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To Drive the Construction of Dalian Bay Cross-Sea Bridge and Rail Traffic



The traffic problem is always a focus of CPPCC members. They suggested promoting the construction of Dalian Bay cross-sea bridge and rail traffic to improve the traffic capacity of our city by connecting roads, rails, and major transport hubs.

CPPCC member Chu Tianyun said that Dalian is a typical offshore peninsula city, which is separated by Dalian Bay to form a “one-bay and two-bank” urban layout. Chu suggested accelerating the construction of a “point-to-point” high-efficient channel through the important areas of south and north regions - Dalian Bat Cross-Sea Bridge project. Meanwhile, the internal rail network at the waist part of the channel has already a certain foundation, so it was suggested after the completion and put-into-use of Jinpu intercity railway to speed up the work of Jinpu south line and M9 line projects, so as to realize integrated development of south and north rail traffic of bay areas.

The Dalian Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society Proposed the Scheme of Dalian Urban Rail Transit Development, and suggested offering lighterage service for rail transit of ground public transportation in urban core area and reducing the ground public transit network to avoid irrational and repeated lines, aiming to control the average length of bus routes to 10 km. In the surrounding areas of center city with moderately dense rail transit network, rail transit and ground public transportation are complementary to each other. With the migration of population and  Development and construction of residential land, a regional bus network with transfer junctions as core, reaching new town in suburbs, and connecting surrounding areas will be constructed. For the periphery areas of center city with sparse rail transit network, it is suggested to speed up the development of rapid transit system.