive to growth law of young talents, giving venture awards and project subsidy, and introducing and supporting some young Hackers with some technologies and development prospect.


 “Ignoring training and use will easily result in talent loss.” the ember Jin Lijun recommends to provide a bridges for career development of high-level talents and fully play their role in technology tackling and technology industrialization by strengthening cooperation among enterprises, research institutes and universities.


The member Wang Handing says, “currently talent training contents of universities are not matched with quick development and requirement iteration of the industry.” and recommends to innovate talent training mode via joint academy of the industry and teaching industry and build more systematic and perfect talent training mechanism for private enterprises at the source. 


“Deeply implement talent city strengthening strategy, fully exert strengths of the Political Consultative Conference, and contribute to optimization of talent innovation and venture environment.” The municipal Party Committee of The Revolutionary Committee Of The Chinese Kuomintang proposes to enhance crisis awareness and firmly erect the philosophy of talent as the first resource in the proposal, propose some plans and proposals for optimization of talent innovation and venture environment with deep investigation and research, and boost fulfillment of talent policies with performance of consultation and supervision liability.