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Promote Deep Fusion and Development of Technology and Finance in Dalian


Although deep fusion and venture investment of the technology and finance in Dalian has developed to some extent, some problems exist. The municipal Party Committee of CDNCA proposes insufficient recognition on the technology finance cooperation, imperfect investment and financing system and unsound service system of the technology and finance cooperation in the proposal.


The municipal Party Committee of CDNCA recommends:


(I) Construct the test area of the financial high-tech zone in Dalian. Depending on the policy strengths of the regional finance center in Dalian and referring to the mode of “Financial high-new technical service zone” mode in Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, “Test area of Dalian financial high-tech zone” is founded in the high-tech park of Dalian city. Depending on the strengths of the software industry, the test zone is positioned as the modern financial support industry service base radiating to the Asia-Pacific area, is dedicated to attraction of background agencies such as data processing center, call center, disaster backup center, training center and R&D center of financial agencies and settlement of financial service outsourcing enterprises, and further extends and introduces intelligence-centralized financial background agencies such as high-end financial product R&D center, liquidation and settlement center, loss assessment and claim center and financial information consultancy center.


1. Promote and duplicate technology finance venture capital mode of enterprise, university, research institute and finance of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of CAS. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of CAS cooperates with Wu Yuefeng Capital to launch “Spring Seedling Foundation” and boost technology with finance. Cross-field cooperation can bring new power to development of regional industry, cultivate some composite talents knowing technologies and investment, promote innovation and venture passion of the technology practitioners of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, break the bottleneck in transformation from the high-tech technical achievement to industry, and speed up transformation of high-new technical achievements.


(II) Deepen institutional reform related to venture and investment


1. Actively strive for investment and loan linked pilot. As the pilot city of the technology and finance fusion, Dalian aims to be listed into the second list of investment and loan linked pilot cities of national independent innovation demonstration zone, make the investment and loan linked pilot implementation plan and implementation rules in advance, establish the investment and loan linked project library and fund “risk pool”, encourage pilot banks to establish investment subsidiaries in Dalian, screen enterprises with bright future, carry out investment and loan linked business as soon as possible, further expand profiting space of the banks under the interest rate marketing, and bring new “transfusion” mode for technology innovation enterprises with “light asset and high risk”.


2. Innovate financial fund investment mode. By referring to the methods in Chengdu, one part of the technology appropriation can be used to form new credit loan financing mode for “multi-party collaboration and risk sharing” such as “bank + government”, “bank + government + insurance” and “bank + government +guarantee” via “appropriation to investment”, “appropriation to loan” and “appropriation to allowance”, which aims to solve the “first investment”, “first loan” and “high financing cost” bottleneck in equity financing of technology enterprises and solves equity financing of the technology enterprises in seed stage and initial stage.


 (III) Perfect venture investment service system


1. Found Dalian Technology Finance Alliance: Found the Dalian technology finance alliance composed of angel investment agency, venture investment agency, equity investment agency, bank, securities company, trust company, insurance, asset operation company, intermediary service agency, guarantee agency and technology enterprises to form the joint linkage mechanism of the financial agency, technology enterprise, technology innovation talent and technology innovation projects and continuously improve the investment efficiency.


2. Construct “technology innovation academy” and “innovation investment academy”. By referring to experiences of “technology innovation academy” and “innovation investment academy” in Guangzhou, “Technology innovation academy” and “innovation investment academy” are founded via government guidance and marketing establishment. Some brand courses and practice teaching used to find and train the leading talents and venture and investment talents in technology innovation and venture, incubate venture and innovation enterprises in technology, promote industrialization of the technology achievement, boost venture and investment, train the capability of the technology small-size and medium-size enterprises to cope with external challenges and integrate internal resources, and promote academic exchange of technology, finance and management at home and abroad.