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Strengthen Regional Finance Center Functions in Dalian by Depending on Construction of the Futures Center


To realize diversified openness of the futures market, fully build futures center in north-east Asia and further promote construction of Dalian financial regional center, it is necessary to fully play the leading role of the futures trading market of Dalian Commodity Exchange, make efforts to construct the financial ecology circle with characteristics of Dalian futures, converge related industries and market resources in Dalian, and strengthen whole function of the regional finance center in Dalian. The municipal Party Committee of Zhi Gong Party recommends the following contents in the proposal:


I. Realize linkage among futures, port and logistics


Focus on construction of Dalian free trade zone, Dalian north-west Asia International logistics center, support the Dalian Commodity Exchange to improve standardization of future delivery commodity by listing bulk futures types, optimizing delivery warehouse layout and standardize delivery warehouse management, provide requirement for free trade zone, port navigation and logistics, expand circulation of bulk commodities in foods transportation from north to south, and promote the port management. By developing the listed navigation transportation fee derivative futures, it can provide the international navigation transportation center with effective financial support.


II. Implement innovative futures types


Now the listed trading futures mainly include the agricultural products at the Dalian Commodity Exchange. In future, implementation of the innovative futures type focuses on how to carry out R&D of energy, chemicals, grease and oil in order, further marketing of the option type and actively promote listing of new types such as live pigs, fertilizer and japonica in the foundational agricultural service in the north-east area. In addition, it is necessary to continue strengthening close communication with the north-east area, promote strategic cooperation between Dalian Commodity Exchange and governments in the region over Bohai Ring, effectively integrate resources and industry strengths, jointly promote construction of the Dalian futures center, improve radiation capability of the Dalian futures markets to the north-east area and whole China, and realize strategic deployment of the regional financial center in Dalian.


III. Expand investor team of professional agency


It is necessary to make great efforts to change the structure of the investors on the Dalian futures market and gradually increase the professional agency investors. By referring to the venture capital fund introduction experiences in some advanced areas at home and abroad and enhancing policy support such as increase of tax return and exemption and house lease discount, it can attract high-level asset management company and private equity at home and abroad to settle in Dalian and actively speed up development of futures companies in Dalian.


IV Perfect futures trading platform with blockchain technology


Explore how to improve trading and settlement efficiency by using the blockchain technology, build a new-generation financial asset trading platform based on the blockchain technology, perfect enterprise and individual credit information foundational database by using the strengths of the blockchain technology, reduce auditing cost under the prerequisite of information transparency, actively promote individual loan early risk alarm system, and realize secure, networked and international futures trading.


V. Strengthen introduction and training of high-level talents


Encourage financial agencies to introduce different finance talents from other countries, focus on international high-end talents, implement finance talent award plan, promote tax relief and allowance of individual taxes of financial agency, facilitate high-end financial talents to settle, study and venture, and perfect the training system of financial talents. Depending on the resources of governments, universities and society, establish the training base of key development industries such as international finance and consultancy service, provide young and middle-aged with the training service, encourage financial agencies in Dalian to accept the students of financial specialty from Dalian universities for practices, and enhance the quality of financial talents in Dalian.