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To Build Open Nursing Homes Through Internet-Based Pension Services



Dalian is one of the cities with high degree of population aging. Aging of population challenges the current pension mode and poses new requirements on social service mode and system. According to the current proposals, a focus among CPPCC members is the problem of supporting old people.

The Dalian Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association submitted the proposal of accelerating the development of Dalian pension industry, which suggested pension service to be offered by class and hierarchy and explored the new mode of “Internet-based pension service”. For example, WeChat QR code can be used to personal identification of pension services. Specifically, make a “old-people card” with a WeChat QR code for the aged in the administrative region. By scanning the WeChat QR code, we can know basic information and health condition of old people, and old people can enjoy the basic service offered by the government.

Some CPPCC members proposed exploring and establishing the social insurance system of providing fund or service guarantee for basic living care and medical care closely related to basic living for long-term disabled people.