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Recommendation for Constructing a Navigation Museum and a Technology and Art Gallery in Donggang Business Area


On the 2nd conference of 13th Dalian People’s Political Consultative Conference, Liang Yushan as a member focuses on position strength and service industry construction progress of Donggang District and proposes to strengthen the investment attraction, promote fusion between Donggang Business Area and cultural industry in Donggang Business Area and further build an important development area and new highlights and new marks in future in Dalian.


With stable development of the Donggang Business Area, the music fountain harmonizes with the Dalian International Conference Center and has become the new highlight for urban leisure. The plaza coastline has become a new place for citizens to watch sea, appreciate sea and exercise, but now partial urban appearance environment is not optimistic and the public service is not provided in time. Main problems are described as follows: plentiful subway vents are blocked by small fencing and are full of rubbish on the sidewalk from the Harbor plaza to Haizhiyun, so they affect environment. Business booths such as cold drinks are less, so the commodity price is higher. The WC facilities are not maintained well and smell is strong, especially massive citizens converge at the music fountain plaza in summer. The WC is not constructed in time. In addition, the highlights are less at the plaza. Except the music fountain and yacht wharfs are less.


Therefore, Liang Yushan recommends to further strengthen investment attraction and attract more international famous enterprises to operate in Donggang Business Area, so it can attract more high-end talents to settle. He also recommends to strengthen some auxiliary projects for attracting settlement of high-end talents, e.g. foundational service, livelihood and medical treatment, seascape fitness center,  promote fusion and development between Donggang Business Area and cultural industry, construct navigation Museum, Technology and Arts Exhibition Hall in the central and east zone of Donggang, hold ice and snow culture festival and electronic gaming cultural festival, strengthen attraction of the Donggang Business Area in winter, and enrich the night life culture in Donggang. Based on existing conditions of East Water City, the bar culture street shall be developed. A place shall be selected to construct the Donggang night market and enrich the night life culture in Donggang Business Area. Some booths shall be added to reduce the price of the cold drinks and foods. The WC and fishers management shall be strengthened to provide citizens and tourists with a safe and walking place. Some coffee houses or sunshades will be established beside the plaza seam to make tourists see and appreciate a sea better.